• The Hilltop Youth are illegal outposts. Chaim: aren’t you worried that your illegal work will be used against you when you try to make alliyah again? Duh

    • Its not illegal for Jews to settle their G-d given land.

      The Arabs illegally build all the time and in violation of all international treaties but neither you nor the government or the international community even complain.

      Its only when Jews want to settle in their G-d given land that we see everyone get mad!

      Utter hypocrisy!

      They always will find something stupid to stop him from going home where he belongs!

      • Kyle, More Proof of Arab Evil & Wickedness and how Arabs are the Wild Donkey mentioned in
        The Bible verse Genesis 16:12
        On March 22, 2021, the tragic mass shooting that occurred at a King Soopers supermarket in Boulder, Colorado, Ten people were killed, The alleged shooter, 21-year-old Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa is a Syrian Arab Muslim and numerous online articles say this Arab was
        Laughing as he Murdered innocent people, this Arab grim reaper was actually laughing as he Murdered innocent people.
        Arabs are The Worst

        • The Arab grim reaper was actually laughing as he
          Murdered innocent people

        • I do remember that now. The media tried to hide it. Just like when they shot up San Bernardino and when a farrakhan muslim tried to kill Obama.

          As soon as they learned the guy was a black guy or a Muslim or a homosexual, they always try to back away, shy away, and then cover up the story and bury it.

      • Maybe so, but they’re the ones who write by the rules.

  • Chaim: you mixed up Chris Cuomo with Andrew Cuomo

  • Some good News
    America has killed two ISIS
    Terrorists in a Air Strike in Syria

  • Remember the 2015 film
    “Straight Outta Compton” well the Vile Anti-Semite Bigot
    Nick Cannon looks like he is
    Straight Outta the Crown Heights Riots
    Sadly everyone still hates the Jews as Always

  • Chaim, what’s your opinion on organic food?

  • What about a Vegan or Vegetarian diet ? Both Israel & India have many Vegetarians and Vegans
    In the Star Trek: Discovery episode
    “There Is a Tide…” which takes place in the 32nd century, Israeli actor Oded Fehr plays
    Admiral Charles Vance ,
    Admiral Vance tells the truth about what is put into the Replicators to Produce Food for Humans, trust me , you don’t want want to Know what is used

    • Anyone see that
      Star Trek: Discovery episode
      “There Is a Tide…” and believe me , you don’t want to know what they put into the Replicators to
      Produce Food for Humans in the
      32nd Century

      • Did anyone see that
        Star Trek: Discovery episode ?
        It’s so Disgusting what they put into the Food Replicators in the Fictional 32nd Century to Make Food for Humans

  • Another good website

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