• 7 Fakestinians killed in a crash between truck and minibus in Judea and Samaria. Que Lastima or is it

    • The 7 Fakestinians killed in the crash between the truck and
      minibus is a blessing and Gift from God . We should all be Happy it wasn’t innocent Jews killed in the crash

  • Good evening God’s chosen ones and righteous gentiles.How do I enter the Ask JTF forum and post questions/comments?

    Thank you

  • Thanks JTFers, you’ve been a big help.
    I appreciate the snappy response.

  • Defamation case says Smolmert says than the Netanyahus are mentally ill

  • Another one bites the dust
    The Ugly Anti-Israel Loser,
    Worthless Anti-Semite ,
    Jew-Hater. Desmond Tutu thankfully died in 2021

    • Anyone else thrilled that
      Desmond Tutu died ??
      He was such a false prophet

    • What else is new? He got chopped in half now he’s Desmond Fourfour

      • Kyle, it would be great and
        So cool if we could watch
        Desmond Tutu suffering in
        Hell, if we could only watch him
        Suffering in Hell, along with others of his hateful ilk
        Like Rachel Corrie who was killed by the Israeli Bulldozer ,
        It was an accident but
        Rachel Corrie got exactly what she deserved, she deserved it
        It’s NOT “Sadistic” to want to literally see and watch these people Suffer in Hell,
        It is Justice, Jewish people and Israelis have Feelings Also

        • Imagine how great it would be to Watch Desmond Tutu Suffering in Hell for his
          Bigotry against Jews & Israel. Even better if
          God allowed Tutu and his ilk Suffering in Hell to see us
          Israel Supporters Laughing and Rejoicing at their Suffering, and praising God for His Wrath upon Them

  • Desmond Tutu was such an Ugly Pig , such a Turd
    No Tears for that Loser
    According to the Bible
    Genesis 12:3 , Tutu is in Hell alongside Hitler, Arafat, Stalin, etc

  • Never Forget that
    Desmond Tutu Earned his place in Hell for his Hateful Words and actions against Jews and Israel. He is reaping what he sowed.
    When he died poor Desmond probably cried “Free Speech” when he stood before God , and it didn’t save his sorry ass from Hell .
    His precious “Free Speech” didn’t save him

  • About the pig Desmond Tutu
    You know the Expression
    “Don’t speak ill of the Dead” in his case we need to make an Exception so that the World will Remember what a Vile Hate Filled Loser Tutu Was , what a Bigot that
    Tutu Was , the Fraud and
    Charlatan he was , the Ugly Truth Must be Told about
    Desmond Tutu and his Lies

  • Good that Tutu is Dead

  • There is Nothing Wrong with Rejoicing at The Truth that
    Desmond Tutu is Suffering in Hell for his Hateful Words and Actions against the Jewish people and Israel. We should indeed be Happy that Desmond is Suffering,
    We should Indeed Rejoice that
    Desmond and other Bigots like him who thankfully died are Suffering in Hell for their Bigotry.
    Jews and Israelis are Human Beings with Feelings Also ,

  • The Lake of Fire, The Second Death was created for Vile bigots like Desmond Tutu
    God created it for Haters and Bigots like him

  • We say, if Only , If Only
    Desmond Tutu’s mother had that
    Abortion while Pregnant with him.
    If Only, the World would have been a Much Better Place.
    Did Desmond ever stop to realize that many Jews and people who are part-Jewish or Half-Jewish, don’t like being Jewish either, and don’t like looking Jewish either, was
    Desmond aware of Jewish Self-Hatred ? Was Desmond Aware of that ? Was he aware that many many Jews and part-Jews ,
    half-Jewish persons wish that they were Not born Jewish,
    Praise God that the
    Black Anti-Semite Ass of
    Desmond Tutu is roasting in Hell and Suffering for his Bigotry

  • No Love or Respect for
    Desmond Tutu , God Created
    Eternal Conscious Torment in Hell & The Lake of Fire for
    People like Tutu

  • Alan Dershowitz did a good job exposing Desmond Tutu for the
    Fraud and Jew-Hater that he was

  • Never too late to say
    Good that Desmond Tutu is Dead

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