We don’t like Trump but this indictment is unfair (Chaim Ben Pesach and David Ben Moshe video)


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  • Some have called
    Donald Trump The Most
    Controversial President in
    United States History , he did some good things as President

    • Mussolini drained the swamps and made the trains run on time. Would you support him?

    • Trump has been indicted by a
      Grand Jury
      What if it was Alvin Bragg and the Chipmunks ? How would this case be different ?

    • A person typed online yesterday
      “The E Jean Carroll case will go down as one of the most ridiculous uses of the court system ever.

      What she pulled off couldn’t be done to anyone else in this country. It was clear political targeting and a far left judge deciding what could and couldn’t be shown to the jury.

      The Trump team can’t disprove her by showing where he was on the date in question, because she doesn’t even know the year.

      They can’t point out that the dress she claimed to be wearing didn’t even exist because the Judge considers it irrelevant.

      They can’t point out the fact that very vocal Trump haters like George Conway urged Carroll to sue because the Judge thinks it doesn’t matter.

      They can’t point out the fact that she’s talked about her r*pe fantasies on the news because it’s not relevant to this case.

      They can’t point out the fact that the law in New York was changed the day he left office just so she could sue.

      Carroll can call Trump a rap*st but if he calls her a liar he’s liable for defamation? This case is a joke and she’s a joke. The appeals court better do the right thing and fix this atrocity and hopefully Trump counter sues her and her donors.”

  • You yourself admitted that he is guilty of inciting the riots after he lost… Sorry, I demand consistency. Don’t change your show for different audiences. Also, my comments are now being censored for some reason.

    • One has nothing to do with another.

      • The inference is that who cares if he should be indicted for the prostitute when he should be indicted for inciting riots. Don’t preach to the choir, that’s unworthy of JTF.

        Either JTF is for or against Trump. I get the idea of clickbait, but enough with the orange clown… He might be president again, he might not. Who cares at this point. The man is a menace, and one thing is certain, whether he wins or not in 2024, he will be gone for good in 2028.

        There is no benefit in compromising your morals because of another potential 5 years or so of turmoil.

        That’s why he was installed in the first place, to cause turmoil for everyone. Ignore him, he will go away.

        • Dovid_2 , Fox News said Trump requested that
          10,000 National Guard troops be present to
          Protect the Capitol on
          January 6, 2021

  • zionism-now.blogspot.com has an article headlined
    “Martin Luther and the Jews” on Friday
    October 5, 2007 by
    Joe Whitehead about the
    Anti-Semitism of Protestant Reformer Martin Luther, the comments people gave are a must read , Would Martin Luther have Supported Hitler and the Murder of 6 Million Jews , some say he would have, others say No

  • Did Stormy Daniels swallowThe Donald’s cum? She had a big enough mouth for it.

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