Trump blames Israel for Terrorism, invokes Nazi-style Jewish stereotypes

Trump_HitlerDonald Trump has said some crazy things in his run for President, and done a lot of pandering to white nationalists, but his visit to the Republican Jewish Coalition takes the cake.

In his speech to the event he blamed Israel for the lack of peace, invoked the stereotype of Jews as greedy, and even suggested that the Jews were looking to control the Presidency.

These quotes are insane:

“I don’t know that Israel has the commitment to make [a peace agreement],” Trump told the crowd of several hundred donors. His similar comments Wednesday evening to the Associated Press were condemned by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 94% earlier Thursday.

And this is right out of a Nazi propaganda book:

“I would love your support, but I don’t want your money,” he said. Later, he asserted that the audience wasn’t going to support him “because I don’t want your money.”

“You want to control your own politicians,” he added.

Donald Trump is appealing to the Nazis, white nationalists, and affiliated scum. He knows that it’s not the masses who pad his numbers to the 20s in the polls, who are the dynamo of his Internet movement. It’s the fringe “alt right” that is.

When Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took on a Levantine Christian group for, in his view, being too cozy with Hezbollah against Israel, he took a lot of criticism for that. But at the same time he won a lot of praise as well, because among many [Jewish and] Christian Republicans, supporting Israel is a quick way to get warm feelings. It’s the same reasoning that has led more Republicans to refer to the Judea and Samaria area by that name, instead of the media-preferred “West bank.”

Most Republicans want to be seen as pro-Israel because Israel is the one free country in the Middle-east, where Christianity isn’t outlawed. It’s pretty bad when a major Republican candidate is signaling that he’ll be as anti-Israel as the amazing pair of Barack Obama and John Kerry, blaming Israel for being attacked by terrorists because they allegedly don’t have a “commitment” to give away to the terrorists whatever they demand.

Let’s not pretend Trump doesn’t know that Hamas and other [so-called] “Palestinian” groups refuse to recognize Israel, and what that means for any peace process. Is Israel supposed to be committed to its own destruction in the name of a New York liberal-endorsed peace? Apparently in Trump’s Stormfront-esque mind, yes.

When I consider what I’d do if Trump were the nominee against Hillary Clinton, I’m reminded of an old saying: Vote for the crook. It’s important.


  • Look, the DemRATS and most of the GOP have abandoned America’s beleaguered white population. The vile media, political and academic elite refuse to halt the black criminal cancer and close the door to the never ending third world assault. Our so-leaders say or do nothing. Trump is not afraid to speak out on these issues and, if elected, will try to do something. If anybody is offended by Trump, then they will have to do some soul searching. As a Jew, I will support Trump. Reason: he is our best hope to stop the third world assault on America’s unique Anglo heritage.

    If it weren’t for Trump, “Jeb!” would already be the presumed GOP candidate. He would join the list of other GOP losers: Ford, Bush I, Bush II, Dole, McCain and Romney.

      • I would like to know if this above is true did this really happen I cannot see or hear Donald trump saying any of this hes the only one going to visit Israel and speak openly with BiBi someone let me know if this above is true or altered. [email protected]

        • Me too, I think words have been taken out of context big time!

        • Bibi put Israel’s foot in his mouth and I want to emphasize that HE DID NOS SPEAK ON MY BEHALF, even if he may claim to…

          I have had enough of his ass ki(ss/dd?)ing the goyim!

          I want a leader with real cojones, like Moshe Feiglin, or at least Avigdor Liberman, to stand up like mentschen to our enemies instead of kowtowing.

          It’s our land, and the only solution to all this bloodletting is the one clearly expressed by the tzadik Rabbi Meir Kahane זצ”ל: THEY MUST GO!!!

        • He was going to, only Bibi put his foot in his mouth and deleted lots of goodwill (I cannot figure out why…); Trump will be elected regardless of all the retarded owls expecting the contrary, and Bibi will pay for his position with his chair.

        • Trump didn’t go to Israel nor is he in the near future. He makes up a lot, imagination. He can go hand in hand with the other lier, Hillary. Not to many choices left, right?

          • Even more reason to respect him!! He is not bought and paid for and that is music to my ears! WHat you said makes no sense, Dems dont tell the truth ever and he always does and he did here to, like it or not its true

          • According to Wikipedia Trump visited Israel in May of 2017 during which he visited the wall.

        • Yes, he said it to a group of Jews. He was booed. Ted Cruz is the real friend of Israel. Bibi Netanyahu knows this.

