• newsweek.com has an article headlined
    “The Truth of Gorbachev and Soviet Jews Isn’t What You Think” by
    ON 9/1/22

  • BaalTeshuvaKahanist7

    Shalom Chaim can you comment on the following people:
    Bugsy Siegel
    Meyer Lansky
    Yitzakh Rabin
    Yigal Amir
    Benzi Gopstein
    Baruch Goldstein
    Indian PM Modi
    Azerbaijani PM Ilham Aliyev

    • BaalTeshuvaKahanist7

      As well can you accept the admin approval I would like to be apart of the forum thank you

    • and not only doctor baruch Goldstein but also eliran Golan whose was killed by shabak and police agents after his price tag in Haifa and in Jerusalem but also Asher weissgan whose also was killed by shabak and police agents after his price tag in Jerusalem mister baal shem tov and not only them but also and nati ozeri and also and Nathan Eden Zada whose was killed by Arabs after his price tag in shfaram because Israelite police tied his hands of Nathan Eden Zada and he couldn’t ran from shfaram city and not only them but also and ahuvia sandak from hilltop youth whose was murdered by Israelite police dear mister baal shem tov Kahanist 7 and namely by those things everything what told ben are sacrilegious things because people like eliran Golan and Asher weissgan forever stayed in my Israelite Jewish heart mister baal shem tov Kahanist 7

      • and also be damned modern Russian federation whose continue poking Arabs on our holy Jewish fatherland like and on war of six days modern Russian federation continue be sponsor of Arabs and continue talk that our Israel will stopping bombing Syria and Lebanon and also continue talk that like that Arabic organizations like ISIS and Fatah are like that freedom movements and special darneds of priest orthdox priest of Russian federation father of whose was part of gestapo of the hitler let be damned name of hitler too and also be darned names of Lavrov protégé of Russian neo Nazis and Russian march also be darned because Russian march is Judeophobic march too because targets of Russian march of Russian neo Nazis will finishing with Jews in Russian federation and Russian march is modern black hundreds slogan of whose the same what was of black hundreds of Nikolay second that like that Jews still drink Russian Christian blood but those things are deceives too

        • and more one thing but namely yesterday i thought off new slogan such sound like that but namely shitocracy is the bluff and i realized that slogan to one electric budkes by flowmaster that is mine new slogan

  • If you are supposed to love your fellow Jews, how do you apply that to Bernie Madoff?

  • The next king of England will be King Charles lll,
    Yimach shmo vezichro Shem reshaim yirkav

  • Queen Elizabeth II has died at age
    96 , opinions ?

  • I’m sick of her

  • Why were you sick of her ?

  • A person recently typed online
    “There will never, ever be peace in the Middle East so long as 76 percent of Arabs hate Jews, and millions of Arabs want the Jew dead.

    That’s not a conflict.

    That’s genocide.

    For the love of Zion, I shall not remain silent.” It’s probably more like
    99 percent of the Arabs that hate

  • Do we think America is sadly rapidly dying and going the way of the Roman Empire ?
    Much of this is because of The Left

  • Relax. Iran doesn’t have the cojones to use nukes. U.S. and Israel have suitcase nukes all around Tehran and the Iranians have been warned. You think the Beirut explosion was something. just wait and relax

    • Anonymous of September 9, 2022 7:58 pm , How do you know that the U.S. & Israel have Tehran surrounded , Iran isn’t bluffing
      We can Never Underestimate
      Arab, Fakestinian & Islamic Evil & Wickedness

  • Chaim would you kick Lady Diana out of bed?

