• The Precious “Palestinians” already have their state , it’s called Jordan

    • Many people have pointed out that Greta Thunberg looks like

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “The world is definitely topsy-turvy. UNWRA has been nominated for the Noble Peace Prize! It seems all you have to do to be nominated is slaughter Jews. Commit genocide against Jews and you get rewarded.

      Read this article on i24News, https://www.i24news.tv/en/news/international/1706874709-norwegian-mp-proposes-unrwa-for-nobel-peace-prize-amid-global-criticism

    • The Precious “Palestinians”
      give absolutely nothing of any value to humanity , while
      Brilliant Jewish Israelis Give so much to the World in terms of
      Science, Technology, Computers, Medicine, Inventions, Innovation, Humanitarian Assistance to Natural Disasters , etc. Things that benefit All Mankind ,
      While the Precious
      “Palestinians” contribute nothing of any value to the Humanity , after October 7th, 2023
      The usual Jew-Hatred,
      Anti-Semitism from
      Non-Jews continues as always, while the very common Jewish Self-Hatred gets worse and worse Every Day

    • Anyone hear about the Wall Street Journal opinion piece calling Dearborn, Michigan “America’s Jihad Capital” 

    • A person recently typed online
      “Something inside of me was awakened on Oct. 7. A longing to return to my home in Israel. A deep rooted love for the land, the people, culture. I’ve gone from being a Yom Kippur/Pesach Jew, to a bit of a radical Jew and found peace in this antisemitic society. Many of my friends and family are hiding their Jewish identity, out of fear. Well, I read something about walking through a place and not fearing evil, because HaShem is with me.”

    • The Financial Times
      ft.com has an article from today , Feb 6, 2024
      with a picture of Blinken in
      Saudi Arabia , underneath it says
      “Antony Blinken, left, US secretary of state, in Riyadh on Monday with Musaed Al Aiban, Saudi Arabia minister of state and national security. The US considers normalisation of diplomatic ties between Saudi Arabia and Israel as an important step towards a permanent end to the crisis in Gaza” Musaed Al Aiban looks like an Ugly Sinister Arab , can Aiban be trusted ?

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “A shocking report from the Wall Street Journal.
      While the Biden Administration pushes the Palestinian Authority to take over Gaza, the Palestinian Authority has recently expanded its ‘Pay for Slay’ reward payment to Palestinian killers of Israelis, adding thousands of Palestinian Gazans to their payroll.

      WSJ 15 January 2024.
      “Recently we told you that Palestinian Authority law requires the Oct. 7 terrorists to be compensated financially for a massacre well done. Now the PA has taken steps toward making that a reality. It acted just in time for Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Ramallah.
      Last Wednesday’s Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, the PA’s newspaper and mouthpiece, announced 23,210 additional “martyrs,” using the Hamas-supplied Gaza casualty figure that includes every dead Hamas terrorist.
      The PA pays a one-time lump sum plus a monthly stipend for life to the families of any “martyr” killed attacking Israel or in a confrontation with Israel.
      The PA also recognized 3,550 new prisoners held by Israel since Oct. 7. Most were arrested in West Bank counterterrorism raids, though 661 are Hamas terrorists from Gaza.
      They, too, will receive PA salaries, which rise over time such that the most gruesome crimes yield the biggest payments. This practice has helped earn the program its “pay for slay” moniker.
      Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch explains that “the PA does not differentiate between Hamas terrorists who committed atrocities after invading Israel on Oct. 7, the Hamas terrorists killed by Israel in the ensuing war, and civilian non-combatants killed in the Gaza Strip while being used as human shields by Hamas.” All are treated as heroic martyrs to be compensated by the PA, whose activities are subsidized with Western aid.
      Meanwhile, in Ramallah, Mr. Blinken said that PA leader Mahmoud Abbas is “committed” to reform.
      Where’s the evidence?
      His four-year term is stretching into its 20th year. Even as the PA complains of a budget crunch, it is readying to move from glorifying the Oct. 7 attack to compensating its participants.
      Why, again, does President Biden insist Israel hand over postwar Gaza to this group?
      Mr. Blinken also talks prematurely of giving it a state.
      No wonder the PA sees little reason to change.”
      Anyone else agree ?

