European Nazi nations recognize “Palestinian” terrorist state (JTF.ORG video)


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  • Jews have always applauded white trash like the IRA. Now they’ve gotten what they asked for.

    • has an article headlined
      “Kansas City kicker is revered and ridiculed but most missed the antisemitic lies” by
      Ron Cantor on
      May 22, 2024 About the Speech recently given by
      Harrison Butker , Fox News said
      Butker made some good points

      • Giacobo Wahlboghter

        “.. and a time to every purpose under heaven.” WHEN GENOCIDE IS A DIVINE IMPERATIVE: Book of Joshua: Israelites commanded by God to kill every man woman and child of the 7 Canaanite Nations who refuse peace or “they will be for thorns in your side and thistles in your eyes.”

        • Giacobo , it wasn’t
          “Genocide” in the Old Testament
          Many have Explained why when the Israelites went to war it wasn’t “genocide”

      • has an article headlined
        “Harrison Butker’s Grave Mistake concerning the Jews”
        May 17, 2024

    • has an article headlined
      “I’m a Jewish alumna of Christian colleges —where I found a safe home”
      By Sara Garfinkle
      Published May 22, 2024

    • has an article by
      Jules Gomes
      “Vatican Media Continues Its Historic Antisemitism”
      MAY 23, 2024

      This Vatican Media Hatred goes against
      Paragraph 4 of the Historic Document Nostra Aetate of
      The Second Vatican Council ,
      Vatican II , released on
      October 28, 1965

    • A person typed online this
      May 2024
      “Save The Children don’t give a damn about Israeli children.

      Their response to October 7th, ON October 7th, was sickening.

      Honestly, I don’t want to hear another lefty/progressive ever say a damn word about Trump’s “very fine people on both sides” quote ever again. The actions of those Charlottesville white supremacists and Nazis were nothing compared to the actions of both Hamas and thousands and thousands of Gazan civilians on October 7th and the days that followed. And yet over and over, when they aren’t openly singing Hamas’ praises, it’s all about “both sides.”

      The desire to equate Israel with Nazi Germany, and to excuse the rape, mutilation, dismemberment, torture, and mass murder, as well as the kidnapping of Israelis and non-Israelis from an infant to the elderly, as just an escalation in the round of violence between Israelis and Palestinians, is as racist as it is positively unhinged.

      Save The Children couldn’t even be bothered to advocate for the return of the stolen children. Just like the Red Cross suddenly forgot its otherwise consistent demand to visit hostages and make sure they have what they need.

      One rule for the Jews, and one for everyone else.

      Fine, then. One rule for us and those who stand with us, and one for how we treat the rest of the world. And absolutely no f’ing apology about it.”

    • Debbie Schlussel typed online today
      “Morgan Spurlock, director of Super Size Me, is dead. He was anti-Israel, did several pro-Muslim propaganda shows/films trying to minimize their extremism and Jew-hatred and after 9/11 tried to get me to be on his shows twice. I said no and wrote about it in the Wall Street Journal. He tried to pretend that Muslims in America don’t support Islamic terrorist groups like HAMAS. Um, hello . . .? And that they aren’t extremists who don’t exactly treat women well. He received an award from HAMAS front group CAIR for his propaganda.”
      Good that Spurlock is Dead at the age of 53 , no tears for him
      Good that the asshole
      Morgan Spurlock is Dead !!

    • has an article headlined
      “The Samson Option: Kneejerk Leftist Politics Drive Jews to Harm Israel and Fuel Anti-Semitism”
      May 24, 2024

    • has an article headlined
      “Germany Ignores Horror of Exploiting Children”
      Posted by
      Michael L. Brown
      May 24, 2024

    • Why the hell would some Jews applaud the IRA ?
      Isn’t Northern Ireland somewhat
      Pro-Israel ?

    • has an article headlined
      “Some awkward truths about Palestinian keffiyehs”
      April 27, 2024

    • A person typed online today about Israel and the BS anti-semitic Double Standards and Hypocrisy against Israel
      “No other war in the history of all wars was under such an international microscope, no other army had to behave so politely towards its worst enemies, no other nation had to feed the criminals who murdered and kidnapped its own, no other soldier had to be so lenient with the savages that raped their women and burned their children and parents alive.

      No other country was ever more hated and questioned for defending itself, no other people, of any country in the world, were more harassed, insulted, punished, sanctioned, lied to, dehumanized by supporters of online terrorism and attacked and bombed daily by bloody sick terrorists.

      No other country had more UN resolutions, no other country attacked by terrorists of all kinds and coming from all parts of its borders was ever called a “terrorist state” when defending its citizens.

