• So was trump with the aa accords and the corridors. A man that is encouraging Russia to attack other countries and supplies Iran seems the bigger of the evils.

    • Fakestinian “Prime Minister” Mohammad Shtayyeh is

    • washingtonpost.com has an article headlined
      “Growing Oct. 7 ‘truther’ groups say Hamas massacre was a false flag”
      By Elizabeth Dwoskin
      January 21, 2024

    • In 2022 an article said about the
      War between Russia & Ukraine
      “This war, however, does bear a good resemblance to the Soviet Union’s 1939-40 Winter War with Finland”

      • Finland really fought back hard against the Soviet Union in the
        1939-40 Winter War
        Also some have compared the
        Current War between
        Russia & Ukraine
        To when
        In December 1979, The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan, aiming to bolster the newly established communist regime and suppress the Mujahideen rebellion against the government , the Soviet Afghan War ended in 1989

    • A person typed online yesterday
      “Meir Kahane was right all along and his words should have been taken seriously. May his memory be for a blessing.”

  • A person typed earlier today about the
    Precious “Palestinians”
    “Morning Palestinian terror attack near Maale Adumim. One dead, seven injured by 3 Palestinian gunmen near Maale Adumim between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea.
    The dead man is Matan Elmaliah, 26, of Ma’aleh Adumim.
    One of the wounded was a pregnant woman.
    All three Palestinian terrorists were killed by security forces and armed civilians.
    This as Biden, Cameron, and Macron, are racing to force a Palestinian terror state onto Israel.”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “The problem about the terrorist worshippers is not that they fight for freedom or for social justice, they do not know what it is, the problem is that their pseudo revolution enabled all the antisemitics to be proud of being antisemitics like some centuries ago, a lot of people were proud to hâte blacks and nobody contradicted them or ashamed them.
    The same happens with us, Jewish. Nobody says nothing to the racists because they agree with them..”

  • blogs.timesofisrael.com has an article by Fred Maroun headlined
    “Pro-Palestinian demonstrators deserve no respect”
    NOV 7, 2023

  • jewishpress.com has an article headlined
    “Minister Cameron: Winston Churchill Who Fought Hitlerism Had No Illusions about Islam”
    By David Israel November 23, 2023

  • Also about the
    Precious “Palestinians”
    jewishpress.com has an article headlined
    “Take a Hint: Palestinians DON’T Want a State”
    By Fred Maroun February 25, 2024

  • About the “Palestinians” a person typed online earlier today
    “Look at the fortified wall Egypt built along its border with Gaza to keep Palestinians away from Egypt.

    The Arab League has 22 member states – none of which offered to take Palestinian refugees from Gaza. They know the truth — Hamas is a threat to them as well.”
    Also because the Arab Nations want to use the “Palestinians” as pawns against Israel

  • Barry Shaw typed online earlier today
    “Breaking news.
    Despite my exposure of Biden’s fake charges against 4 Israeli Jews living in Judea and Samaria, recent reports confirm that Biden-Blinken intend to increase their anti-Israel actions by imposing Executive Orders against more Israelis.
    While this Administration is doing this they refuse to impose similar sanctions against Palestinians and their leaders who murder and reward those who murder Jews.
    On the contrary, the Biden anti-Semitic orders are part of their ambition to impose a Hamas-PLO state of “technocrats” (the new Biden name for Jew-hating terrorists) onto Israel against our will.
    The current US Administration is turning the screw against us, and Democrats and Republicans are silent.
    Not only this. The leading Jewish organisations in America, with the notable exception of ZOA, are also silent and inactive.
    Shame on them!”

    Others have said that the October 7th, 2023 Hamas Fakestinian Terrorist Attacks were like the
    “Remember the Alamo” Moment for the Jewish people

  • More about “Palestinians” and their Supporters
    Barry Shaw typed online earlier today
    “Strange but true.
    A Muslim owned shop in Bradford Yorkshire in the north of England was attacked by pro-Palestinian Muslims because the shop owner was selling Coca Cola which is sold in Israel.
    This is true. Such is the Jew-hating insanity in Britain these days.”

