You’re now bigoted if you aren’t attracted to transgender persons, congrats

Let’s face it, if you are not attracted to this ma… umm… woma… umm… person, then you are a bigot and a homophobe.

So here’s a good weekend test for you – how long can you withstand actively listening to a trans-gender feminist “woman” tell you that you’re bigoted if you have a preference for one set of genitals?

I made it all the way (to the end of the video), but that’s because I’m a trained, professional mexican. Your results may vary.

Watch below (caution: insanity – and, yes, that’s a man):

So, “trans-phobic” means a fear or hatred of transgender people. Which is bigotry. And “cis-sexism” is prejudice or bigotry against transgender persons.

What Riley here explains, is that it’s “cissexist” to have a preference for one kind of genitals. In other words, if you like women, but if you don’t like women with penises (trans-gender women), then you’re a cissexist.

“I’m trying to show that preferences for women with vaginas over women with penises might be partially informed by the influence of a cissexist society.”

Seriously, in the future we’re going to need yuge dictionaries just to figure out if we’re being bigoted or not. And the answer will always be “yes!”

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