Mark Levin: Trump’s moral equivalency of America with Putin is Disgraceful!

Mark Levin was not happy with Trump’s comments about Putin and Russia in the Fox News Super Bowl interview. In a clip for Levin TV, he called Trump’s comments disgraceful and said that we’re nothing like Putin and Russia:

That is what infuriates me…

Now I can assure you on this 106th anniversary of Ronald Reagan’s birthday, one of our greatest presidents — he would NEVER have said anything like that about this country.

If Barack Obama had said that, we’d all be jumping out of our chairs. Let’s be honest with each other.

That’s unacceptable and it’s a flip line and I don’t like it!

No, we’re nothing like Putin and we’re nothing like Russia. No we don’t just kill people to kill people. In fact his “elections” aren’t even serious elections.

So this moral equivalency with Putin and Russia is disgraceful!

Well said.

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