If you have Israeli friends or relatives, please show them this video


This is the interview that we did on Alex Newman’s television program but with Hebrew subtitles so that Israeli Jews can see how Gentile Christians respect and admire the heroic Hilltop Youth.

Please promote this important video everywhere possible.


  • I am sick of the Hilltop Youth.

  • Eat Tofurky.

  • Jews are supposed to treat animals right. Until they fix the glitch where turkeys and chickens are accidentally boiled alive, no more chicken or turkey for me.

  • The Jewish website
    jta.org has an article headlined
    “Pew: Jews are best-liked religious group in America”
    February 15, 2017 Other online articles from 2017 have said Jews are the most liked Religious Group in America, when were Jews ever liked by anyone, how can that Survey be correct ? If Jews are the most liked Religious Group , Why All the Hate Crimes Against Them ?

  • israelnationalnews.com has an article headlined
    “Esau hates Jacob” by
    Tsvi Fishman
    Nov 29, 2022

  • The Jerusalem Post
    jpost.com has an article about Fakestinians headlined
    “The Palestinians continue to exploit the Holocaust”
    By RUTHIE BLUM Published: AUGUST 18, 2022

  • Let’s talk about something important. Who murdered the 4 Idaho college students?

    • Some have Speculated that it was an Incel who murdered the 4
      Idaho College Students,
      Incels , people with Involuntary Celibacy problems, they want Sex but for various reasons are unable to get it. The Vast Majority of the Time Incels are the REAL Victims in Life . Most Incels are Harmless Plus the
      “Freedom” in America is a Joke, a Sick Pathetic Joke
      Consenting Adults cannot even Legally Pay For Sex Via
      Legalized Prostitution,
      Puritanical Sexually Repressed Prudish America Forces people to go without Sex
      More and More Men are becoming Miserable Sexless Incels, It’s No Joke, anyone can become disabled and/or Incel as they get older .
      Sex is a Vital Human Need
      Incels are being unjustly demonized and Villified .
      What can America do to Help
      Incels – Involuntary Celibates
      We hope whoever murdered the 4 innocent Idaho College Students is Arrested and brought to Justice

      • It will never be solved, like JonBenet Ramsey.

      • Feminism is wrong.

        • Do you agree that
          Feminism is creating
          Incels ? While Incels ,
          Involuntary Celibates , people with
          Involuntary Celibacy, Incel problems have always Existed Throughout Human History, do you agree that
          Feminism has Exacerbated Incel problems ?
          Most of the time
          Incels are the REAL Victims
          Incel problems are sadly getting Worse and Worse in America and Worldwide
          More and More people are becoming Incel
          Have you read the online articles about Incels ,
          Involuntary Celibacy, Incel Problems, etc
          Incels are the REAL Victims most of the Time
          Incels are Human Beings with Feelings

  • Don’t use that word in the first place. It only justifies it. As for the problem the victims need to learn game and increase testosterone at the gym.

    • The Public Schools Need to Teach Social Skills, and teach it
      Year After Year.
      Some Students have
      Socially Awkward Parents who don’t teach Social Skills, Not All
      Students Learn Social Skills Naturally . The Incel Crisis is Sadly getting Worse and Worse in America and Worldwide
      America Needs to Grow Up , be Mature and Stop being such a
      Sexually Repressed Puritanical Nation and Legalize Prostitution for all Consenting Adults in Every State, it won’t Cure Incels, but it will somewhat alleviate their Intense Sufferings and Misery

    • I didn’t make up the Term,
      Incel, Incels , Involuntary Celibates
      It’s an Actual Term
      It’s an Extremely Serious Painful Problem for Countless people causing horrible Mental and Physical Suffering

      • What the Hell does America expect ? Does America expect Men with Incel problems to go without Sex for many many years or Decades upon Decades upon Decades until their Manhood falls off from
        Lack of Use ?

        • Where is the Sanity and Common Sense in America, Where ? Where is the Sanity , Common Sense and Compassion, Sympathy, Empathy for Incels and for other Suffering People

    • See the websites
      incels.wiki &
      en.incelwiki.org It describes the Sufferings of Incels , and the Growing Involuntary Celibacy Crisis in America and Worldwide

  • People aren’t marrying young like they used to years ago.

