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  • How is Trump the lesser of two evils when he has called Hezballah smart.

    I actually disagree. I think a 2nd Trump term where he doesn’t have to throw a few bones to placate the Evangelists and his open support of Putin, Xe, and Erdogan would be much worse for Israel. They openly support Hamas, Hezballah, and David Duke.

    Isn’t what Trump said about Hezballah worse then what Haley which anyway when Haley is saying she admires Hillary Clinton is it because she was the first woman to run and obviously doesn’t agree with all her policiies I mean, come on. But Trump admires all the sworn enemies of Israel including Russia that is more dangerous.

    Chaim just sounds very partisan hack like to just well we have to vote for Trump. Why? He poses a much big danger in a 2nd term then a 1st term and doesn’t have to pander to anyone in the Repub party.

    • Trump is a narcissist. He will do anything to prop himself up. He also knows he’s getting old and will die soon. And he will want a legacy. He’ll do whatever will prop him up in the long term but unfortunately he thinks short term most of the time.

      His biggest mistake was supporting the two state solution and allowing Fauci to lockdown the economy.

      The covid Lockdown along with the loss of Afghanistan I believe will be the Death kneel for the Democrats. It will prop up Trump or DeSantis.

      The only candidate that is viable at this point is Ron DeSantis. Say what you want he IS the lesser of evils. After that Nikki Haley (SHUDDER) But she isn’t as bad as Trump or Biden.

      • Kyle, many people compare
        Trump and Garfield the cat to Each Other

        • mashable.com has an article headlined
          “Donald Trump strangely fits in when reimagined in ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ ”
          By Andrea Romano on July 21, 2016 , People have compared Trump to
          Calvin from the
          “Calvin and Hobbes” comic strip by Bill Watterson

  • David Duke aka David Dookie
    Is an Obsessive Nutcase
    A person typed online earlier today
    “*We expect journalists to be truthful, accurate, and objective when reporting what is actually going on in #Gaza.*
    Are media outlets holding these journalists accountable?

    In this disturbing but meticulous post, *two photojournalists reporting for #Reuters, #NYTimes, and #GettyImages, are exposed for being strongly and undeniably connected to #Hamas.*

    If this is where many people get their news from, no wonder #ignorance and #antisemitic bias are so rampant.

    #news responsibly.


  • I’m voting for Nikki Haley because she has the biggest tits of all the candidates.

    • About Tits , Tit Related, some Mainstream Christians think Sexual Intercourse & Lovemaking Exists in the Afterlife , in Heaven
      Do some Mainstream Jews believe Sex & Lovemaking Exists after Death, along with our Beloved Pets, Food, Beverage, Sports, etc

  • World leaders are gathering to discuss Disease X

  • What makes everyone think Trump can win?

    The American people were stupid enough to vote for sleepy Joe in 2020 what makes them think they wont in 2024?

    Plus… Most of Trump’s voting base Aged conservatives between 60-80 have died. And add to this Biden has given us millions more infestations of illegals and legalized immigrants who hate his guts and are woke.

    Plus in 2016 the majority of Democrats didn’t like Hillary. They wanted Bernie Sanders. The Trump vote was only 38% of the electorate. He’s not popular.

    There’s only one hope. Ron DeSantis. Its up to him. Otherwise, its over for America. As for Nikki Haley. I have no faith in her. Then Again maybe I’m wrong. But what can be worse?

    A second term of Biden is the deathblow for this country. After this there’s only one other option. Seccesion. Middle America and the south need to pull out and start anew. Its the only hope of rebooting the American way if this happens.

    If there is a silver lining that will come from this, Losing American Aid and a surge of anti-semitism is the jolt that will wake from woke Israel and get them to rise up against the Arab terrorists. This and a surge of Jewish refugees moving to Israel having experienced wokeness and oppression by these idiots will bring about the revival of authentic Judaism and Israel rising up and driving out the terrorists.

  • The Jerusalem Post
    jpost.com has an article headlined
    “Hamas note called on terrorists to behead Jews, remove their hearts”
    By JERUSALEM POST STAFF Published: OCTOBER 25, 2023 A Must Read Article

  • yahoo.com has an article headlined
    “New York Times, NPR and Others Left Out That Israeli Official Was Talking About Hamas, Not Gaza” by
    Stephanie Kaloi
    Sun, January 21, 2024

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “Gaza is the only place in the world where 500 dead are reported half an hour after an explosion. Even in earthquakes and heavy disasters, it takes the rescue forces several days to identify and estimate the number of dead, but the Palestinian Ministry of Health knows already a minute after the explosion what the damage is. This is ridiculous and the world media quoting the numbers as living words of God is pathetic.
    I would attribute the same level of credibility to the reports this week about “hunger” in Rafah.”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “Sagiv Yechezkel , an Israel soccer player that plays for a Turkish team, was taken for questioning after dedicating his goal to the hostages held by Hamas for 100 days.
    Three police officers came to his house and detained him for questioning for incitement. Prime Minister Netanyahu was informed about it during a government meeting.

