Trump is the Establishment Candidate: I Want to Bring Gang-of-Eight Rubio Into My Campaign

GOP front-runner Donald Trump says he’d like to bring Florida Sen. Marco Rubio into his campaign as part of his effort to unify the party.

Trump already has the support of two of his vanquished foes: New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

“Frankly, Marco I’d love to have involved,” Trump said Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity.”

“This party has to unite,” Trump said. “Then you’re going to have the House and Senate.”
Rubio dropped out of the race after losing his home state of Florida, but has yet to endorse anyone.

Trump also responded to criticism over comments he made earlier Thursday about North Carolina’s law limiting transgendered people to using restrooms of the gender on their birth certificates. Commenting on backlash from businesses, other state governments and musicians to the law, Trump said people should be allowed to use the restroom of their choice.

“It’s a small number, but we have to take care of everybody,” he told Fox’s Sean Hannity.

Since the law is causing the state to lose business and causing a negative reaction, the state should consider putting the issue on the back burner, Trump suggested.
“We have so many big issues to be thinking about,” he said. “We have ISIS to worry about. We have bringing trade back. We have rebuilding our military. But I think this, I think that local communities and states should make the decision and I feel very strongly about that. The federal government should not be involved.”

Trump also said he plans to announce a slate of 12 jurists he would want for the Supreme Court “very soon.” He has been criticized by some on the right for not being a real conservative, and speculation about what kind of justices he would nominate have been an issue.

“I want people to understand that I want the values in terms of the Republican Party and the conservatives I want judges that you will be happy with,” Trump said. “I’m going to actually name 10 or 12 judges up front and that will be a pool of which I will take I will take from that.”


  • This idea of an “anti-establishment” type is part of the demagogy of this election and “none” of the candidates could be where they were/are without some connections. I don’t think the “establishment” which are many different groups anyway with different agenda’s wants Trump.

    This nonsense sounds like Alex Jones then serious stuff.

    And I don’t think Rubio would join Trump, And Christie is the “establishment”. Stop it.

    Rubio along with Nikky Haley feel the Republican should be on Israel’s side as well as Japan and South Korea unlike Trump who feels Israel and Japan should pay us even though they do a service for us as well.

    I see no reason to think Rubio would join Trump unless Trump admits he is wrong on his positions on Israel, Japan, and South Korea.

    Cruz takes some liberal positions too. Stop acting like he is so pure. He is not. None of them are. You’re telling me increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit 20% is not a liberal position and bad for the country and gives less of an incentive for women to marry men who work if marry at all. That what Cruz wants to do.

    • Trump supports transgenders in girls bathrooms and now abortion after defending Planned Parenthood.

      Trump claims to be the ultimate deal maker, wrote a book on it, brags about it, and promises to try and force Israel to make a suicidal “deal” with Muslim terrorists.

      Trump donated money to liberal candidates and campaigns and even invited the Clintons to his own wedding.

      You cannot honestly tell me that he doesn’t have establishment written all over him.

  • When you say this, Shlomo, you are talking about a Deomcrat establishment that likes Trump and only a group that wants Clinton to win supports Trump. When people talk about Rubio they are talking about a Republican establishment which again some types liked Rubio as the best candidate. And none of those who liked Rubio (that I know) like Trump. Although if Rubio is the “establishment” candidate he certainly wouldn’t be leaving public office as he is as this “establishment” claim didn’t help him. Different groups are attracted to different candidates some for good reasons and some for bad reasons this whole type of an undefined establishment to me just seems like putting down the candidate you don’t like by claiming they are the “establishment”.

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