• Yoel Larry kosberg

    Ben Pesach: “Trump worse than obama on settlements.”
    Ben Pesach has finally lost his mind. He’s beginning to sound as meshuggah as the pussy-hatters.
    Give a grip, pesach! Every Israel-loving Jew I know is absolutely thrilled to have Trump as the US President after 8 years of insane Hussein but Pesach, are you afraid the donations to JTF will drop off now Israel has a friend in the White House?! Bad enough President Trump is under constant attack from the Leftists and Fake MSM without a so-called friend of Israel piling on. Take a deep breath and be thankful Hitlery wasn’t elected and give Trump a little breathing room. His grandkids are Jewish ya know!

    • So you don’t care at all about what Trump is doing? Instead you just get “upset” when we show what’s going on – almost entirely with the conservative media? You sound like you need a “safe space.”

      You don’t really care about what’s actually happening and facts don’t seem to matter to you if it comes inbetween your celebrity worship. We would report on Hillary just the same. We report on Netanyahu just the same (and get the same thing from Netanyahu worshipers who still think he’s “right wing”). And just because he has a phony convert daughter who is a leftist and best friends with Chelsea Clinton doesn’t really impress us.

      Perhaps you are putting too much faith and wishful thinking into defending a politician. Telling Israel to hold back on settlements is not pro-Israel. Obama only abstained from voting when the U.N. said to hold back settlements and everyone said that Obama stabbed Israel in the back. Trump actually is worse and says EXACTLY what the U.N. says and he’s pro-Israel? Come on. Use some common sense.

      The Trump fanatics are no different than the old Obama fanatics. You insult their idol and they take it personally. We don’t have idols. We tell the truth.

      Lastly, what difference does Hillary make at this point? Is that really your argument? She’s not even in office and has nothing to do with anything. Your idiot “what-if” scenerio is like saying “be glad Hitler isn’t still alive” when talking about Jews being expelled from their homes.

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