          • Yeah because Cruz is a bought and paid for Politician who has no biz taking office. Was not even born in the USA. Doesnt matter where his mother was born if he wasnt and besides our nationality is based on where our father was born no6t our mother which is why we take his name not hers. Common sense and old as time

        • I don’t believe this either! Where is the video?

        • Yes these are words Trump uttered!! Not to bright to say these things to a jewish group!!!
          Frightening! He is not knowledgeable about foreign affairs especially with Israel!!!

        • Because this story is only half and has conveniently omitted the parts of the speech that do not fit that s reporters hype and agenda.

    • Couldnt have said it better

    • [email protected] Did Donald sat this forsure for I find this odd..He is the only one to meet with BiBi so how can we check this to see if this has been altered. Someone let me know please I want concrete proof this is what he ment?

    • The comments attributed to Trump in this article are a total fabrication. He did say that he didn’t want their money but would ask for their support. That is the only comment that is true. It wasn’t spoken in a derogatory or insulting tone. Listen to his speech in total and you will know the truth.
      This is the video link:

    • Yes, well said! Problem today is people been sucking down so many pretty lies for so long that they gag at hearing the truth. So far he hasnt left anyone’s Political skeletons out, hes been fair with everyone. Just that there are many crooks in DC and have been for a very long time, hes not playing favorites, hes being truthful and fair no matter who likes it. He is brutally honest!

    • Right on with Bush… good comment

    • Your article is convoluted. Your punch line, though subtle , is very obvious____better to vote for Clinton. Naw, you have to to a better job in journalism ! Sorry, don’t trust politicians, and certainly don’t trust sleezy media !

    • My God! Trump and us supporters are being beaten so badly with the for shit media! The person who wrote this story is evil! I will never come back to this site again! I am a Jew. The Media is what helps screw up the world! Liars! Let the rest of the Jews vote for the left and hang their asses

  • He seems a Dem in disguise not a Republican; he is a desaster for Israel.

    • I believe Trump is the spoiler. He has all this attention from the media because he is a boisterous attention getter who takes advantage of a very angry people who have been duped time and time again by the Democrats and by the Obama administration. Once again deception of the people… out of their anger, they vote for another big mouth who seems to be on their side, promising great change……another big surprise awaits the election of Mr. Trump. Fools Rush in.

    • The Left will use any method or any person to take Israel out….It is a certain Fact!

      • That’s nuts . Most Jews are liberal and we understand the Presidents agenda . Love Israel, but Netanyahu is a negative.

        • Jews were liberal since day one,,, they did finance and support Hitler because he promised
          them more wealth etc.. They supported Obama and Hillary ,, remember how Hillary got the
          Hisetic Jew vote in N Y… She had her husband Pardon most of them for their votes to elect her
          Senator of N Y Money and Politics mix in well together.

    • Agree! Don’t need him if he feels that way!

    • You need a triple espresso!

  • Yet another reason to support Senator Ted Cruz.

    Trump is a political jester, a court buffoon.

    He would make a terrible nominee with little political capital in a general election.

  • This is a warning people, God does give clues to the wise, whose eyes are wide open. Thanks for pointing this out.. I will never vote for Trump now. Never…..My decision is sealed…..

    • …Even if this is a trick of the Liberals?…Don’t you know Trump says off the wall comments and let’s the Liberals fight with each other…. and mainstream media run it over and over…then everyone gives Trump publicity to ask what he meant…. wait and see

    • Debbie, use your brains – this is an old story that was discussed and proved completely untrue. Trump is the friend of Israel and a man who might be able to fix the horror we’re in right now. Don’t jump to any conclusion until you have all the facts. Just a friendly reminder

    • u don’t even bother seeing if it’s tru ? or the context? not a very wise or cautious person. fools rush in.

    • At least listen to the truth

  • Even if my comments are deleted…I am telling the truth, the honest to God truth, and I am not lieing to the Jewish people.

    • If you claim that Donald Trump’s victory is not the best thing that could ever happen to Israel, you are lying to yourself

  • Michael McCallion Sr.

    This type of Smearedia derogatory remark shows how desparate the Washington Poltical Elites are in trying to save their sinecure. Both political party’s Elites. They know Donald Trump is cutting through the “Gordian Knot” of Washington Political/Media collusion and corruption. Just like Alexander the Great destroyed the Persian Empire. Interesting Persia is now called Iran, who’d thought a Gordian Knot being severed may be the answer for freedom from Theocracy and a move towards Enlightenment.

