US officials: Trump still not declaring Jerusalem as Israel’s capital

Just like Obama, Trump can’t even declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

From the Times of Israel:

After a lengthy back and forth at the White House meeting, Trump and his inner circle appeared to accept those concerns but insisted that the president had to demonstrate his stated commitment to move the embassy, the officials said. The discussion then turned toward waiving the embassy move for another six months but combining it with recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital, which the Israelis have long sought.

Inside the Trump administration, officials said debate now centers on how to make a Jerusalem announcement without affecting Israeli-Palestinian “final status” negotiations. One option under consideration is to include in any such statement a nod to Palestinian aspirations for their capital to be in East Jerusalem.

The US also faces legal constraints. Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital without a peace deal could run afoul of UN Security Council resolutions that don’t recognize Israeli sovereignty over the city.

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