• What do we think of
    The Great One , Mark Levin from
    The Fox News TV show
    “Life, Liberty & Levin”

  • npr.org has an article headlined
    “How antisemitic rhetoric is impacting Jewish communities, and what to do about it”
    November 6, 2022 by

    Jew-Hatred is at an All Time High, Much of it is Thanks to the
    Fakestinian people

  • On the bright side
    Some retired Black Basketball players such as
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar &
    Charles Barkley have spoken out against Anti-Semitism and the Jew-Hatred being spewed by some of their fellow

  • Giacobo Wahlboghter

    One of the things that drove the Israeli government nuts was when Rabbi Kahane insisted upon taking the oath of office with an inclusion of the name of God. They freaked out. Similarly the Israeli national anthem “HaTikva” of does not acknowledge the God of Israel even one time. To make a strident push for a revision and/or a replacement of the Israeli national anthem would be a fantastic start in turning things around.

    • Giacobo Wahlboghter , the
      Israeli “government” was always Nuts , since 1948. The Israeli
      “government” is the ONLY, Sadly the one and Only government in the World that appeases, negotiates, shows Military restraint, and gives medical treatment and humanitarian aid to the Enemy, the Genocidal Arab and Fakestinian Enemy, it’s disgusting and immoral, Israel sadly has Always had a Nuts , Insane, Sick
      Self-hating Government and Military. Arab Terrorists in
      Israeli Prisons are treated Far better than Jewish Prisoners .
      Israel is always getting the Short End of the Stick by the World and being taken advantage of, being made into a Sucker
      Israel is Also the Only Nation in the World that has always been banned from being a Member of the U.N. Security Council, even if Israel did become a Member of the Security Council in the Future,
      Israel’s insane “leaders” still wouldn’t have a Clue how to use the Power to Help Israel and America
      The Israeli “government” and Military Never learn from past mistakes, that’s the Literal definition of Insanity

      • Giacobo Wahlboghter , do you agree with the above statement of November 22, 2022 6:59 pm that the Israeli
        “government” ever since 1948 has always been Nuts , Self-Hating
        Traitors that Appease , Negotiate and Sadly surrender to the Arab, Fakestinian and other enemies

        • Giacobo, a good Bible verse that describes the Cowardly Traitor Self-Hating Israeli “government” and Military is Jeremiah
          6:14 which says “They have healed the wound of my people lightly,
          saying, ‘Peace, peace,’
          when there is no peace.”
          This is also repeated in
          Jeremiah 8:11 &
          Ezekiel 13:10 & 13:16 , in all of the Contexts, the meaning is the same and is an accurate description of the liar dishonest Cowardly Traitor Self-Hating Israeli “government” and Military
          Those verses and their Contexts apply to Ancient Israel, but they are Also a Good Description of the Insane Cowardly Traitor “government” in Israel

  • The Legend of Zeldin
    Kathy Hochul sadly won the Election for Governor of New York State
    Anyone else think Zeldin was too extreme on the issue of Abortion and other issues ?

  • Madea Franchise creator
    Tyler Perry has Also done a good thing by speaking out Against

  • WTF ?
    Adidas has hired the
    Fakestinian “model”
    Bella Hadid

  • Stolen midterms.

  • KFC Germany should commemorate Kristallnscht by eating KFC with creamy cheese on top says KFC German commercial. I kid you not.

    • Anyone else think that Germany should have been kept Divided into East and West Germany ?
      Anyone think German Reunification was a Terrible Mistake ?

      • This is the sad ugly truth,
        The Germans and Europeans in general would Murder
        6 Million More Jews in a Heartbeat if they could, Most Europeans today Greatly Love Hitler
        Some Things Never Change

  • Stop the ballot stuffing.

  • What do we think of
    Dave Chapelle and his
    “Jokes” about Jews ?

  • Stop stuffing the ballot box.

  • Kahane is dead.

    • Kahane is alive in Heaven,
      Someday in the Future
      Meir Kahane will Return to Earth

      • That’s only in Catholicism.

        • Nope , that’s what the
          Bible Teaches , Not Just
          The Story of Meir Kahane is Not Over
          Someday in the Future
          Meir Kahane will Return to Earth , him and Countless Other Great People in
          Human History will
          Ultimately Return to this
          Physical Planet Earth to
          Live Forever on Earth,
          They will All Be Back to Live Forever on the New Earth, they will Have Glorified
          Physical Bodies as the
          Bible Teaches

  • G-d bless Rabbi Kahane.

  • Do you agree that the
    Face of Rabbi Kahane belongs on
    Mount Rushmore

  • When Meir Kahane ultimately Returns to Earth , the World will be a Much Better Place 🌎😎

  • When Kahane Returns to Earth it will bring Glory to God the Father !

  • Chaim , how can we Respond to the book published by
    Robert I. Friedman on
    January 1st, 1990 titled
    “The False Prophet: Rabbi Meir Kahane–From FBI Informant to Knesset Member”
    Did anyone read this book ?
    Meir Kahane was NOT a
    “False Prophet” if Kahane was a False Prophet then why is so much of what he said sadly coming true

  • When Meir Kahane was alive did some of his followers seriously consider him to be the Jewish Messiah ?

  • Meir Kahane died on a Monday ,
    Monday November 5, 1990
    The Question is when
    Meir Kahane ultimately Returns to Earth, and he will Return
    He Will Return to Earth, anyone wonder if his Return to Earth will Also be on a Monday ?

  • It’s a new year ,
    Anyone else Take Comfort
    Knowing that ultimately in the Future Meir Kahane will Return to Earth . Meir Kahane will indeed literally Physically
    ultimately Return to Earth to
    Live Forever on the New Earth . That Meir Kahane will be Back
    He Will Live Again, only this time
    Kahane will Never be Killed Again.
    We must Take Comfort
    Knowing that ultimately in the Future Meir Kahane will
    Return to Earth to Live Forever on the New Earth along with Countless other great people in Human History as the Bible Teaches ,

  • An old website described
    Kahane in these positive ways
    “Rabbi Meir David Kahane – leader, philosopher, visionary, revolutionary, scholar, warrior, activist, fighter, hero, rabbi, writer, speaker, Rosh Yeshiva, father, grandfather, husband, teacher, author and statesman.”

  • Again, Not just Catholicism
    The Nicene creed contains the words
    “We look forward to the resurrection of the dead,
    and to life in the world to come. Amen.”

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