There is no “Palestinian” people (video)


A brief Hebrew video with English subtitles (after the first 8 seconds).

Please promote this important video everywhere possible.




  • No “Palestinians” Only

    • Many people also call them
      Balestinians has an article headlined
      “Who are the Balestinians?”

    • More about Fakestinians , the Wikipedia entry for
      Fathi Hamad , full name
      Fathi Ahmad Hamad is a Must Read

  • Most Americans would agree that all the “Free Speech” in
    America has gone way too Far for Far too Long .
    We at are Not Against Free Speech, but we are Against the Abuse and Exploitation of “Free Speech” to spew hate against Jews and Israel , and the Bigots Cowardly hiding behind “Free Speech” to Spew Hate.
    Most Americans would agree that it’s Time to Make Reasonable Changes and Adjustments to the
    1st Amendment and the Right to Free Speech to Protect Jews and other Groups of people from Hate Crimes .
    Never Forget that Hitler and the Nazis hid behind and cried
    “Free Speech” to spew their Hate before they came to power in
    1933 .
    Sadly Most Europeans today in
    2022 Greatly Adore Hitler and Want a Second Holocaust

  • Stop ballot stuffing through mail in voting.

  • This is America. You can’t censor speech that is opinion
    Even opinions that are horrible are protected. And who are you hiding under anonymous saying you are JTF implying you speak for the organization?

    • So you want various Loser Celebrities and Politicians to be Able to Legally Say Hateful Things about Jews which only sadly leads to Real Life Violent Hate Crimes, if you or someone you Love were Heaven Forbid the Victim of a Violent Hate Crime you might feel differently, Not trying to sound
      Anti-Gentile , because I’m Not , however the sad reality is that within every Gentile is either a
      Jew-Killer or a Potential Jew-Killer , that what history has sadly shown , Esau always hates Jacob , of course Not All Gentiles are Bad, but the decent Gentiles who rescued Jews during the Holocaust was a Very Tiny Minority, we cannot whitewash the Truth

  • Then as Chaim says, we all need to live in Israel. Are you willing to move?

    • If all Jews live in Israel then It will be like Pearl Harbor ready for the ultimate holocaust with one H-bomb.

      • Many people have been saying that the Israeli Government and Military doesn’t Properly Protect it’s Citizens from
        Arab Terrorism or Properly Defend itself from Arab Terrorism , why should Jews move to Israel if they don’t feel safe there either

  • There is a huge difference between opinions and call to actions or inciting. Opinions are protected. That’s what protects Chaim and his speech.

    • What about all the
      “Free Speech” on College and University Campuses gone out of Control, all that “Free Speech” is clearly Incitement, do you want Massive Amounts of
      National Guard troops on All
      American College and University Campuses to Protect Jewish Students and Staff from All the
      “Free Speech” that could sadly lead to real life Hate Crimes . The Evidence has shown that
      Fakestinians and their Supporters are Incapable of being
      “Non-Violent” they don’t know how to be Non-Violent, do they even know what Non-Violence is

      • So do you want the
        National Guard on All College & University Campuses in America to Protect Jewish Students and Staff from All the
        “Free Speech”

  • You want to restrict speech start with Hollywood and those disgusting violent foul mouthed movies.

  • It’s Terrible how Anti-Semitism and Jew-Hatred gets
    Exponentially Worse and Worse literally every single day , so does Jewish Self-Hatred

  • We hate and despise the
    Anti-semite, Jew-Haters and
    Anti-Israel Bigots , They unjustly Hate us, we Hate them Also , but it is also Righteous Anger that we feel towards them. We have
    No Love or Respect for Them

  • No one should ever support the
    Fakestinians or other Arabs,
    The Fakestinians and other Arabs don’t live in fear, in deadly fear
    24/7 365 days a year , every single year like Jewish Israelis do of Terror Attacks. Jewish Israelis even in their homes and Apartments live in deadly Fear of
    Terrorist Attacks and have to
    have shelters . Arabs and Fakestinians don’t have that Fear.

  • Anyone see this article from the comedy satire news site
    The Onion headlined
    “Crazed Palestinian Gunman Angered By Stereotypes”
    March 5, 1997 — the article is still online

  • has an article headlined
    “The Radical Evil Of The Palestinian Arab Population”
    By Ben Shapiro on
    June 19, 2007

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