  • On June 19, 2023
    chabad.org has an article headlined
    “The Rebbe on How (Not) to Combat Antisemitism”
    By Elkanah Shmotkin

  • Barry Shaw typed online earlier today
    “Has anybody checked the sums of Qatari donations to Chinese universities.

    This is Joe Biden’s world. America is in decline; China is ascending.

    It occurs to me that the real reason for Biden’s naked appeasement of Iran and it’s proxies like the Houthis is because China has ordered him to pursue this appeasement.

    Biden’s puppet master in Beijing will ensure his family wealth for his full compliance.”

  • timesofisrael.com has an article headlined
    “Hagari: Hamas deeply embedded among civilians, stages attacks from humanitarian zones”
    On February 26, 2024

  • Hillel Fuld typed online earlier today
    “The anti Israel crowd are some of the most morally deprived, but also incredibly unintelligent people in the world.

    They chant about the river to the sea but they don’t even know what river or what sea.

    They chant intifada now and ceasefire now, without realizing they are chanting two contradictory things.

    They still think the “We are not antisemitic, only anti Zionist” claim is believed by anyone after seeing them attack Jews who have never even stepped foot in Israel.

    They wear masks to their protests while disturbing innocent Americans’ lives, in the hopes that, what exactly? I’m sure that’ll “Free Palestine.”

    Many of them have dedicated their lives to values for which they’d be lynched and murdered if they even stepped foot in Gaza.

    They get caught lying almost on a daily basis, whether it’s with doctored videos, or quoting ridiculous casualty numbers provided to them by Hamas.

    Self goals are a daily occurrence, sometimes by showing a coin from “Palestine” that literally says “The land of Israel” on the coin or sharing some historical document that clearly proves that Palestine was Israel before 1948 and there was never an Arab Palestine.

    If they want a state for the Palestinians (which, let’s be honest, most of them don’t want or care about. They just want to protest against Jews.), perhaps someone should tell them that openly supporting rape is not a good look and won’t really help their cause.

    They have a difficult time distinguishing between a terrorist who is in jail for murder and a grandmother who was abducted from her bed. It’s not that complicated, guys.

    Pretty sure a 3rd grader knows the difference between offense and defense, between an attack and a retaliation. Maybe these activists should have their kids explain it to them.

    These geniuses regularly yell about how there is no fuel, electricity, or internet in Gaza while we all see Hamas firing rockets into Israel (which they need fuel for), while Gazans tweet photos on their phones, which somehow doesn’t require electricity or internet. It’s a miracle.

    What a bunch of morons, it’s almost comical.

    Then again, this should come as a surprise to no one. You can’t support an organization like Hamas and claim to have a brain in your head…”

  • What does everyone think.of the airman who self-immolated?

    • That “airman”
      Aaron Bushnell can now
      rot in Hell along with his
      Precious “Palestinians” he can rot in Hell along with other Fakestinian Terrorists
      On the bright side at least he didn’t
      Physically Attack Jews

    • Articles online document how
      Aaron Bushnell loved
      show tunes 😆

  • Barry Shaw typed online earlier today
    “I woke up this morning with the solution for NY migrant crisis.
    Get the mayor, Eric Adams, to throw out all the wasteful diplomats in that tall UN building in Midtown Manhatten. There is room there for at least a thousand migrants,
    And get the UN to pay for it.
    After all, the flags of all the nations your migrants came from are already flying outside the building.
    And when they are not sleeping in the converted office of their former ambassador, they can relax in his chair in the Assembly Hall. “

  • From israeltoday.co.il an article is headlined
    “Palestinians steal car of left-wing Israeli activist in Jordan Valley”
    By Israel Today Staff | Feb 19, 2024

  • The Jerusalem Post
    jpost.com has an article headlined
    “Smoked Salami: IDF kills Hezbollah commander in southern Lebanon strike”
    By JERUSALEM POST STAFF Published: FEBRUARY 26, 2024 About a dead Hezbollah Terrorist with the last name Salami

