• About time…these filthy millions of raping muslims should all be neutered, they are cowards and it is time to serve them with a righteous judgement!

  • The Poles DID participate in the Holocaust. The Catholic Church in Poland was a major participant. Jews were told to hide in Catholic churches, then they’d go get the SS and turn them in.

    THEN… The nazis would take these same Polacks and massacre the priests. Like they did after the blitzkrieg. And the rest enslaved in factories.

    In light of this despite Hitler and Stalin being the most evil and wicked men in history Ymachsmo, they at least did humanity a service decreasing the population of these Polish pigs who are a race of criminals and idolators.

    • Hitler and Stalin were the ‘most evil and wicked men in history’?? Umm, no. That’s nothing more than gov’t & MSM propaganda. Hitler & Stalin are no more evil, and did nothing different than many rulers before them have done. Society likes to paint them as the worst mankind has seen because they were White. Anti-White racism fuels this false narrative.

      Have you never researched any of the following people:

      Ghengis Khan? Killed 11% of world’s population
      Attila the Hun? Would tear people limb from limb & drink people’s blood
      Mao Zedong? Killed 40-70 million people ~ About 50% of China’s population
      Pol Pot? Killed 25% of Cambodian population

      Vlad III (Vlad the Impaler)? Known to have impaled every single person in Amla, Syria in 1460. Known to be fond of killing people by disemboweling, rectal & facial impalement, skinned, boiled, decapitated, blinded, strangled, hanged, burned, hacked, nailed, buried alive, stabbed. He also liked to cut off breasts or sexual organs, as well as roasting children & feeding remains to family members.

      Ivan IV (Ivan the Terrible) Would gather 500-1,000 peasants everyday to torture & kill while he & his son watched. He was known to be fond of drowning and roasting people alive or torturing victims with boiling or freezing water.

      Empress Wu Zetian?
      Emperor Nero?
      Timur (aka Tamerlane)? Ordered the construction of a tower made out of live men, each stacked on top of another, & cemented together with bricks and mortar. Killed 5% of World’s population

      Ismail Enver Pasha? The term ‘genocide’ was invented because of what he did to the Armenian people.
      Leopold II? Killed off 50% of Congo’s population

      And believe me when I say that list is not exhaustive by any means. There are many others who could’ve been included, and that’s without adding Hitler to it.

  • Death penalty must be implemented for raping. The worst question is coming. What about raping, torturing, killing thousands of blameless Arap muslims? Justice works only for jews or for everyone? Just think about it.

  • When will the Jews or trump nuke Mecca? The embassy move to jeralusm was backing in my eyes to stomp those people out of existence. Wait till rahamadan whatever and drop bombs on the box. Jews need to while trump is in office . I’m 25% German and proud and have no tolerance for arrabs or muslims. Do you Jewish nation??

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