• The Mexicans are willing to do the dirty work that spoiled Californians won’t do.

    • The Problem with America and the American people is that Most , The Vast Majority of American Men & Women Support
      1. Making Prostitution, Sex Work Legal in Every State of America for All Consenting Adults and at Reasonable Prices, to help the Countless Incels
      Involuntary Celibates, people with
      Incel, Involuntary Celibacy Problems who are unable to Get Sex and Get Laid Naturally
      2. Ending the insane unjust failed
      “War on Drugs” that Everyone Hates
      3. Ending Suicide Prevention and Forced Living Extremism and Supporting the Growing Right To Die, Death with Dignity Movement for Any and All Suffering people who Request To Die and Give Explicit Consent, Mentally ill, Terminally ill and all other Suffering people who want to Die, the Right To Die Movement Must Never Discriminate against Any type of Suffering Person,
      Suicide Prevention and Forced Living Extremism is Diabolical and Abuse, Torture and State Sponsored Terrorism against Suffering People, horribly immoral and unethical
      The Problem is That while Most American Men & Women Support These things I mentioned they do Nothing to Get off their Lazy Asses to Legalize these things, they do Nothing to Peacefully and Proactively Lobby, Petition and Take Out Lawsuits and Speak Up and Speak Out to Get the Things I mentioned Legalized in America and Get the Unjust Stupid Retarded F–Ked up “Laws” Changed

      • Suicide Prevention and Forced Living Extremism is Also Slavery, Countless Americans, the Vast Majority of Americans Know that the “Laws” in America are Way too Extreme, Way too Extreme, Far too Extreme and unreasonable.
        We do indeed take it personally, these unjust inhumane “Laws” that sadly Make Everything Worse
        We take it personally, because it personally affects us
        Such “Freedom” that America has , Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies, the “Laws” are too Extreme
        Why can’t the Libertarian Party Gain More Support in America ?

        • We All Need to Remember when discussing the Inhumane, Cruel, Sadistic, Barbaric, F–Ked up
          “Laws” in America that
          Legality does NOT equal Morality

      • Some People talk in praise of
        “Freedom” and “Freedoms” in America , oh Really ? Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies, is that “Freedom” I think Not
        The 3 Major Examples Given in the Post of June 15, 2023 at 11:08 am

  • What about the FDIC ?
    Many people have suggested that
    America Legalize Prostitution , Sex Work for All Consenting Adults and in all 50 States at Reasonable Prices , that it will Greatly Improve the Economy, Keep Women and Sex Workers Safe , Help Incels
    People Suffering from Chronic
    Involuntary Celibacy , Incel problems
    Why can’t Sexually Repressed Puritanical Immature Prudish Uptight Puritan Sh-thole America Grow the F–K Up and get over this fear of Irrational Pathological Fear of Sex and Nudity and be More
    Like Europeans in their attitude towards Sex and Nudity
    I’m Not saying people should just be Naked in Public all the time , or have Sex in Public, Not at All
    Just be More Like Europe
    Countless Incels and other people in America healthy and disabled alike are unable to get Sex for Various Reasons, Forced to Go Without Sex , a Vital Essential Human Need
    This is Very Extremely Unhealthy Mentally, Physically, Spiritually
    Studies have shown that
    Legalized Prostitution greatly Reduces Rape and Sex Crimes
    Rape is a Terrible Crime, I don’t condone Rape but don’t believe the BS Lie that
    “Rape is Not about Sex, it’s about Power” that’s a BS Propaganda Lie , of Course it’s about Sex ,
    Peer Reviewed articles online Explain that Rape is Definitely About Sex

  • Literally every single day in America and Worldwide , Incels are Suffering Unbearably , and literally Every Single Day More and More Articles are appearing online about Incels and
    The Involuntary Celibacy , Incel Crisis in America and Worldwide
    Sex Robots and Masturbation isn’t the Answer to the Growing Incel Crisis , people need Real Sex with Real Human Beings
    The Incel Crisis is literally a Global Pandemic of countless people unable to get Sex for Various Reasons

    • Tell Chaim to organize a singles meet up. I’m tired of your complaining. How old are you?