  • jewishnews.co.uk has an article headlined
    “OPINION: Welcome to Qatar, the world’s most prominent patron of terror”
    October 27, 2023

    dailymail.co.uk has an article headlined
    “Is Qatar the most two-faced nation on Earth?”
    Oct 28, 2014 by
    Andrew Malone

  • Hillel Fuld typed online earlier today
    “So let’s review what the “Pro Palestinian” crowd has justified in the last few months:

    – Murder of innocent people ✅
    – Rape of innocent women ✅
    – Decapitation of babies ✅
    – Sexual violence against kids ✅
    – Burning whole families alive ✅
    – Kidnapping of hundreds of innocent people ✅
    – Suicide of a man who burned himself alive ✅
    – Stealing humanitarian aid ✅
    – Firing of tens of thousands of rockets into civilian population ✅
    – The systematic use of human shields ✅
    – Consistent lying to the international community regarding casualty numbers ✅
    – Using schools, mosques, and hospitals to hide weapons and hostages ✅
    – ⁠Planning and attempting genocide ✅

    Did I forget anything? I’m sure I did.

    This begs the question, is there anything these demented people won’t support in the name of Jew hatred?

    I mean, what else is left?”

  • jns.org has an article headlined
    “Who stole Palestinian land? Jordan” by
    Mitchell Bard
    June 30, 2022

  • city-journal.org has an article headlined
    “The “Occupation” Dodge” by
    Tal Fortgang
    Feb 27 2024

  • Barry Shaw typed online earlier today about Aaron Bushnell
    “Wow, what a shock. The nutcase who set himself on fire was raised in an abusive cult-like environment. That explains his actions. What about the others who aren’t going to such extremes but nonetheless are acting out in other ways-like defacing Jewish homes and businesses, assaulting Jews, spewing vile antisemitic hate and menacing. What’s their excuse. There seems to be a common denominator which isn’t that hard to figure out.

    Still, I don’t hear much about demands for HAMAS to surrender and leave or that all of the hostages be immediately released. That’s not hard to figure out either.” Do we agree ?

  • Countless people have stated that they deeply miss
    Meir Kahane , but how many of them realize that ultimately in the Future
    Meir Kahane will Return to Earth !!

  • Chaim
    On October 5, 2023
    israelhayom.com has an article headlined
    “President Biden’s extraordinary hostility to Israel” by
    Morton A. Klein Anyone see this article

  • Stop picking on the Arabs chaim and go after the people who created them the Catholics namely the Roman’s who even came up with the name Palestinian according to your own words
    Ignorant coward. All you knew how to do was mooch off your mother

    • Scott , no one is
      “picking on” the Arabs
      The Arabs are responsible for All the Problems in the Mideast
      Literally Everything is their Fault and they are sadly placing the Entire Planet in Mortal Danger
      The Arabs can Never be Trusted
      They are Evil and Nobody’s Friend

  • And your mother died because of your stupid promotion of the vaccine. And you think with that judgment anybody should send you money

  • Take a look at Jesuit alex jones cia anchor Greg Reese repeating blood libel not only that Jews are massacring Palestinian infants in their cribs but then incites violence against American Jews saying that they’re auctioning off priceless Palestinian property at synagogues across America This Jesuit piece of filth aj constantly instructs his anchors to do this while he keeps a safe distance pretending to be ambushed by his guests such as nick Fuentes and Kanye If you cared the slightest about the jewish people you would address the Jesuit’s who created Islam. The Roman’s who created the term Palestinians Roman Catholic Adolph Hitler Roman Catholic Ron paul Roman Catholic pat Buchanan Roman Catholic nick Fuentes

  • Scott , Remember those
    “Chick Tracts” by the late
    Christian Cartoonist
    Jack Chick , Jack T. Chick
    He wrote many Tracts Against
    Roman Catholicism

  • Scott , did you ever read those
    Chick Tracts Gospel tracts by the late Jack Chick

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