  • College and career minded people or those who think they will have one delay marrying.

  • Best way to get over shyness, get a job in phone or business to business sales.

  • thedailybeast.com has an article headlined
    “Sympathy for the ‘Incel’ ”
    by Mandy Stadtmiller
    Published April 28, 2018

  • Go to a hooker if all else fails.

  • You typed
    “Go to a hooker if all else fails.”
    Many Incel Men would , but America in 2022 is one of the Very Few Nations in the World that Stupidly Outlaws Prostitution for Consenting Adults. They don’t want to be Arrested. They are Afraid of getting caught. Many Incel Men in America would pay for Sex with Hookers , but the
    “Freedom” in America is a Joke
    Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies , Prostitution is Legal in Most Other Nations of the World, but Heaven Forbid Not America
    And most people don’t have the time and/or money to travel to Remote Areas of Nevada where
    Sex Work/Prostitution is Legal, or some other place where it is Legal
    It Needs to be Legal Everywhere
    The Incel Crisis is getting worse
    Incels are Suffering Unbearably from this Puritanical , Puritan BS in America. Never Forget that the Public Schools helped to Create the Incel Crisis

  • Ask the hooker are you a cop. They have to answer truthfully.

    • Actually that’s a Myth and Lie, they are NOT required to reveal if they are a Cop or Not , Google it
      America should just Listen to Reason and Grow the F–k Up and Legalize Prostitution for All Consenting Adults in Every State

  • Agreed. Contact your legislator.

    • Take it to the
      U.S. Supreme Court
      This is a Disability Rights Issue
      A Human Rights and a
      Civil Rights Issue
      Incel Lives Matter
      Sex Lives Matter
      This is no Joke , anyone can become disabled and/or Incel as they get Older . Incels are Suffering Unbearably and Most of the Time are the REAL Victims
      Countless Men are Suffering from Involuntary Celibacy, Debilitating, Crippling Loneliness, Social Isolation, Rejection

    • About the Incel Crisis
      A 2018 article on
      thestranger.com by Dan Savage about the Incel Crisis said
      “Sexual deprivation can make a person miserable, even suicidal. I hear every day from men and women in their twenties, thirties, forties, and up who are virgins or haven’t had sex for decades; some have never received so much as a kiss. Most are deeply unhappy—and none who’ve contacted me identified themselves as “incels,” and no one who’s written me was contemplating acts of violence. But sexual and romantic deprivation does create misery, and, as a society, we seem fine with that” Violence is Wrong and Evil However
      Many people are NOT fine with that , they are Not fine with Sexual and romantic deprivation,
      Scientific Research and Peer Reviewed Studies have shown that people can and sadly do Die from Lack of Sex. It’s No Joke , the Incel Crisis is getting Worse and Worse

  • How is it the public schools fault?

    • How is it Not the Public Schools Fault , the Public Schools Need to Teach Social Skills and teach Students how to be Successful in Relationships

    • Plus if America is Such
      a “Free Country” why does it have so many “Laws” that The Vast Majority of Americans realize are Extremely unjust, unfair, immoral, rigid, inflexible, downright cruel and F–ked Up Beyond Belief

  • It’s not as free as suggested. Maybe if you are rich it’s free.

    • The thing is Many American Citizens Hate America with a Passion , and it’s because of the Severe Lack of Freedom in America that worsens many problems people have in Life
      How can they be Patriotic when the “Freedom” in America is a Joke that Worsens the Sufferings in Life that Countless people are having.
      Many Americans Hate America, but they keep it to themselves, they hate the Lack of Freedom, the unjust “Laws” that are too Extreme

  • The thing is Many American Citizens Hate America with a Passion , and it’s because of the Severe Lack of Freedom in America that worsens many problems people have in Life
    How can they be Patriotic when the “Freedom” in America is a Joke that Worsens the Sufferings in Life that Countless people are having.

  • Always serve on jury duty. We need sensible people. Too many brain dead liberals serve on juries in NY.

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