• Was the famous inventor
    Thomas Edison ,
    Thomas Alva Edison  an
    Anti-Semite as some claim ? If he was , like on a scale of
    1-10 with , 10 being the most
    Anti-Semitic, how would we rate him ? Some said his views on Jews were mixed, complicated ?
    Also what do we think is the difference if any between an
    Anti-Semite & a Jew-Hater .
    Someone once said in an article about Jeremy Corbyn, that only God can know for certain what is in a person’s Heart and Mind

  • Edison was not an antisemite but he was friendly with Henry Ford who WAS an antisemite.

  • Is Judge Judy a fan of
    Rabbi Meir Kahane ?

  • Judge Judy likes former mayor doomberg.

  • She endorsed Bloomberg for pres.

  • What about Russiagate ?
    Donald Trump’s ties to Russia ?
    Was there Collusion between Trump and Russia in the 2016
    U.S. Presidential Election. ? Did the Russians intervene in the 2016 Election, what about the
    Mueller Report ? It does look
    Suspicious all the ties and links between Trump and the Russians prior to the 2016 Election.
    Was Russiagate a Hoax ? A Democrat Hoax ? Would Putin have invaded Ukraine if
    Trump was still President ?
    Did Trump deserve to be Impeached in 2019 and then again in 2021 ? Anyone else Not Sure who or what to believe ?

  • Has Kyrie Irving been banned from all Sports yet ? We can’t give up, create online Petitions , it Works

  • Eh, Unger doesn’t say anything new on the economy… Unfortunately, these days, all critique of monetary theory includes the incorrect notion that central banking is not a good thing…

    I don’t think that the monetary policy in the US was better off when Wells Farge was hauling payroll cash in wagons from state to state…

    I do agree though that a morally corrupt country will be punished by G-D through their central bank. But I do not disagree with the concept of a central bank.

  • How can we refute the belief that many Anti-Zionist Jews had prior to 1948 , their belief that only God and/or the Jewish Messiah had the right to Establish a Jewish Homeland

  • Thank you, Chaim, for bringing back Bob UNGER!! But I disagree what he says about how If we stop printing money and that it would lead to a great depression? I mean We should stop printing money because we don’t want to go into debt and eventually into a depression. How does stopping the mints lead to it? Am I missing something?

  • No need for a recession when everyone dies suddenly if you say hurry up.

  • From
    jewishvirtuallibrary.org see the section on the Israel Wing of the site
    “Myths & Facts Chapter 12: Human Rights”
    By: Mitchell G. Bard
    Arab Lies Refuted

  • Albert Einstein was offered the Job of President of Israel in 1952 , would he have been a good
    President of Israel ? Was
    Albert Einstein a Self-hating Jew ?

    • Who cares. President of Israel is a caretaker job with no power.

      • So you are saying in Israel that the Prime Minister has the Real Power ,
        Plus newsweek.com has an article headlined
        “Zelensky Discusses Possibility of World War III Breaking Out”
        BY ELLIE COOK on
        January 11, 2023

        • No offense to Zelensky, but I do not need him to tell me the obvious. We are already on the verge of WW3. it is a matter of when – not if.

          G-d forbid if should ever happen, of course. The question is what will be the teetering point?

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