    Reports in Turkey say that Sagiv Yechezkel is expected to meet a judge who will rule regarding his actions on the field. There are efforts in Israel to bring about his release. Right now he is jailed and his cellular phone was taken from him.
    Turkey is a very dangerous place for Israelis nowadays!

    Sagiv Yehezkel was released by the Turkish court and is being deported to Israel.

    An end to the saga: Sagiv Yehezkel landed in Israel.

    A reminder: his crime was that he had on his hand bandage the writing: 100 days to 7/10

    Do you know why none of the soccer associations came to his defense?
    Because they are all corrupt and get bribery from Qatar, the main funding power of Hamas and the owners of the propaganda arm of Hamas – “Al-Jazeera”. “

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “Khaled Maashal, the Hamas boss in Qatar, was asked by an Arab TV Channel how he saw the future of Hamas in light of the Gaza war.
    His answer.
    Palestine from Rosh HaNikra to Eilat.
    Not from the River to the Sea. From the Sea to the Sea.
    (Mediterranean to the Red Sea)”

  • A person also typed online earlier today


    The Gaza civilians are not, and have never been, Israel’;s responsibility.

    Under International Law, those that endanger Civilians in Gaza by placing munitions, rockets, launchers, and weapons among them, are 100% responsible for their wellbeing.


    Unless of course, the world believes

    That international law should apply except when it comes to blaming something on Jews.

    And that would make the International Community, frankly, no better than they were when the Nazis were pushing Jews into gas chambers.

    One wonders about the reasoning involved, especially in Europe. Is desperately trying to blame something on Jews being done to make Europe feel less guilty for 2000 years of persecution and murder of Jews?”

  • A person typed online earlier today

    What they seem not to understand is what the US-Israel Aid program really is.

    85% of the aid money is spent in the USA, producing 1000’s of American high-skilled jobs. All of which would disappear if the agreement ended.

    15% goes mostly for Research and Development in Israel, the co-development of technologies that benefit both the US and Israel. The same R&D if done in the USA would cost 4-5 times more. And the bonus is that any resultant technology cannot be transferred to any third nation without the agreement of both the US and Israel.

    So. Let’s ask a question. What other US Aid program actually is so beneficial to the USA? None. The US Aid to Ukraine, with only $ 18.5 Billion accountable out of more than $ 100 Billion, what benefit to the USA? The US costs for NATO and rent on basis in Europe, for more than $ 400 Billion annually, what benefit does the US get from that?
    And, then there are the many aid programs worldwide where money is given to governments and the money never goes further than to the bank accounts of their leaders.

    But, here we have organizations in the USA that take down US flags, riot, block traffic, damage business, set fire to Government buildings and businesses at times, praise looting, excuse rape and burn babies to death, lecturing that Aid to Israel should stop. And the US Media considers them a credible force and one party refuses to condemn them?”

  • illinoisfamily.org
    has an article headlined
    “Knowing Four Arabic Words May Save Our Civilization from Islamic Takeover”
    On May 14, 2023
    Written by Louis Palme , a link is given to the
    website islam-watch.org

  • weeklyblitz.net has an article headlined
    “Palestinian flag is the emblem unifying Islamic fundamentalism, fascism and rabid antisemitism”
    By  Peter Baum
     January 13, 2024

  • A person typed online earlier today
    IDF soldiers coming out of hard fighting in Gaza tell one story from three months of personal experience fighting in hospitals, schools, urban areas and finding Hamas material, weapons, bombs, and terror tunnels, everywhere.
    There is no such things as non-participants in Gaza.”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “Sadly, that beautiful sentence in MLK ‘s I Have a Dream, has been forgotten.
    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by their character.”
    What these leftists are doing today is the opposite; they judge by the color of one’s skin. And the problem is even worse, they decide what color the skin is. Jews are wrongly perceived as “white” Palestinians as “brown”, so Jews are “bad”, Palestinians are “good” . What about character, you ask me??? Character doesn’t seem to matter. Those who idolize Palestinian radical Islamic terrorists killings , who celebrate death are the “good” and those who idolize life are the “bad”, because it’s the perceived color of their skin that is judged nowadays.”

  • A person typed online earlier
    “For years we have heard Hamas sympathizers and their Woke Left enablers insist that they are merely criticizing Israel and that it’s not antisemitic to do so. A pro-Hamas mob at UCLA just exposed that narrative as a lie. And a CNN analyst says he doesn’t understand why “peaceful protestors” screaming “Beat that f—ing Jew” are wearing masks.” That was in response to
    a dailywire.com article headlined
    “UCLA Students Hit Netanyahu
    Pinata On Campus ‘Beat that
    F–King Jew!”

  • An online quote from
    January 2024 says
    “Beyond a doubt, like him or abhor him, Rabbi Meir Kahane Hy”d was the most prescient Jew of our times. Almost everything he warned against came to fruition.”

    -by R’ Yoel Schonfeld

  • Bentzi Gopstein was found guilty of incitement to anti-Arab racism

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