Netanyahu regime allows Hamas Muslim Nazi terrorists to win (new video)


Please promote this important video everywhere possible.

On Rumble:

On Odysee:


The program is 25 minutes this week.

You can listen to it here.

For those who would like to download the file for their MP3 players or iPods, the link is provided below:


  • Chaim, I know your mother used to say the larger the beard the bigger the thief, but please keep the beard.

  • thanks for this- hope you feel better

  • Why does that little appendix Gaza exist?

  • Listen Chaim one thing you can do in these times where the full message that you would like to get out to the Jews in Israel, but are prevented from doing so by the “political correct” leftist powers that run the country now, is to write a book….. One book that you have written already about your experience in the JDL as an activist for decades should be in print. What it costs to have it published is a pittance to the overall value of the message.

    As a sequel you can write a second book about the phony right in Israel and how this has endangered Israel from becoming a full fledged power that would be such a beacon of light to Jews throughout the world as well as righteous Gentiles. Within the book you can write how Israel banned Kahane’s Kach party from running for the Knesset and the negative after effects that this has done to Jewish sovereignty and Jewish identity in the country which has degenerated to be in display in too subtle a manner.

    I know a publisher in the U.S. that would allow you to write this book which could be distributed and purchased throughout the world. Many Jews in Israel would then get this undiluted message which they cannot get now when you advertise in Israel.

  • I’ll buy the book.

  • Some have called Netanyahu

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