  • The website news.gallup.com has an article on September 8, 2022 headlined
    “Who Are the Unhappiest People in the World?”
    The article says Arabs & Muslims are the unhappiest people in the World

  • See this article about how
    Sadly Everyone hates the Jews and Israel

  • A person typed recently on the Internet
    “Intersectionality or anti-intersectionality… when it comes to #Jews and #Israel, as we see with so many other things, there is no logic/consistency, but certainly a variety of odd bedfellows.
    Neo-Nazi and radical Arabic groups are known to cooperate for what must be their single shared interest: targeting Jews/Israel. This is an example of anti-intersectionality. These two groups disagree on absolutely every issue except one: targeting Jews/Israel. However, they don’t seem to let their disagreements in other areas impact their ability to work together to further a goal. They must not have gotten the memo that intersectionality doesn’t allow such behavior.
    Or, the converse…
    New York Progressive Rep. Richie Torres is taking severe flak, even receiving threats these days: https://www.oann.com/rep-torres-ive-received-threats-for…/. Why? Because he is committing a cardinal sin among progressives: he publicly supports Israel. He may see eye-to-eye with progressives on all other issues, but none of that matters until he learns to hate Israel.
    And, in the article, he gives an example of another strange intersectionality situation. Rep. Torres described a bizarre encounter he had with a Queers for Palestine activist, pointing out that Palestine doesn’t tolerate homosexuality:
    “And so I asked her, she was LGBTQ, what is your opinion of Hamas?” explained the New York lawmaker. “And she said I support Hamas because Hamas represents the liberation of the Palestinian people, and at that moment I found myself in a state of shock. For a moment, I thought I was hallucinating.”
    Or, the converse again, as Adam Milstein points out the obvious in the article:
    The stupidity of the #BDS movement is overwhelming to the point that LGBTQ activists support an Islamic terror organization such as Hamas which is known to murder any and all LGBTQ Palestinians.
    LGBT activists supporting Hamas bring this full circle, as it is almost identical to the Nazi and radical Arabs working together. They may disagree on everything else, but as long as they agree on targeting Israel, no problem working together.
    Go figure!”

  • It’s spelled
    Ritchie Torres . If only more
    Democrats had common sense and were Pro-Israel like him

    • Ritchie Torres takes it up the tuchus. He is a chilul HaShem

      • The Sexual Orientation of
        Ritchie Torres shouldn’t matter, Israel and the Jewish people need all the Help and Allies we can get . Fakestinians and other Arabs are the Anti-Gay Bigots.

  • Today on September 11, 2022
    21 years after 9/11
    Never Forget that the Satanic , Demonic Diabolical Saudi Arabian
    Terrorist Regime and Government is to blame for 9/11
    Saudi Arabia planned 9/11 and is responsible for the cold blooded murder of thousands of innocent Americans

    • Why haven’t the
      Saudi Government “officials” who helped plan 9/11 been tracked down, Arrested and made to
      Stand Trial for 9/11 ? Why ? Why ? Why ?
      Why haven’t their
      Ugly Arab Asses been tracked down and brought to Justice ?
      Why hasn’t Saudi Arabia been made to pay America
      Trillions of Dollars for causing
      9/11 , Saudi Arabia should pay
      America at least 100 Trillion Dollars for the Horrors of 9/11 , and the Aftermath, the Countless people who got sick and died from
      9/11 related illness ,
      Where is the Justice ?

  • princegeorgecitizen.com has an article on April 11, 2016 headlined
    “Don’t weep for Palestine”

  • America in 2023 sadly has it’s own version of Iran’s “Morality Police”
    America has Vice Squads that outlaw Consenting Adults buying and Selling Sex ,
    Countless Millions upon Millions of disabled and healthy adults alike are unable to get Sex for Various Reasons, they are Suffering from Involuntary Celibacy , Incel problems.
    It’s no Joke, and they can’t even legally pay for Sex without being Arrested, Prosecuted , facing Public Humiliation. America also has
    “Morality Police” in enforcing it’s views upon others, such as with Suicide Prevention, Forced Living Extremism, the Insane unjust failed “War on Drugs” that everyone Hates
    People who are unable to get Sex naturally, should have the Right to Pay for Sex, to Prostitution without fear of being Arrested,
    The American Version of
    “Morality Police” is very disturbing

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