Trump’s Own Former Lawyer: GOP Nominee Is “All Ego and Show”

Donald TrumpA former lawyer for Donald Trump has posted a withering 20-point takedown of the GOP presidential nominee in an essay that brands the candidate as “all ego and show.”

Writing for the Huffington Post, Thomas Wells, who started working as Trump’s lawyer in 1987, writes of his ex-boss that he was “then, as he is now, larger than life, particularly in his own eyes, and at the same time frighteningly small, with very little moral grounding.”

“He was then, and still is, all ego and show,” he writes, adding: “We can do so much better.”

Among his list of 20 reasons why not to elect Trump, Wells argues:

  • that “the man lies all the time”
  • that “his ego seems to know no bounds”
  • that he “wants to be a strongman, not a president”
  • that his use of “vulgarity… and crass insults” don’t “cut it as president”
  • that he hasn’t “the slightest inclination to read or study”
  • that his “business success is greatly exaggerated and his skills limited”
  • that “he’s all about continuous gratification”
  • and that his “dystopian version of lawless, besieged, pitifully weak America” is “the rally cry of countless dictators and strongmen”

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