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “An Arab, who’s shocked about the barbaric massacre carried out in Israel on Oct 7, and for the kidnapping of Israeli women, children, and elderly, which many have not been yet released, calls the Palestinians “the worst nation on earth”. This is an important message to the world about fighting evil and about the two-facedness of the Gazans.”

    • A person typed online the Meme
      Which said
      “Palestinian Recycle Model
      Cry — Start a War — Lose “

    • jewishpress.com
      has an article headlined
      “Yair Stern and Meir Kahane – Persecuted Men of Truth – The Jewish Truth Bomb [audio]”
      By Israel News Talk Radio on February 6, 2024

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “Pity the Palestinians? Give me a break!
    My horrible thought of the day for those who continue to champion the Palestinian cause, and those who accuse Israel of being cruel to poor suffering Palestinians.
    If they are suffering it is because they chose their wrong leaders and their wrong direction.
    And all that is born out of their medieval attitude to Jews, their primitive envy of Jews who advance as individuals and as a society while they remain rooted in poverty and envy.
    Poverty of progressive thought. Poverty of positive personal advancement in education and individual skills.
    Poverty of morality and humanity.
    Instead, they constantly lapse into envy, resentment and violence, taking out their feeble condition on the Jew. Not themselves. Not their life forming bad decisions. Not their poor choice of leadership.
    This has been the fate of the Jew for centuries. Suffering the rage of their impotent angry neighbors.
    Why should this year be any different?
    The cry “Palestine will be free” demands of them to question free of what.
    Free, perhaps, from turning their Palestine into the thriving prosperous paradise it could have been with the multi billion dollars that has been pumped and wasted into their miserable societies for decades?
    Gaza is a perfect example of the point I am making.
    A potential paradise. Now a deadly hell.
    Palestinian Gazans could have been living prosperous middle class lives today. Gaza could have been an agricultural and tourism paradise.
    But they screwed it up big time with their hatred of us and their envy of what we are achieving with our constructive advanced lives.
    My anger comes not only from 7 October and what these Paestinians did to us, but from the news I received that the parents of 19 year-old, Adir Tahar, just buried their son for a second time.
    The first time, Adir’s body was returned to his family from Gaza by our IDF soldiers who found it without his head.
    Recently, weeks later, another unit of our army found Adir’s head in a freezer in an ice cream parlor in Gaza where the Palestinian owner had been trying to sell it for $10,000.
    That’s Palestinian enterprise for you, 2024 style.
    That personifies the difference between Israeli and Palestinian societies in 2024.
    The grieving Israeli family just completed the second burial of their beloved Adir.
    Free Palestine? From the River to the Sea? There is a moat a mile wide between our two societies.
    Sympathy for Palestinians?
    Give me a break!”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “Democrats Cori Bush and Rashida Tlaib voted against banning Palestinian Hamas terrorists from entering the United States.
    They should be banned from Congress on treason charges”

  • Remember the 1986 song
    “Walk Like an Egyptian”
    by The Bangles , after the Hamas Attacks of October 7th, 2023
    It’s terrifying to imagine what a song about Fakestinians titled
    “Walk like a Palestinian” would sound like ,

  • Also the
    “Walk Like an Egyptian (remix)”
    was released in 1990 , the same year that Meir Kahane was assassinated by an
    EGYPTIAN El Sayyid Nosair
    Egypt is Where Jew-Hatred
    Anti-Semitism began , it began in Egypt

    • El Sayyid Nosair is EGYPTIAN
      The late Yasser Arafat was
      EGYPTIAN , Arab-Fart was Born in Egypt
      A person also typed online earlier today
      “Madagascar was once proposed as the place for a Jewish homeland. I wonder if it is still available for a Palestinian homeland.”

      • A person typed in reply to the Madagascar comment
        “Please don’t spoil Madagascar. It has unusual flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world.”

  • Trump does too no. China and Russia openly support hamas and the pa.

  • newsrael.com has an article on January 30, 2024 headlined
    “Palestinian Authority Hails Convicted Killer of 68 Israelis”

  • townhall.com has an article headlined
    “The Case for Israeli Settlements” by
    Ben Shapiro on
    June 04, 2008

  • Laura Ingraham on Fox News today said that
    Ayanna Pressley is odious

    Ayanna Pressley is Ugly, Odious, Stupid,

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “How exactly does Hamas get the money for their INSANE terror operations?

