• Call the aclu and demand tolerance on campuses for Jewish students.

    • We wish the ACLU would realize that the 1st Amendment
      Isn’t written in Stone . The Right to
      Free Speech isn’t written in Stone .
      Most Americans would agree that It’s time to Adjust the 1st Amendment for the 21st Century to Protect Jewish Americans and other Minority Groups from Hateful Speech that leads to Hate Crimes. Most Americans would agree that All this “Free Speech” has gone way too Far for Far too Long, It’s gotten out of control
      It’s time for Adjustments and
      Tweaks to be made to the
      1st Amendment and the
      Right to Free Speech

      • Be careful! The left would love to use that against us!! They already do in fact!

        • Kyle, you have a point, but all the “Free Speech” being out of Control against Jews and Israel is leading up a Second Holocaust.
          America Needs to Do what other Nations do to Regulate Hateful Speech
          The 1st Amendment isn’t written in Stone, and the Right to Free Speech isn’t written in Stone.
          Myself and JTF are Not against Free Speech, but we are against Toxic Hateful Speech that infringes on the Rights of others and is Extremely offensive and Hateful towards others and causes real life Hate Crimes

          • Kyle, people have pointed out that
            Harassment isn’t
            “Free Speech”

          • It’s Time to Make
            Adjustments to the
            1st Amendment and the Right to Free Speech to Protect Jewish Americans from all the Hatred and Hate Speech & Displays that leads to Hate Crimes
            Harassment isn’t
            “Free Speech”
            The Supreme Court should realize that the 1st Amendment and the Right to Free Speech isn’t written in Stone,
            Anyone else agree ?

          • First of all, as chaim has pointed out and as G-d’s word says, Jews shouldn’t be in America or much less American universities. They need to be in Israel

            second, there already exist campus policies on hate speech like you support and they are all lopsided one sided and are predjudiced against supporters of America and Israel and anyone with the chutzpa to speak out against arab nazis.

            third, 1st amendment may not be etched in stone but its not negotiable. You take away free speech the left will have an unprecidented megaphone

  • Chaim, canarymission.org has a profile about this Loser anti-semite named
    Adam Green of “Know More News”
    This Green character also makes conspiracy theories about the
    Noahide Laws in the Bible and an alleged Jewish plot to take over the World. Please Refute and Debunk his Lies .
    Like all Loser Haters
    Green hides behind “Free Speech” to spew his Hate & Bile

  • At least 174 people have been killed at an Indonesia soccer riot and stampede. Indonesia is the most populous Muslim Majority Country in the World.
    Look up the News Story

  • On YouTube there is this video that Attempts to Explain Anti-Semitism titled
    “Jews and the Survival of the System” uploaded by
    Connected Wisdom on
    March 19, 2017 , it claims that
    the Jews are Hubs and Gentiles are Nodes in the Human System, it’s a strange theory , do we have any opinions ? See the website

  • jns.org has an article headlined
    “American Islamists are mourning an anti-Semitic radical cleric” by
    Abha Shankar on
    September 29, 2022

  • Jewish Politician
    Anthony Weiner was married to
    Huma Abedin , a Muslim woman of Indian and Pakistani descent, is there any truth to the accusations that Huma Abedin has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood ?

  • Kyle, about Adjustments and Tweaks being made to the
    1st Amendment to Protect Jewish Americans from Hateful Speech and Displays that often leads to Hate Crimes and Harassment
    America already has certain forms of Censorship, and they say you can’t use “Fighting Words” meant to provoke Violence and Crime
    Some Nations have Hate Speech Laws .
    I’m Not against Free Speech and the 1st Amendment, but most Americans would agree that it’s gotten out of hand, that
    America has gone too Far with the Free Speech against Jews, Israel and sometimes other groups
    The Loser Jew-Haters ,
    Anti-Semites , Anti-Israel Turds can take their precious
    “Free Speech” and shove it

  • jns.org has an article headlined
    “Academic freedom isn’t an excuse for antisemitism”
    September 17, 2023
    Anyone else read it ?

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