“Palestinian” Authority: Hilltop Youth are main obstacle to “Palestinian” state (video)


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  • No Palestinians, Only

  • Only 18 minutes this week. Cat got your tongue?

  • More about the Iranian Terrorist Regime ,
    The White House says Iranian troops ‘directly engaged on the ground’ in Crimea supporting Russian drone attacks on Ukraine , This is More Proof that Iran & Islam are Evil and Nobody’s Friend
    Look up this News Story

  • Ilhan Omar now wants a Marshall plan for Africa ,

  • A good Conservative website to read is:

  • Are we at JTF Election Deniers or Election Skeptics about the
    2020 U.S. Presidential Election, who really won Trump or Biden ?

  • Israel and Lebanon are close to a
    Maritime Gas Deal. Israel cannot let it’s guard down , we all Know that the Lebanese and other Arabs will try to Exploit this Gas Deal to Attack Israel and commit Terrorism, what comes naturally for them. Arabs can’t be Trusted , they will Never Change .
    How will this Maritime Gas Deal benefit Israel ?

  • More about Arab Evil & Wickedness
    Online articles tell how in October 2022 that

    “Five Australian women are suing the government of Qatar over forced vaginal exams and other invasive medical procedures at gunpoint at the Doha airport two years ago.

    The women are seeking damages from both Qatar Airways and the Qatar Civil Aviation Authority — owned by the Qatari government — over the “unlawful physical contact” and damage to their mental health, including depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.”

  • How can Secular Non-Religious
    Jewish and half-Jewish Americans hide from Anti-Semitism if they look Jewish or have Stereotypical Jewish looks. Or Sound Jewish, this is a Very serious Problem for many Secular Non-Religious Jewish and part Jewish Americans who are terrified of Anti-Semitism
    What about the DNA tests , Jew-Haters in the Future might use them to identify Jews

  • Qatar Sucks

    • At least Qatar has McDonald’s as long as they hold the cheese.

      • Qatar is a Evil, Wicked,
        Arabist Nazi Regime
        Plus the Wikipedia article on
        Inbreeding says this
        charming fact about Qatar
        “Historically, populations of Qatar have engaged in consanguineous relationships of all kinds, leading to high risk of inheriting genetic diseases. As of 2014, around 5% of the Qatari population suffered from hereditary hearing loss; most were descendants of a consanguineous relationship.[80]”

  • Forget Fyvush Finkel , what about the nose on
    Al J. Swindler aka
    Al G. Swindler from the Saturday Morning Cartoon show
    “Garfield and Friends” Is the character of Swindler supposed to be an Anti-Semitic Stereotype ?
    Even Garfield the cat said in one episode that Al Swindler has a nose the size of a Zeppelin

    • Hello ? What about
      Al Swindler from
      “Garfield and Friends”

    • Again what about
      Al Swindler from
      “Garfield and Friends”
      Does anyone think
      Al Swindler is an Anti-Semitic Stereotype , the character of Swindler was voiced by the
      Jewish actor Carl Ballantine

  • More about Al Swindler

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