    In 1987, amid the first bloody intifada, a new terror organization was born in Gaza: Hamas.

    Hamas runs its terrorism and the Gaza Strip on a budget of $3 BILLION a year!!

    Terror organizations are also economic cartels. Without cash flow, Hamas can’t attain weapons, training, tunnels, salaries, terror attacks or pay families of martyrs..

    Where is all the funding coming from??

    1. Iran
    The Islamic Republic of Iran provides their proxy Hamas equipment, weapons, training, and up to $350 million a year.

    2. Qatar
    The largest sum of overseas money is from Qatar a banking center for Iran. They funnel $360 million a year to Hamas.

    3. UNRWA
    UNRWA’s annual budget is $1.5 billion, and $325 million goes to Gaza (Now defunded by many).

    4. The Palestinian Authority
    One of the top providers, the PA gives Hamas up to $1.2 billion a year.

    5. Taxes
    Hamas charges taxes from Gazan residents – even the poor.. They collect $350 – $400 million a year. Israel provides water and electricity for free to Gaza but Hamas charges their residents for those services.

    6. Charities
    Several charities throughout the world raise about $100 million a year for Gaza. Many are unaware they’re actually paying for terror activities.

    7. Business Endeavors
    Hamas owns several businesses in countries friendly to its causes, earning $2.5 billion a year.

    How does Hamas get away with this all?

    Since many classify Hamas as a terror organization, very harsh sanctions are imposed on them

    But overseas money still reaches Hamas, through corrupt banks, money-exchange networks, shady money laundering, and cryptocurrency.

    They prepared for the war they started on Oct 7 EXTREMELY well, with a huge underground tunnel city, resources, and tons of weapons.

    Hamas’s billions of dollars and their proxy master the Islamic Republic of Iran don’t help the Gazan civilians’ lives.
    On the contrary – they make them worse and silence ANY opposition.”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “HARD FACTS Western diplomats refuse to own.
    All Palestinian leaders supporting, indoctrinating, rewarding, terror against Israelis must be brought to the International Criminal Court on war crimes and genocide charges.
    That means that every Palestinian leader and politician should face such charges.
    But they don’t. They are allowed to get away with murder. The murder of Jews.
    According to Palestinian polls, 75% of Palestinians want a Palestine to replace Israel.
    No objection from European Parliaments or the collective EU.
    This issue is never raised at the UN.
    72% of Palestinians prefer to be governed by Hamas, an internationally designated terror organisation.
    Iran is currently occupying Lebanon through its ideological and military proxy, Hezbollah.
    Iraq is increasingly controlled by Iran by its proxies.
    Neither case is raised in the United Nations.
    But the false charge that Israel is occupying Gaza, where there isn’t a single Israeli living there, is ever raised in the UN, except by the Israeli delegate.
    The United Nations sent its security force, UNIFIL, decades ago into Lebanon to ensure that neither Hamas and Hezbollah will occupy Lebanon south of the Litani River. But they do, yet the UN never raises this issue even with a Hezbollah and Hamas induced war going on from there against Israel.
    Southern Lebanon, up to the border with Israel is strongly occupied by these two Iran- backed terror organisations.
    We have over 80,000 displaced people from the north of Israel, refugees within their own country, yet this is not an issue worthy of the UN to debate.
    Neither is there a UN refugee agency willing or able to represent displaced Israeli families, even though the UNRWA refugee agency is willing to call second and third generation Syrians, Jordanians, even Palestinians living under Palestinian control, refugees.
    This status is not granted, however, to Jews living in Israel who fled Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Ethiopia, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iran, and many other Muslim, Arab, and even European anti-Semitic countries as refugees.
    Why the difference?
    In short, why should Arabs be allowed such an exclusive and privileged status, a status not granted to any other national, ethnic, or religious group?”