  • That Crook it’s not my Pic, AS IF!

  • his family is jewish and you guys eat this crap up like sheep, get thinking when you read junk and democratattacks , im from canada and can see right through this, there terrified of him, the liberal did the same thing here to harper

  • his family is jewish, your being suckered by the democrats , there terrified of him, as they should be

  • The article is completely wrong and all the statement “quoted” here are wrong as well. Taking out of context. Trump is not antiSemitic, and he supports Israel. He also understands that something should be done to stop terrorism and that why he wanted to go and talk to Netanyahu. All other “bad statements” – it’s a BS. He was talking to Jewish business people – he himself is a businessman. We are so used to those politically correct speeches, so sugar covered usually it’s hard to even understand the meaning of what has been said. Get used to Trump saying things the way they are. This article is another attempt (based on old story) to discredit the man by putting together statements, taking out of context.

  • Bunch of Garbage taken out of context! the pundits will do whatever they can to discredit this guy.

  • Your article assumes ass backward, you dumb moron. He meant, Israel is no longer interested in a peace agreement with jihadists. There’s nothing wrong with saying that. I hope he’s right.
    He’s also right about the RJC and those Jewish Republicans marching to their beat. They’ve become an arm of the Repubican Establishment RINOs.
    I’m supporting Cruz, but get your head our of your ass and go after a true enemy of Israel and of America, Mrs. BJ Clinton.

  • I have had enough with Bibi’s ass kissing, and framing Jews for an arab’s crime really croses the last red line left; I want a real leader, like Moshe Feiglin, or at least Avigdor Liberman, to run my country.

    Framing Jews for something arabs undoubtedly did crosses the last red line left; we need to switch to a real leadership which is on our own side.


  • This article is nothing but garbage. You people will do anything and write anything that you think will make Trump look bad. You take everything the man says and twist and turn it all around to suite your need at the time. What a complete waste of true journalism.

  • For G-d’s sake, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, is an Orthodox Jew! And he and Bibi are friends. Who wrote this article? A self-loathing liberal? I saw his address…this is NOT what Trump said.

    • Bibi is the same as Trump. Talks right wing, friends with all the left wingers, and only has ever done left wing or corrupt things.

      This is exactly what Trump said, and I’ll reserve my comments on both Trump’s daughter and the guy she married.

    • I saw the speech. Trump was booed. He blamed Israel for terrorism and said they need to compromise and give up land.

  • I hate lies… Here is the truth. Trump’s speech

  • This Is BS I know what Hate is I’m a Jewish Boy who grow up in the South and had fight because of it I know antisemitic people act and it ain’t Trump this is left wing BS

  • All of you are missing one vital fact. Trumps daughter is a fully observant converted Orthodox Jew. She loves her place in Judaism and wouldn’t change it for anything.

  • John W. Stallings

    I respectfully disagree. Mr. Trump calls a spade a spade. You, Jews, the US Jews, have supported the DNC with lock step support as faithfully as the negroes. You have taken ever milk toast approach to just about every libtard issue there is. To show i hold no issues with either side of your war, I suggest both of you enjoy bacon in the morning, whether halal or kosher. There has to be an enzyme in pork which makes one calm and peaceful. Frankly speaking, you, the muslims and the christian radicals have caused most of the problems around us in the name of a deity. But I dont see the Muslims and the christians stealing money day in and out. From a ration perspective you as a race have stolen millions of dollars from investors with zero impunity. The negroes have committed more crime, as a percentage of population, than any other race. But the common denominator is being a Democrat. You represent 13% of the population and control how much wealth? Same for the negro, 13% of the population, yet account for how much violent crime? Grow up, if you didnt start each day without chanting victim, I would think i was in a foreign country.

    • Are you crazy. Oh yeah it wasnt AIDs zika schizophrenia and every recessive disorder in the world. The letting in migrants paying them. The water poisoned. Germany America and western Europe were dieing without you huh.

  • And?? Again hes telling the truth!! This is not anti-Semetic unless telling the ugly truth about Jews/Zionist in Politics is anti-Semetic, well is it? He is telling the ugly truth that nobody else has had the stones to do. TRUMP 2016!! If he didnt say anything about this, I would lose respect for him and be forced to reconsider whether or not he was a plant, a Jew plant. NOBODY is being left out and the guilty fear him..I respect him more for what he said here!

    • You are right Michelle Forus! People here are trying to bring him down!! So scared of him they would rather have Hillary!

