• Kamala was the name of a Professional wrestler in the WWE in the mid 80s. His persona was that of a jungle warrior. Look it up.

    • Irving Manischewitz

      Who remembers Nicolai Volkoff. The grand wizard of wrestling and The iron sheik of Iran. Was it a chilul HaShem to root for them

  • Irving Manischewitz

    Marcus Garvey has close ties with. The KKK because of shared black separatism

  • Hi Chaim.Why do you make yourself
    older than you are?What camera did you use when you did QPTV?

    • Irving Manischewitz

      You asked this question before. He probably used an old VHS camera. Now he uses a newer digital camera which uploads to the web directly

      • Thanks. That’s what I had thought he used. Digital among other software is contemporary.
        As far as repeating the same question, it must have escaped me the first time and what’s more I did not get an answer prior.

      • How the Gehinnom do I post these comments/questions on “ASK JTF”? I tried painstakingly and repeatedly.

  • Irving manishewitz

    If Israel doesn’t give the Covid vaccine to the Arabs the Arabs will continuously infect the Jewish Israeli population and the Israelis will never get Covid under control. Your logic has a hole in it

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