• The Mexicans are willing to do the dirty work that spoiled Californians won’t do.

  • What about the FDIC ?
    Many people have suggested that
    America Legalize Prostitution , Sex Work for All Consenting Adults and in all 50 States at Reasonable Prices , that it will Greatly Improve the Economy, Keep Women and Sex Workers Safe , Help Incels
    People Suffering from Chronic
    Involuntary Celibacy , Incel problems
    Why can’t Sexually Repressed Puritanical Immature Prudish Uptight Puritan Sh-thole America Grow the F–K Up and get over this fear of Irrational Pathological Fear of Sex and Nudity and be More
    Like Europeans in their attitude towards Sex and Nudity
    I’m Not saying people should just be Naked in Public all the time , or have Sex in Public, Not at All
    Just be More Like Europe
    Countless Incels and other people in America healthy and disabled alike are unable to get Sex for Various Reasons, Forced to Go Without Sex , a Vital Essential Human Need
    This is Very Extremely Unhealthy Mentally, Physically, Spiritually
    Studies have shown that
    Legalized Prostitution greatly Reduces Rape and Sex Crimes
    Rape is a Terrible Crime, I don’t condone Rape but don’t believe the BS Lie that
    “Rape is Not about Sex, it’s about Power” that’s a BS Propaganda Lie , of Course it’s about Sex ,
    Peer Reviewed articles online Explain that Rape is Definitely About Sex

  • Literally every single day in America and Worldwide , Incels are Suffering Unbearably , and literally Every Single Day More and More Articles are appearing online about Incels and
    The Involuntary Celibacy , Incel Crisis in America and Worldwide
    Sex Robots and Masturbation isn’t the Answer to the Growing Incel Crisis , people need Real Sex with Real Human Beings
    The Incel Crisis is literally a Global Pandemic of countless people unable to get Sex for Various Reasons

    • Tell Chaim to organize a singles meet up. I’m tired of your complaining. How old are you?

      • I’m 50 , the thing is that many
        Incels have tried to get Dates ,Sex, Love, Companionship, Relationships and they don’t succeed for various reasons, they get Rejected, Ghosted , Friendzoned, etc
        Romantic Rejection is Extremely Painful
        And Sexually Repressive Puritanical Uptight Immature America won’t have the Decency to at Least Legalize Prostitution, Sex Work at Reasonable Prices in Every State. America is the
        “Land of the Free” ? Really ?when Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies
        Is that “Freedom” ?
        America Forces people to go without Sex , that’s horribly Evil
        This is a Disability Rights Issue and a Human Rights, Civil Rights Issue, countless disabled and healthy people alike are unable to get Sex for Various Reasons , it’s a Curse from the pits of Hell
        With all due respect, many countless people are complaining online about the many Unjust, Unfair,
        F–ked up “Laws” in America and other Nations as well
        Incel Lives Matter
        Sex Lives Matter
        The Public Schools in America need to teach Social Skills

        • Why do you use this forum for your views? I am not sure there are many people reading these comments. JTF isn’t as popular as it once was.

          • I post about many topics in addition to the Sufferings of Incels in
            America and Worldwide

  • The thing is Many Americans
    Hate America with a Passion because of the Severe Lack of Freedom and Unjust Inhumane Stupid
    “Laws” they find it impossible to be Patriotic , they realize that America Sucks in Many Ways

  • Am I Right that America Sucks in many ways

  • Where do you live? New York?

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