• Don’t Forget to Mention how
    Incels are being unjustly demonized and vilified
    Incels are Human Beings with Feelings
    Chronic Long Term
    Involuntary Celibacy is an Extremely Serious Painful Problem for Countless People, causing horrible suffering.
    Romantic Rejection is Extremely Painful
    The Incel Crisis is sadly getting worse and worse in America and Worldwide

  • People have compared the 4 Ugly Stupid Democrat Congresswomen in “The Squad” to 4 Painful
    Impacted Yellow Wisdom Teeth
    Vote Them Out Next Election Day !!

  • Sadly many White Heterosexual Men are Incels , but there are Incels in all Races and Religions
    Stupid America won’t Legalize Prostitution, Sex Work for consenting Adults

  • America is Evil, Wicked and Diabolical for Making Tens of Millions upon Millions of people go without Sex
    What about the Valid Legitimate Sexual Desires and Sexual Needs of Incels , and other people unable to get Sex for Various Reasons

  • America is unjustly preventing adults from having Sex ,
    America is being a very immature Sexually Repressive Nation

  • Really disgusting and Evil of America to Force countless Adults to go without Sex . America is preventing countless Adults from having Sex, that is truly evil
    How Low can America go ?

  • Chaim Ben Pesach @27:00 “these are sick people” I would like to hear Wood rabbi Cain had to say about this. Do you have the tapes? Also we sent a few hundred dollars to help the hilltop Hughes and we’re hoping to be able to send you an email. My email is southern most [email protected]. Will you please send me an email? We would like to help you more, and we had some concerns about the hilltop youth with some of the liberal tendencies they’re having. I think we saw some smoking and drinking in the video which was a major concern to me, I know people will want to downplay this, but it is a major concern. The Jewish people are very special to us and she is a persecuted Aramean victim of islamic in marxist Terrorism the anti Semitic, Catholic Church, for that reason, and other heresies and betrayals as well in Iraq that is displaced, I am a blacklisted journalist that was shut down for my beliefs. https://jtf.org/white-heterosexuals-being-demolished-david-ben-moshe-and-chaim-ben-pesach/

  • In many ways America is a Vile Sickening Nation, an Anti-Sex , Backwards , Anti-Freedom
    Very Immature Sexually Repressed Puritanical Old Fashioned Nation that should just Grow the F–k Up already
    Incels , Men with Incel , Involuntary Celibacy problems are being unjustly demonized, vilified and scapegoated by America and sadly even the Government itself and by other World Governments!! When the reality is 99.9 percent of the time Incels – Involuntary Celibates, Men with Involuntary Celibacy problems are the REAL Victims in Life

  • About the Growing Incel Crisis and the Misery of Incels
    liberalarts.utexas.edu has an article headlined :
    “Incels” are not particularly right-wing or white, but they are extremely depressed, anxious, and lonely, according to new research”
    Thursday, November 10, 2022
    We all Know that
    Chronic Long Term Involuntary Celibacy , Incel problems are in the Top 5 of the Most Serious Problems in America and the World today

  • I call the green people the people who stole Uncle Junior’s car lol

  • Richard Dawkins it is

  • Will Chaim Ben Pesach and jtf.org address the Growing Incel Crisis ,
    Involuntary Celibacy Crisis in America and Worldwide, the Intense Sufferings of Incels ,
    Involuntary Celibates ?

  • A person typed online about The Sufferings of Incels –
    Involuntary Celibates and the Growing Incel , Involuntary Celibacy Crisis that
    “Unrequited lust is no laughing matter, especially when you’re not doing anything to deserve it!”

    • Once Again
      Unrequited lust and love are No
      Laughing Matter , the Public Schools Need to Teach Social Skills, because some students have Socially Awkward Parents

  • More about Incels and the Incel Crisis
    americanthinker.com has an article headlined
    “Who are the real ‘Involuntary Celibate Violent Extremists’?”
    By Robert A. Bishop on
    May 14, 2023

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