Trump defends his violent campaign manager: “We’re going to destroy a man’s life over this?”

Trump has destroy millions of lives with his casinos, his bankruptcies, and his fake Trump University school.

Donald Trump’s campaign manager shouldn’t be “destroyed” over charges he violently grabbed a reporter, the billionaire businessman pleaded Tuesday.

The GOP presidential candidate defended campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who was arrested on Tuesday and charged with simple battery against former Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. She says the casino tycoon’s campaign aide injured her when he grabbed her arm at an event in Florida.

Lewandowski was released, and a court date is set for May 4.

Trump’s campaign manager had denied that he even touched Fields, but footage released Tuesday by law enforcement officials revealed he did indeed yank on her as she attempted to ask Trump a question after a press conference held at his Florida club.

Still, Trump argued [lied] that the video released Tuesday shows something much different from what Fields said happened, including her claim she was nearly thrown to the ground.

… The surveillance footage of Lewandowski pulling on Fields was recorded by surveillance in Trump’s own club.

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