  • A person typed online recently about “model” Gigi Hadid
    “From the beaver to the seal please don’t be an imbecile ))”

  • A person typed online in
    2012 , and it’s still true in
    2024 about Israel being the good guy
    “David versus Goliath—Israel versus Radical Islamists
    A Question to the World
    The question is, who is David and who is Goliath in this sad “story”.
    According to most world media and public opinion, Israel is the Goliath!
    And I ask; how is it possible? What is the explanation (other than anti-Semitism)? Why do people see Israel as the aggressor and the Palestinians as the underdog?
    First of all, let’s learn some history: there have always been constant Jewish communities in Israel, for 3000 year, so, the idea that we are invaders is simply not
    Now that we’ve established that we have the right to live here, let’s blame the “occupied territories”!! UPPS…..Sorry, we cannot! The Arabs attacked us also when there was no “occupied territory “(they have been attacking the Jews in this region for about 100 years)!
    So how have WE become the bullies? Maybe it’s because we are the offenders? NOPE, again, NO!
    1. We have been living under a constant rocket attack, daily, for 12 years! Why? Because we attacked? Again, NO! Because we left Gaza to the “Gazans” and unfortunately a terrorist group is their government.
    2. Whenever there are casualties among innocent Palestinians (it doesn’t matter if killed by the Hamas or Israel) we weep! Whenever there are casualties among Israelis (by the hands of Radical Islamists) they dance on the streets and party.
    3. Whenever (God forbid) fanatics on our side cut olive trees or do similar mad things against Palestinians, we put them in jail and condemn them. But whenever a terrorist throws a bomb into a bus in Tel Aviv, he is a “shahid” (a hero). And if he dies he gets his 70 something virgins in heaven.
    4. Israel’s army, police, government and citizens protect people. We are fighting for our protection, for our children’s protection. Hammas, on the other hand, wants their people to die, hides behind them, hides ammunition in their houses, hospitals, schools, etc… because they know what you (world) don’t know! They know that our soldiers are humane and would never, intentionally, hurt innocents.
    5. The more Palestinians die, the more Israel loses the war! Hamas knows this and you, citizen of the world, are puppets in these terrorist groups’ hands.

    So please, explain to me, why are we perceived as Goliath??? The only thing we want is to live in peace with our neighbors. And what the Islamic radicals want is to see us dead!!”

  • About Meir Kahane
    israelnationalnews.com has an article headlined
    “Why didn’t we listen?”
    Shmuel Sackett
    Feb 5, 2024

  • The nydailynews.com has an article headlined
    “The vile treachery of Hamas leaders” by
    Daniel S. Mariaschin
    October 13, 2023

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “Can you imagine the lefts outrage if someone said that I only support black people who speak out against BLM or I only support Muslims who speak out against Radical Islamic terrorists. So why is it okay for liberals to say they only support Jewish people who speak out against Israel.”

  • A person typed online earlier today about Harvard inviting a
    Precious “Palestinian” to Speak at their University who defends the October 7th, 2023
    Hamas Attacks that
    ““I am shocked that the world is shocked!” So said the “professor” about Oct 7th.

    Actually, given the virulent Jew hatred that was unearthed as a result of the attack, she might actually be right. Gang rape, beheadings, eh, so what, they are only Jews.
    But she was commenting about how surprised she was that civilized society was appalled at the behavior of the Palestinians. I mean, burning babies, mutilation torture, gang rape…what’s the problem-she wonders aloud.

    That this alleged academic would say such things is not at all surprising. That Harvard would invite her to speak is not a shock either, but it is yet another example of how a once great University is now becoming a punch line.

    How did Oct 7 happen? It did not happen in a vacuum. It happened b/c people like this witch have poisoned the minds and hearts of a generation of Arabs and done a great job at dehumanizing Jews.

    Shame on Harvard.”

  • A person typed online earlier today about the
    Hamas Terrorists of October 7th, 2023
    “All the while these $#&& (I don’t know how to call them; UN, Red Cross, leftists, woke, progressives, Nazileftist……..??) keep perceiving terrorists as human beings, all is lost.
    These monsters (Islamic terrorists)are satanic fanatics, no morality whatsoever, no integrity, not a drop of honesty in their blood. When will those “leftists” realize there are no arguments, no talking to, no agreement, nothing similar to humanity in these monsters’ hearts and heads. When will these idiots realize they are feeding the monsters by perceiving them as humans?”

  • We at JTF proudly wipe our ass with the
    Fakestinian keffiyeh 😆

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