NYC Installs Concrete Barriers at 57 Intersections to Protect Bikers from Muslim Terrorists

The Islam Tax is just another cost of importing Muslims to America. Preventing Muslims from entering the U.S. would be a lot smarter than installing concrete barriers to prevent Muslims from killing Americans.

NYC begins installing concrete barriers on pedestrian pathways due to the “Religion of Peace”:

New York City officials identified 57 intersections where new barriers will go up to protect pedestrians and bicyclists on pathways along the West Side Highway where Tuesday’s attack occurred.

Uzbek national Sayfullo Saipov, 29, is accused of driving a rented Home Depot truck onto a bike path that abuts Manhattan’s busy West Side Highway during an attack that left eight people dead and 12 injured.

Workers began installing the barriers at 59th Street and moving south on Thursday.

‘Our number one priority is keeping New Yorkers safe and secure,’ said city hall spokesman Ben Sarle. 

The barriers are being positioned diagonally in a way so that bikes can still get through but cars and trucks will not fit.

NYC follows Paris and other cities around the world erecting barriers around historic sites to protect from Muslim terrorists.

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