• Rock and roll came from black r and b. Give credit where due. Elvis was the white version of little Richard. They needed white singer’s in order to sell Rick music.

  • Singer Paula Abdul and NFL player Lyle Alzado both Jewish.

    • but however persons like baruch Goldstein and eliran Golan pi ten times Jewish
      because they are not simply were borned Jewish but they are more and fulfilled
      jewish principals and enough of the time that they are today not with us like and not
      with us today Nathan Zada and Asher weissgan too

      • and more one thing but namely enough of time that Chaim ben pesah
        never give his Mobil phone number here on his site because here are
        many kahanists here in Israel whose are interesting his Mobil phone number
        those are thing what i wished added here in this comment

    • How about Whoopi Goldberg.

  • Chaim , do a video debunking the Lie that Israel deliberately and intentionally attacked the
    U.S.S. Liberty in the 1967 War
    Knowing that it was an American Naval Vessel. A common claim of
    Anti-Israel Losers is that Israel knew the Liberty was an American Vessel and deliberately , intentionally tried to sink it
    Please refute the Liberty Lie
    The Liberty Libel
    Never Forget that the Arabs and the Arab Nations are the Ones who should be blamed for the Liberty Disaster, if the Arabs and Arab Nations didn’t Start the 1967 War, then it wouldn’t have led to Israel attacking the U.S.S. Liberty thinking that it was an Egyptian Naval Vessel

  • A person typed online about
    The Liberty Incident
    “) First lie was in 1967 when the U.S. government declared that no U.S. ship was in the area.
    2) The second lie is the false argument about Israel trying to cover up the intentions to attack Syria. It is very clear now that Israel informed, through diplomatic channels, that Israel intended to attack Syria and it happened before the attack on the on the USS liberty.
    These are the two of the most basic lies used by the Jew hating USS Liberty crowd. That’s one of the longest Jew hating actions in the U.S. history. There are many friendly fire incidents, involving U.S. personnel, but no one is talking about any of them, only because Jews were involved the blaming them for no reason is fair game.
    In the very good thriller, directed by Robert De Niro, “The Good Shepherd” the general supervising the beginnings of the OSS (the precursor of CIA) says that the organization has to be “clean” which means ”No Jews, no Negroes, no Catholics”. The Jew hating crowd is still in charge of of the information gathering entities of the U.S. government (CIA, NSA, etc.). That’s the reason the USS liberty liars are allowed to say whatever they want about Israel and the Jews. I am sure they signed non-disclosure agreements with NSA but if one blames the Jews everything is fair game.
    Also the Jew hating leadership of the U.S. information gathering entities is the reason Jonathan Pollard got a much harsher sentence than Ames or Hanson who caused the death of many agents who worked as spies for the USA. If a Jew spies for Israel he is going to be smashed!
    The State Department and the Intelligence leadership are, probably, the most anti-Jewish parts of the U.S. government. They both are in a, very slow, process of change but hating Jews is still fair game in these communities.”

    The Double Standards & Hypocrisy Against Israel and the Jews is

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