Obama Demands ‘Double Funding’ to Battle Junk-Science Global Warming

ObamaMADPresident Obama announced a new budget proposal during his weekly address that will implore Congress to double the funding for clean energy research and development in the hope that climate change will become a thing of the past.

On the heels of “the most ambitious climate agreement in history” held in Paris last year, Obama is disguising his request under America’s “passion for innovation” and how “that spirit of discovery and entrepreneurship [will help] us meet any challenge” — like reversing man-made climate change to climate-changed-back thanks to man? Apparently.

Obama bragged about the last seven years of his presidency being a time when “historic investments” have helped the private sector create tens of thousands of jobs in solar and wind energies and how that has “cut our total carbon pollution” more than any other country. It’s not mentioned that those unconventional power supplies are extremely expensive to produce and nowhere near as effective as conventional power sources, nor does he address the pollution caused by making “clean energy solutions” or the tens of thousands of employees now arriving to work in tens of thousands of polluting vehicles to solve the impending “climate crisis.”

But that aside, what he is most proud of is partnering with billionaires Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg who have both selflessly trimmed a little fat off their ginormous wallets to invest in these new technologies.

“That’s important because we’ll only meet this challenge if the private sector helps lead the way,” Obama said. He continued:

As I said in my State of the Union address, rather than subsidize the past, we should invest in the future. That’s why the budget I will send to Congress this Tuesday will double funding for clean energy research and development by 2020. This will include new investments to help the private sector create more jobs faster, lower the cost of clean energy faster, and help clean, renewable power outcompete dirty fuels in every state.

But guess who is standing in his way? Yes, Republicans in Congress who “are still considering their position on climate change.” Yet, he hopes that like in last year’s budget agreement, they will “realize that clean energy is an incredible source of good-paying jobs for their constituents” and approve double the money this year.

To highlight the advances, Obama cited a Battery Test Center in Idaho which is making electric cars run longer, harnessing wind power in the Great Lakes, and boosting solar power in Tennessee to “create a more resilient electric grid.”

And what’s at stake? The future of the planet, of course:

The point is, all across the country, folks are putting their differences aside to face this challenge as one. Washington should do the same. That’s how we’re going to solve this challenge – together. And that’s how we’re going to give our kids and grandkids the future they deserve – one with a safe, secure, and prosperous planet.


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