  • When it comes to Israel, every candidate is soft. You look at the candidate’s history, not what he says on the stump. Everyone who thinks the Jewish vote is important will support Israel on the stump. Listen to what Obama said during his campaign. As for Trump, he was rocked and cradled by Jews since infancy. His daughter is a Jew but he has been listening to leftist Jews on the Palestinian question. He will recalibrate once he visits Israel and meets with Bibi.

  • ..

    Bernhard Rosenberg

    Bernhard Rosenberg…/rosenberg-trump-campaign…/

    Rosenberg: Trump Campaign Told Me ‘Jewish Vote Wasn’t Imporant’…See More

    Rosenberg: Trump Campaign Told Me ‘Jewish Vote Wasn’t Imporant’

    Monday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg, the founder of Rabbi For Trump (formerly Rabbis For Trump), who recently said he would no longer support the Republican front runner for President. Dr. Rosenberg told Alan why this election is so importa

    Like · Reply · Remove Preview · 1 · 4 mins


    Todd Binenstock

    Todd Binenstock It is a brave act to publicly change course.

    Like · Reply · 1 min


    Bernhard Rosenberg

    Bernhard Rosenberg please tell people about the show. .the disrespect shown me by the campaign made me decide. I have nothing against Trump

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  • ..

    Bernhard Rosenberg

    Bernhard Rosenberg…/rosenberg-trump-campaign…/

    Rosenberg: Trump Campaign Told Me ‘Jewish Vote Wasn’t Imporant’…See More

    Rosenberg: Trump Campaign Told Me ‘Jewish Vote Wasn’t Imporant’

    Monday on “The Alan Colmes Show,” Alan spoke with Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg, the founder of Rabbi For Trump (formerly Rabbis For Trump), who recently said he would no longer support the Republican front runner for President. Dr. Rosenberg told Alan why this election is so importa

    Like · Reply · Remove Preview · 1 · 4 mins


    Todd Binenstock

    Todd Binenstock It is a brave act to publicly change course.

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    Bernhard Rosenberg

    Bernhard Rosenberg please tell people about the show. .the disrespect shown me by the campaign made me decide. I have nothing against Trump

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    Rabbi For Trump – Facebook
    Rabbi For Trump, Marina del Rey, California. 1,131 likes · 7 talking about this. Uniting Jewish and Christian supporters for Trump.

    Rabbi For Trump

    Community · 1,150 Likes

    Rabbi For Trump’s photo.

    Rabbi For Trump

    Esther Levy

    Sharon Beck Edelman

    Robert DuMont

    Bernhard Pudewell

    • Good work Rabbi; you understand what is NEEDED at this time in this country’s history; though , hopefully, it will not be all in vein!


    Bernhard Rosenberg 21 hours ago

    I enjoyed a very fruitful meeting with people associated closely with the Donald Trump campaign. I was able to share with them the deep-rooted, heartfelt concerns of the pro-Israel community in the United States, Jewish and Gentile. I can honestly say that these people, who are working tirelessly for Mr. Trump, “got it.”


    Bernhard Rosenberg

    Bernhard Rosenberg 23 hours ago

    Have been in contact with Trump main people and happy with the results as can be seen by his speech at AIPAC and on foreign policy where he praised Israel.


    Bernhard Rosenberg

    Bernhard Rosenberg 23 hours ago

    TRUMP is coming to Edison it will be his NJ headquarters, THIS IS MY TOWN . RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG RABBI FOR TRUMP


  • Didn’t Trump’s campaign tell you that they don’t care about Jewish support, Rabbi?

  • Any naive who is stupid enough to put Hillary in the White House is not only harming Israel but virtually assuring the final destruction of America ( as if Hussein has it already done that!) Trump is the last hope …. Just say No to the leftist , lemming , mentally ill democrats. There is NO other choice!

    • so then ccan u describe to us what is happening to america under trump or are u a paid lobbyist for the reds

  • DANG!! JTF IS RIGHT AGAIN! And we thought Hillary Hitler was more nazi!

  • That’s an interesting article, the picture was funny. Thank you, Chaim ! Could you explain more on Darwin and Eugenics,Race realism,satanic racism? Also, can you speak more Yiddish, it’s an awesome language I want to learn.

  • Like I said before. Trump will never be a friend of israel. Not possible.

    DItch him in 2020 and regroup in 2024. If we do, we’ll still have a fighting chance even if its slight.

    If we wait till 2024, Occassio Cortez will be president and the skies the limit to the damage she’ll do.

    Look up her interviews if you don’t believe me!

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