• Chaim thank you for all you’ve done…

    • What a funny guy , Its the other way around Communist Jews killed over 20 million Germens Millions of native Russins and millions of Ukrans. The jews had it made in Germeny and they still back stabbed the germens. The jews in the labor camps were there for supporting Communists.. Prisoners had it made in the camps they had movies music swiming pools .. You Khazars are not native to Palestine… Quit playing the victim you are hated for a reason … Hitler new what you jewish communists did to the Russians and Ukrans..You are doing the same in the USA .. Martin Luthar King was a Communist .. Judism is Communism..

  • Another thing i wanted to bring up Chaim before I forget. I thank you for having the courage to speak up about Christianity and the falsehoods it teaches. It is more dangerous than Islamic jihadism. I know… I grew up in it. I was a cradle catholic. I saw unspeakable things…

    I also am sickened that so many schvartzas belong to that religion. Its the reason so many of them are messed up. Its not their race, its Christianity and hip-hop. Do these dummies know that Jesus was a white supremacist who hates blacks and owned slaves and that his religion created slavery?

    The early church used to teach that slavery was good! Kidnapping people and sending them to slave markets in Europe and America and Brazil which was the worst, they said it was godly and beneficial.

    Hitler was also a Christian. A roman Catholic.

    And Martin Luther he was a nazi. Most of his writings about jews came from St John Chrysostom AKA the golden tongue. Yeah, a saint with a golden tongue that animal. Nazi pig rapist and pervert queer.

    Not only that writings by St Augustine of Hippo and others found in monasterries in Jerusalem confirm that Jesus in truth was a nazi and a psychotic just like Charles manson and Hitler.

    Manson, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini and Franco Ymach shmo all talked about helping the needy and the downtrodden too. Alot of Charles Mansons speeches the ones that were coherent, were similar to sermons by Jesus. Also Like Charles Manson there was a rule under jesus, women were not allowed to eat until the dogs were finished eating first.

    This guy was an evil psycho who deserved to die.

  • Giacobo Wahlboghter

    Special laws regarding non kosher wine vis-a-vis kristins vs. Moslems:
    If a Moslim touches or pours out into a glass kosher wine it is unfit for Jewish consumption. However, benefit may be derived by the Jew selling it or using it for non-edible purposes.
    If a kristin would do the same no benefit whatsoever is allowable to the Jew. The wine must be thrown down the toilet or out into the street. Why is the difference? It is very simple. Muslims do not deify their false prophet. In fact, that is why they like to murder those who make pictures of their false prophet. They consider it idolatry according to their stringent standards.
    Kristins, on the other hand, are notorious for bowing down to and worshiping their false prophet.

  • Bring up the slander case between the Netanyahus and Smolmert

  • The Kings are Michael King. Not Martin King

  • Netanyahu negotiating a plea deal. That is what JTF should be concentrating on – not Hilltop Youth

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