• Why did Putin & Russia even invade Ukraine in February 2022 ?
      Some say the Invasion of Ukraine was Unprovoked, others argue it was Not Unprovoked , so what is the Truth ? Who or What should we believe with all the Fake News, Misinformation and Disinformation floating around ?
      This is so Confusing

      • nydailynews.com has an article headlined
        “Ukraine women are ‘most beautiful women in the world,’ says Vice President Joe Biden”
        July 22, 2009 about how in
        2009 then Vice President
        Joe Biden said Ukraine women are the Most Beautiful Women in the World ,

  • The Ukrainians took over Brooklyn NY. They are white. Do you approve of their immigration?

  • Marjorie Taylor Greene spoke out against Ukraine aide.

  • Any good general can win a war but only with the help of God can one rule a country.

    A rebuttal to this episode:


  • Never Forget that in addition to the Ukrainians , the Lithuanians were extremely brutal and savage in their Murder of Jews during the Holocaust

  • for a pity i found proves of russian neo nazism only in russian language in english there are not suchs proves

    • National Bolsheviks fly banners with the black sun of the Nazi SS as seen in those marches. Nat Bols are a sick blend of Nazism and Communism cooked up by Putin’s brain Alexander Dugan.

  • SelfHatingJewish songwriter Burt Bacharach dead at 94.

  • tell me please dear mister anonymous what is connection has self hating ”Jewish” songwriter Burt Bacharach to Russian words neo nazistic words suchs rusich sing in last clip but they sing Russian people over all and let all the world will burn and also that movement rusich also sing that Russian neo Nazis and German neo Nazis must be part
    of one whole mister anonymous that is what that Russian neo nazistic movement rusich sing

  • Burt Bacharach had great cameo appearances in all 3 of the
    Austin Powers Films

  • Any opinions of
    Henry Kissinger ?

  • Thank you. Good to see you again David ben Moshe… It’s been 20 years, glad to see you’re doing alright.

  • and however Russian federation of today i meant of these days is the same thing what was Germany of hitler times
    but namely into 1939 year when in Germany happened putsch of the beers and Russian federation of these days the
    same things because all fans of Spartak Moscow like and torch Voronezh are all Russian neo Nazis dear guys and plus all namely Russian air forces bombed absolutely bombed beautifully Jewish synagogue into Mariupol and from that beautifully mariupolian Jewish synagogue today on our days stayed only ruins dear guys

  • While Ukraine has major issues and it’s support of fascists during WWII collaborating with the Nazi’s it still doesn’t compare to Putin who has murdered his own citizens to gain power. Appeasement of Putin would be worse and would be seen as such.

    Secondly, I really was Chaim would stop with conspiracy theories as this mentality always comes back to blame Jews and conspiracy theories ignore that people have competing interests and don’t work together.

    This idea that the UN has a one world agenda I think is a false conspiracy theory that there is no evidence of and no reason to go here. Some of it’s members are dictators or are countries who are jealous of countries more successful than themselves and that is why they act the way they do and no need to make it into a conspiracy theory.

  • Did Marjorie Taylor Greene mention the Jewish Space Lasers again ?

  • How do we Know that
    Burt Bacharach was a
    self-hating Jew ? What Evidence

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