• From
    worldisraelnews.com an
    Article is headlined
    “Donald Trump’s justified critique of American Jews” on October 19, 2022
    The response to the former US president’s Truth Social post has been nothing short of a hysterical – purposeful – misreading of his words, which were neither threatening nor antisemitic.

    By Ruthie Blum the full article is online , Do we agree ?
    Is Trump being Accurate and Truthful ?

    • Do we want Trump Back in
      2024 ? Nancy Pelosi can hardly keep her dentures in when she talks

    • chaim should do a story about this. What an idiot! I hope Ron Desantis isn’t like that. Otherwise were in trouble come 24.

      Unless the Democrats put someone up who is moderate, not anti-american anti-israel anti-capitalist and woke like senile Biden and he cabinet I’m staying home on election day. G-d help us…

  • urbandictionary.com has this accurate description of
    Kanye West
    “Kanye West
    A douche bag manifested as a human.
    Did you see what Kanye West just did?? What a douche bag.”
    by thedestro September 15, 2009

    • Chris Cuomo asked him why he changed his name to Ye. He said that West was a Eurocentric name and he wanted to go back to his African roots. 😜

  • West is testing free speech. I don’t want my speech limited.

    • Most Americans think It’s time to make Adjustments to the 1st Amendment to Protect Jews and other minority groups

      • No. The schwartzes will always insinuate themselves in with the help of the liberal Christ Killers.

        • Why do you use the term
          “Christ Killers” ? That’s inaccurate, Thousands of Jews followed Jesus in the Early Years of Christianity, the Whole Early Christian Church was Jewish, Far More Jews followed Jesus than the tiny Minority of Religious Leaders who were responsible for plotting his Death,

        • Oh Yes , Most Americans realize that all this
          “Free Speech” has gotten way out of Control for Far too long. Do you want all this “Free Speech” to lead to a Second Holocaust ?

    • All this “Free Speech” could lead to a Second Holocaust.
      Most Americans would agree that all this “Free Speech” has gotten out of Control and that it’s Time to Adjust the 1st Amendment to Protect Jews and other Minority Groups from Hateful Speech and Images . Most Americans would agree that all this “Free Speech” has gone way too Far for Far too Long, it’s gotten out of Control
      We are Not Against Free Speech and the 1st Amendment , but we are against the Abuse and Exploitation of Free Speech and the 1st Amendment to Promote Hate that only leads to Real Life Hate Crimes

  • More about the ungrateful Arabs within Israel
    jns.org on October 27, 2022
    Has an article headlined
    “Arab ‘anti-state’ parties present ongoing challenge for Israel”

    Those who think increased budgets for the sector will change things “don’t understand the reality,” Professor Dan Schueftan told JNS.
    BY DAVID ISAAC. The full article is online, the Arabs are Evil, Wicked and will Never Change , Nothing will Satisfy them

    • Arabs and Arabs Living in Israel deserve Nothing and Must be Given Nothing , they are the Ones who should be paying Jews Money and Reparations for All the Wars and Terrorism they start , there is No “Cycle of Violence” as literally everything is the Fault of the Arabs and Fakestinians
      Not Only that some Pro-Israel people have said that sadly the Mideast situation is that
      Israel is just a Larger Version of the Warsaw Ghetto , surrounded by Heartless Arab Genocidal Nazis

  • On Twitter

    “Be A King
    @BerniceKing” typed
    “I won’t share the anti-semitic sign from the 405 in Los Angeles.

    I do want to share this:

    Unchallenged anti-semitism has devastating consequences.

    So we must challenge and defeat it, along with all manifestations of white supremacist ideology.

    We can overcome evil with good.”
    12:31 AM · Oct 24, 2022
    ·Twitter for iPhone

    Kanye West and other Worthless
    Jew-Haters should realize many Jews don’t like being Jewish either and don’t like looking Jewish either

    • A while back when someone pointed out on a White Supremacist website that many Jews and part-Jews themselves do Not like being Jewish or looking Jewish and are
      Self-hating Jews who try to hide their Jewishness one of the White Supremacists replied
      “They may not like being Jewish, but when they go to get a job owned by a Jew then they are strongly Jewish.”
      What do we think ? Is there any truth to this ?

  • What does a Jew look like?

  • What about Dr. Mehmet Oz
    aka Dr. Oz , he is running Against
    John Fetterman for Senate
    Dr. Oz is Turkish & Muslim but has been described as Pro-Israel
    Some have asked is
    John Fetterman Jewish ?

  • We hope John Fetterman recovers from his Stroke , someone on Fox News joked that he looked and sounded like the character of
    Karl Childers played by
    Billy Bob Thornton in the 1996
    Movie “Sling Blade”

  • Bill Maher compared Kanye West
    To the Ugly “Politicians”
    Rashida Tlaib & Ilhan Omar
    Plus JewishJournal.com
    Has an article headlined
    “The Kanye Precedent”
    Karen Lehrman Bloch
    on October 26, 2022

  • Does lee zeldin look like fyvush finkke?

  • Thanks to that
    Mother F-cker Kanye West, even more hate crimes against Jews are being committed, even Secular Non-Religious Jews who
    Look Jewish are in danger
    This is Why Changes and
    Adjustments Need to be Made to the 1st Amendment and the Right to Free Speech immediately , before all this “Free Speech” leads to a Second Holocaust

  • Reverend Calvin Butts
    of the Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem has passed away at the age of 73 , any opinions ?

  • I like 80s soft rock music. Tired of this ghetto trash so called music you hear on the subways. A 78 year old man was assaulted on the subway for telling two distinguished members of NYC to turn their music down .

  • Is Kanye West a Self-Hating Black person ? Articles online have mentioned his Anti-Blackness Kanye made controversial statements including his insistence that slavery was a “choice” and “racism is a dated concept” and, most recently, his inclusion of “White Lives Matter” shirts in his fashion line.

  • Ariel Sharon was a Phony & Traitor
    he was wrong for Not
    Killing Yasser Arafat and turning his Ugly Arab Ass into
    Dog Food

  • I agree that Kyrie Irving Needs to be Fired, and expelled from the NBA permanently ,

  • You are right for saying
    “Fire the black motherfucker” Ban him from All Sports Forever
    Ban the pig Kyrie Irving Forever

  • More about the motherfucker
    Kyrie Irving
    nypost.com has an article headlined
    “Nets’ Kyrie Irving can go to hell with his anti-Semitic stupidity”
    By Phil Mushnick

    November 3, 2022

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