• How does the Russian invasion of Ukraine affect Israel – or does it?

  • The Greeks were homos. Not the Romans. Was Jonestown like Masada

  • If Barack Hussein Obama is really Bari Shabazz, the red diaper baby of Malcolm X and his possibly Jewish girlfriend from the Bronx Jo Ann Newman, does that make him a Farrakhan or a Black Hebro?https://marthatrowbridgeterribletruth.wordpress.com/category/jo-ann-newman/

  • I understand after your personal loss how you would want everyone to be vaccinated but forcing people to be vaccinated against their will with a vaccine that has no long term safety data in order to keep their jobs is just wrong and it is about freedom. What is freedom worth if you don’t have the right to bodily integrity? I’m also concerned that it may alter our God-given genome because it’s not a traditional vaccine. I’m certainly not anti-vax. I just got a tetanus shot a few months ago, but I absolutely will not get the new covid vaccines because they’re not traditional vaccines. They’re these new MRNA vaccines that have God knows what in them to alter you.

    The fact that governments are trying to force this on people and the fact that many have had complications from fainting to severe blood clots, etc. should really tell you that this shouldn’t be forced.

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