      • I’m 50 , the thing is that many
        Incels have tried to get Dates ,Sex, Love, Companionship, Relationships and they don’t succeed for various reasons, they get Rejected, Ghosted , Friendzoned, etc
        Romantic Rejection is Extremely Painful
        And Sexually Repressive Puritanical Uptight Immature America won’t have the Decency to at Least Legalize Prostitution, Sex Work at Reasonable Prices in Every State. America is the
        “Land of the Free” ? Really ?when Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies
        Is that “Freedom” ?
        America Forces people to go without Sex , that’s horribly Evil
        This is a Disability Rights Issue and a Human Rights, Civil Rights Issue, countless disabled and healthy people alike are unable to get Sex for Various Reasons , it’s a Curse from the pits of Hell
        With all due respect, many countless people are complaining online about the many Unjust, Unfair,
        F–ked up “Laws” in America and other Nations as well
        Incel Lives Matter
        Sex Lives Matter
        The Public Schools in America need to teach Social Skills

        • Why do you use this forum for your views? I am not sure there are many people reading these comments. JTF isn’t as popular as it once was.

          • I post about many topics in addition to the Sufferings of Incels in
            America and Worldwide

  • The thing is Many Americans
    Hate America with a Passion because of the Severe Lack of Freedom and Unjust Inhumane Stupid
    “Laws” they find it impossible to be Patriotic , they realize that America Sucks in Many Ways

  • Am I Right that America Sucks in many ways

  • Where do you live? New York?

  • About the Horrible Hideous Lack of Freedom in America
    A man recently typed online about the Sufferings of Incels and Against Suicide Prevention Extremism and the Need to Legalize Prostitution
    “This is exactly what pisses me off about the United States the most. Putting a john through the criminal system just because they were looking for CONSENSUAL sex. Like consensual sex was a sin to begin with. That’s the puritanical mentality that people in this disgusting country has. And if you combine that with the fact that women tend to feel less attraction towards socially awkward people and tend to marginalize them as does the general population, coupled with the fact that the United States is just as stubborn about voluntary euthanasia for these marginalized individuals that it doesn’t even like, you get a paternalist shithole that is in no way, “by the people, for the people,” but rather, “by bureaucrats, FOR bureaucrats.” These assholes keep us alive against our will because it benefits them in some kind of way and under the bullshit claim that keeping us socially marginalized incels alive against our will is for *our* benefit. Everyone in this group knows that that’s not true at all. Fuck the United States of America and fuck the pro-life assholes that want to keep us incels alive against our will, for their benefit and not ours.”

    • The same man also typed
      “the legal dynamic where getting sex from a prostitute is illegal but internet porn is perfectly legal only adds salt to injury. I read in Yahoo Answers that it’s even legal for you to pay a man and a woman to have sex with each other (to shoot porn), but it’s not legal for you to pay to be the one having sex with a woman🤦 That’s just stupidity at its worst. “

  • The same person also typed
    “Today I want to talk about the social marginalization and disenfranchisement that us incels suffer on a regula basis, and how pro-euthanasia organizations can help rethink the inceldom situation in general.

    Many essays claim that incels comprise populations of people who suffer from serious emotional distress stemming primarily from mental illness, as well as a serious impairment in establishing social connections. Simply put, incels comprise mostly of people who experience emotional distress and are very, very lonely. I can definitely speak to that from experience.

    It’s important to highlight that the emotional distress and the loneliness that incels suffer is usually as involuntary as is our lack of a sex life.

    Unfortunately, because incels tend to struggle to function at a psychological level and at a social level, we are often pushed (intentionally or not, consciously or subconsciously) to the margins of society as either “unwanted,” “undesirable,” and downright “unappealing” individuals; or simply as second-class citizens- the type to be liked as nothing more than a “good worker,” a “good friend,” or a “good acquaintance” but nothing enough to inspire true passion, ecstasy, devotion, and desire. And this is exactly where our lack of success with sexual pursuits comes from. This fact alone illustrates a very important point: the sexless lives of incels are a side effect of societal stigma towards those of us who display issues with social interaction and emotional resilience.

    Not surprisingly, our difficulties with emotional distress and developing profound connections with others often lead us to suicidal ideation as can be seen in incel forums where numerous posts about suicidal urges are made, and this is where we have two options: to get medical assistance to improve our symptoms of emotional distress and social dysfunction to improve our life outcomes, or to commit suicide. This is where advocacy for euthanasia is particularly crucial: on one hand, studies have shown that anti-depressants, for example, only work in 50% of patients who are prescribed them, meaning that a huge number of consumers do not benefit from them; on the other, clinicians repeatedly state that successful medical intervention to treat mental illness encompasses a combination of psychotherapy and medications. Therefore, it follows that if anti-depressants only work for 50% of consumers, then medicatiom-psychotherapy combination that clinicians prescribe is doomed to fail for the other 50% of consumers, not to mention the fact that anti-depressants take a considerable amount of time to kick in and to tell us if their lack of efficacy is from the medication itself being ineffective, or if the dosage is. Furthermore, treatments like ECT and TMS still fail to work for roughly 20% of people who undergo these treatments. If we combine this shortcomings on medicine’s part with the stories of people living with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, whose medication regimes involve a level of intensity and side-effects about as strong as the symptoms they aim to tame, we can see plain as day that medicine does not have enough to provide for the mentally ill to allow us to have a dignified and happy life.

