• Don’t Forget to Mention how
    Incels are being unjustly demonized and vilified
    Incels are Human Beings with Feelings
    Chronic Long Term
    Involuntary Celibacy is an Extremely Serious Painful Problem for Countless People, causing horrible suffering.
    Romantic Rejection is Extremely Painful
    The Incel Crisis is sadly getting worse and worse in America and Worldwide

    • Incels continue to Suffer Unbearably Every Day
      While Many Americans are Sickened by the sight of the American Flag, because they realize that the “Freedom” in America is a Joke

      • Ah yes , such “Freedom” that America has
        Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies.
        America refuses to Alleviate the Intense Daily Sufferings of Incels by Legalizing Prostitution for All Consenting Adults and in Every State at Reasonable Prices
        Very Nice how America gives the Middle Finger to Incels and other people unable to Get Sex

        • Never Forget that it is terrible , Evil and wrong what America is doing to Incels , Involuntary Celibates , people, mostly Men Suffering from Chronic Long Term Incel ,
          Involuntary Celibacy Problems
          Very Disgusting what
          America is doing to Incels and people Suffering from Incel Problems

    • From dailymail.co.uk an article is headlined
      “Study reveals the twisted way incels view dating – and why they have so much less success”
      By Caitlin Tilley, on
      Oct 24, 2023
      Again, we Must Remember that Most People with Incel Problems are Not Violent

  • People have compared the 4 Ugly Stupid Democrat Congresswomen in “The Squad” to 4 Painful
    Impacted Yellow Wisdom Teeth
    Vote Them Out Next Election Day !!

  • Sadly many White Heterosexual Men are Incels , but there are Incels in all Races and Religions
    Stupid America won’t Legalize Prostitution, Sex Work for consenting Adults

  • America is Evil, Wicked and Diabolical for Making Tens of Millions upon Millions of people go without Sex
    What about the Valid Legitimate Sexual Desires and Sexual Needs of Incels , and other people unable to get Sex for Various Reasons

  • America is unjustly preventing adults from having Sex ,
    America is being a very immature Sexually Repressive Nation

  • Really disgusting and Evil of America to Force countless Adults to go without Sex . America is preventing countless Adults from having Sex, that is truly evil
    How Low can America go ?

  • Chaim Ben Pesach @27:00 “these are sick people” I would like to hear Wood rabbi Cain had to say about this. Do you have the tapes? Also we sent a few hundred dollars to help the hilltop Hughes and we’re hoping to be able to send you an email. My email is southern most [email protected]. Will you please send me an email? We would like to help you more, and we had some concerns about the hilltop youth with some of the liberal tendencies they’re having. I think we saw some smoking and drinking in the video which was a major concern to me, I know people will want to downplay this, but it is a major concern. The Jewish people are very special to us and she is a persecuted Aramean victim of islamic in marxist Terrorism the anti Semitic, Catholic Church, for that reason, and other heresies and betrayals as well in Iraq that is displaced, I am a blacklisted journalist that was shut down for my beliefs. https://jtf.org/white-heterosexuals-being-demolished-david-ben-moshe-and-chaim-ben-pesach/

  • In many ways America is a Vile Sickening Nation, an Anti-Sex , Backwards , Anti-Freedom
    Very Immature Sexually Repressed Puritanical Old Fashioned Nation that should just Grow the F–k Up already
    Incels , Men with Incel , Involuntary Celibacy problems are being unjustly demonized, vilified and scapegoated by America and sadly even the Government itself and by other World Governments!! When the reality is 99.9 percent of the time Incels – Involuntary Celibates, Men with Involuntary Celibacy problems are the REAL Victims in Life

  • About the Growing Incel Crisis and the Misery of Incels
    liberalarts.utexas.edu has an article headlined :
    “Incels” are not particularly right-wing or white, but they are extremely depressed, anxious, and lonely, according to new research”
    Thursday, November 10, 2022
    We all Know that
    Chronic Long Term Involuntary Celibacy , Incel problems are in the Top 5 of the Most Serious Problems in America and the World today

  • I call the green people the people who stole Uncle Junior’s car lol

  • Richard Dawkins it is

  • Will Chaim Ben Pesach and jtf.org address the Growing Incel Crisis ,
    Involuntary Celibacy Crisis in America and Worldwide, the Intense Sufferings of Incels ,
    Involuntary Celibates ?

  • A person typed online about The Sufferings of Incels –
    Involuntary Celibates and the Growing Incel , Involuntary Celibacy Crisis that
    “Unrequited lust is no laughing matter, especially when you’re not doing anything to deserve it!”

