National Review: Ted Cruz Is Right Choice for President

Cruz_POTUS_Podium-BNational Review, the conservative publication that has waged a highly public battle against Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, has endorsed Ted Cruz.

In an article published online Friday, National Review editors wrote that as the large field of GOP contenders has thinned out, “the right choice has become clear: Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.”

The endorsement went on to tick off Cruz’s conservative strengths in free markets, realism about immigration, religious liberty, and his “hard-headed assessment” of American interests in terms of foreign policy.

It also praised him for his willingness to “be controversial” and dismissed the fact that “a lot of Republicans, and even some conservatives, dislike the senator and even find him unlikable.”

In January, National Review announced that it was devoting an entire issue to the idea that Trump needed to be stopped. The magazine assembled essays from numerous conservative thinkers under the title “Against Trump.” It has continued to editorialize against the front-runner since then.

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