    There’s definitely no shame in trying out the treatments available for the psychological issues like those that us incels face. However, as in my case, where I have tried all of the above treatments and my own emotional distress is still ever present, there comes a point where I, and the incels in my shoes, have to say that “enough” trial and error is “enough,” and that “no” to life means, “no.”

    I want you guys to think about the shameless and pathetic ways in which life apotheosis has driven society to break their own rules:

    -The rule of self-determination: most of society acknowledges women’s freedom to say “no” to an interested man, but if that man is an incel with a plethora of problems caused by his mental illness and difficulty with social interaction says “no” to a life of combined burdens, society refuses to honor that incels’ “no” to life despite ***disenfranchizing*** and ***dehumanizing*** this individual.

    -The rule of allowing yourself to be selfish: While in psychotherapy in the United States, I’ve been taught about the American, highly-individualistic principle of “allowing yourself to be selfish,” that is, to put yourself first, set your own boundaries, live according to your own preferences, and to say “no” to others without hesitation, regardless of how it affects them. However, as soon as an incel with difficult to treat mental illness puts a gun to their head to say “no” to life in order to serve THEIR own best interests, society changes its script from favoring individualist values to collectivist values, frantically begging the suicidal individual to put others first, to live for the sake of others, to do the selfless thing and not the selfish thing. According to these oppressive hypocrites, your right to be selfish ends when you make the choice to take your own life.

    The fact that the general social marginalization of incels, the inefficacy of treatments available for mental illness, and the human body’s resilience to suicide technology are issues outside of anyone’s control, it is important to continue doing our part in advocating for euthanasia for the mentally ill to ensure justice for all, so that women will become less and less plagued a surplus of men that they do not want, and so that us incels who wish to die will no longer inhabit an earth as social marginalized individuals where we are ironically wanted alive for reasons that have more to do with someone else’s benefit than our own.”

  • The man Also typed about countries that would be better for Incels
    “All Latin American countries, Portugal, Spain, and Italy are some places that come to mind. People in Latin/Romance language countries tend to be very warm and tend to embrace more. You don’t have so much of the lousy personal and physical touch boundary issues there that you have in this shithole of a country. Things like kissing and rubbing a person’s body are much more commonplace in those places than in the Disgusting States of America.

    Also, I once had a conversation with a Hispanic psychiatrist about American culture vs. Hispanic culture, and he confirmed my observation that Hispanics are more likely to accept you, flaws and all, unlike Americans who are quick to judge you and blacklist you based on things you do that they don’t like. Simply put, Hispanics are more likely to reject things you do that they don’t like without rejecting you as a whole; Americans, on the other hand, are more likely to reject *all* of you if they don’t like ‘one’ thing you do and say.

    I was also amazed at a documentary I saw at a Catholic youth group back in college where some young men visited a community in Africa which had to be quarantined due to having a flesh-eating condition, and they were welcomed with open arms by the people in these secluded communities. The villagers said that the visitors where their “brothers.” And this resonates with a conversation I had with a friend of mine who is an anarchist and hates the United States as much as I do- she also mentioned at one point that there’s communities in Africa where you are far more likely to find people who will treat you like they actually give a shit about you than in the United Shits.

    I would basically recommend any place that doesn’t have the Germanic, standoffish, antisocial, and boundary-obsessed culture that the United States has.”

  • The man also said
    “You know, it’s interesting that you mention that incels have nightmares and wake up crying. I haven’t woken up crying myself, but I’ve had dreams about crying in the last few weeks over feeling desolate and surrounded by people who either treat me as invisible and insignificant, or where my only place in people’s lives is the superficial zone (known notoriously in hardline incel communities as the “friendzone.”). Just feeling that recurrent disconnect from the people around me for years at a time has truly begun to take a toll on me.

    The fact of the matter is that us incels are the lowest of the low here, and it is because people with social skill and emotional regulation issues here like us are just not the type of people that the average neurotypical American is naturally drawn to. There’s other places in the world where shyness, social awkwardness, and emotional disabilities are seen more as endearing issues (rather than reprehensible ones like what they are perceived to be in the US); there’s other places in the world where they won’t see people with these difficulties so much as “awkward,” or “weird,” but as part of what makes us human, and those are the places you and I need to be. Fuck this gigantic disgusting red, white, and blue turd of a country and it’s stiffy, fake-friendly, ableist motherfuckers.” He also said America is a Piece of Garbage Society

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