    • Once Again
      Unrequited lust and love are No
      Laughing Matter , the Public Schools Need to Teach Social Skills, because some students have Socially Awkward Parents

      • Worth repeating, the Public Schools Need to Teach Both Good Social Skills and Life Skills to All the Students, and it Needs to be Taught in Every Grade, Year After Year After Year
        Because many parents in America are Not teaching their children any Social Skills or Life Skills

        • Why do the Public Schools , Elementary, Junior High and High Schools in America teach their Students mostly useless BS that is Never used in Real Life , the Real World or for any Job or Career, useless crap the students end up Forgetting, Countless hours of Homework

  • More about Incels and the Incel Crisis
    americanthinker.com has an article headlined
    “Who are the real ‘Involuntary Celibate Violent Extremists’?”
    By Robert A. Bishop on
    May 14, 2023

  • Sex and Affection Are Human Needs

  • More about the Growing Incel Crisis in America and Worldwide
    dailydot.com has an article on
    June 14, 2023 by Mikael Thalen
    “Quite depressing: Incel community was so sad researchers studying it felt bad” part of this article says
    “We also noticed that incels targeted themselves, seeing themselves as failed men, seeing their bodies as ugly, and seeing themselves as being doomed to be ‘forever alone,’” Halpin said. “The way they talk about themselves made most of us on the research team sympathetic to a degree, because it is quite depressing.”

    Of course Not all Incels are Hateful

  • The website incels.is has Many Good Intelligent Replies to the BS False
    Statements such as
    “No One is Entitled to Sex” &
    “No one is Entitled to Anything”

    • Those who say
      “No one is entitled to Sex” reveal just how Heartless, Ignorant, and Insensitive they are towards people unable to Get Sex, how they have no Sympathy, Empathy or Compassion within them
      Just Watch how Quickly they would change their Mind if they started to become Incel , wanting Sex yet being unable to Get It for Various Reasons

  • psypost.org has an article
    “Incels experience a complex combination of psychiatric symptoms but feel they cannot be helped by mental health professionals”
    by Eric W. Dolan
    June 23, 2023

    Did anyone read it ? Anyone

    • Anyone remember the
      Classic ABC TGIF sitcom
      “Step by Step” the episode
      “Virgin Territory” which aired on November 20, 1992 , that episode when it aired and in reruns, syndication was very painful for
      Men with Incel problems to watch

      • Did you Know that actor
        Sasha Mitchell who played
        Cody Lambert on Step by Step and that episode is Jewish in
        Real Life,
        Sasha Mitchell even stated once that his goal was to become the First Jewish President

    • The pain and suffering of Incels gets worse and worse Every Day

  • The problem is that some Incels are blaming “The Jews” for
    Feminism and the Incel Crisis
    Let’s Remember that People with Chronic Long Term
    Involuntary Celibacy Problems are Human Beings with Feelings just like everyone else

  • America in 2023 is a seriously ass backwards Retarded Childish Immature Sexually Repressive Puritan Nation with many stupid unjust, cruel , inhumane, asinine “laws” that don’t make any sense and make Everything Worse , especially for Incels
    But Also for Many other Groups of Suffering People 😭

  • Many articles online document how Real Men Cry , Men have Feelings too , and it’s terrible how at times some women hurt Men’s feelings and are Very Rude Disrespectful and insensitive to Men’s Feelings
    Yet if a Man hurt women’s feelings in the same way that would be considered abusive

  • Incels don’t like being Socially Awkward and Incel, they don’t like it either , they hate Romantic Rejection
    Incel Rights are Human Rights

  • America is Wrong for
    Making Incels Suffer Even More
    Such “Freedom” that America has
    Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies , Not even that
    This is Why Countless Americans are Not remotely Patriotic
    Countless Americans are Sexually Deprived and Suffering from
    Sexual Deprivation
    Involuntary Celibacy is Everyone’s Problem

  • A good Twitter account about the Incel Crisis is :
    Involuntary Celibate (Incels.is)

  • About the 2023 Barbie Movie
    Online Articles are asking if
    Barbie Hates Men and if Ken is an
    Incel , is Ken an Incel

    • Others have raised concerns that
      AI girlfriends and romance chatbots might lead to even more men becoming Incels

    • People Ask Does the Barbie Movie Subvert Incel Talking points or play into them ?
      Incels are Human Beings with Feelings Not Monsters

  • The sad reality is that the
    Number of Single Lonely Men is Rising , Incel Problems are getting worse and worse

  • About the Growing Incel Crisis
    news.harvard.edu has an article headlined
    “The rise of ‘incels’ by
    Anna Lamb Harvard Staff Writer on
    October 18, 2023
    Stupid Evil, Wicked, America won’t have the Decency to Legalize Prostitution, Sex Work in Every State
    This article admits that most Incels are Peaceful
    Did anyone read this article

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