      No other body of military evidence about terrorist war crimes was more ignored by the WHO and other official bodies. No other truly occupied territory – like northern Cyprus, by Turkey or Crimea, by Russia… – ever flooded the streets or university campuses with such absurd and pathetic “activism” for a country that never cared about them before October . No other woman, of any nation or religion, was more doubted or less supported than Israeli women.

      No other hostage, from any terrorist attack, was more ignored by public opinion, no other BABY in the world was kidnapped for 6 months, during which time neither UNICEF, nor RED CROSS, nor AMNESTY…, no one was even tweeted once about it or questioned his captivity… Welcome to antisemitism, the new season. Produced by Iran and radical Islamists around the world. “

    • A person typed online in
      May 2021
      “The Jerusalem bureau chief for Reuters posts on Twitter yesterday that Hamas’ rockets are “home-made.”
      My reply to his tweet:
      “”home-made”??? Is this like a Betty Crocker cake mix?
      Their weapons are produced is a weapons-making facility. Cut out this “home-made” lie!”

    • On May 13, 2024
      Chaplain Michael Green typed online
      “Antisemitism in NYC Public Schools ✡️

      NYC Councilwoman Inna Vernikov and a beautiful 8 year old Jewish girl. This adorable young girl has been exposed to bullying and harassment by other students and chased by these students who are Pro-Palestinian, as they yelled ‘Free Palestine’. This was all because they knew she was Jewish.

      The harassment got so bad, that she didn’t want to go to school anymore. Her mother was even considering hiding her daughter’s Jewish identity.

      According to the girls’s Mother the DOE, Department of Education staff did nothing to put a stop to this. A Social worker who even witnessed this terrible antisemitism harassment said there was NOTHING they could do, because it was ‘FREE SPEECH”.

      Since when is harassment of a student because they are Jewish, especially a young child, Free Speech?

      After the October 7 the Hamas Holocaust, Pro-Palestinian support has been manifesting in New York City public schools accompanied by horrific displays of antisemitic hatred of Jews.

      The fact that this has been tolerated by NYC DOE Chancellor David C. Banks and Principles and teachers of these schools is outrageous. Thank God that Councilwoman Inna Vernikov spoke out about this.


      Chaplain Michael Green”

    • has an article headlined
      “The Ugly Lessons of October 7”
      MAY 22, 2024

    • Many people have said that
      Spanish bodegas are so much better than shitty Arab grocery stores

    • Noor Dahri typed online today
      “𝗪𝗛𝗬 7𝘁𝗵 𝗢𝗖𝗧? 15 𝘍𝘢𝘤𝘵𝘴 𝘢𝘯𝘥 𝘧𝘪𝘨𝘶𝘳𝘦𝘴:

      1️⃣ Hamas chose the date of 7th Oct to attack Israel which is actually an attack on western states and also a ravage of the West’s war on Islamism in 2001.

      2️⃣ 7th Oct, 2001, was a date when the US announced its military action against the global Islamist Terrorism in Afghanistan.

      3️⃣ Hamas chose this date to attack, kill and abduct civilians from multiple western countries.

      4️⃣ Hamas had started global war in the name of Islam which turns into the war between Islamism and democratic values.

      5️⃣ It’s not an Israel’s war but a global war on terror, war on Islamism and a war of freedom from Islamist supremacy.

      6️⃣ On 7th Oct, 2001, the coalition of the western powers fought the global war on terrorism in Afghanistan.

      7️⃣ On 7th Oct, 2024, Global Islamist under the banner of Hamas have started a war on West in Israel with their coalition forces.

      8️⃣ Global Islamist movements have united and started fighting the Islamist war in the western capitals, western parliaments, western judicial institutions and in the western educational institutions.

      9️⃣ Israel is the only country which is fighting Global war on Islamist terrorism without any coalition forces on ground.

      🔟 Israel is the only country which is fighting against Islamist forces to save the Western democracies.

      1️⃣1️⃣ Israel is the only country which is fighting against Islamist powers in multi fronts of its borders.

      1️⃣2️⃣ Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are the only military forces that are fighting the global war single handily with extremely minimum casualties by abiding the rule of war.

      1️⃣3️⃣ Israel is also fighting its legal case (just war) in different International political and legal domains.

      1️⃣4️⃣ Israel is the only country which is providing humanitarian aid in enemy territory while fighting war against them, the US coalition didn’t provide such facilities in Afghanistan and Iraq.

      1️⃣5️⃣ If Israel loses this war, the West will lose the war against Islamism, western democratic system will lose its credibility and the dark forces of Islamism will win the war against our freedom and free civilisation.”

    • A person typed online today
      “One of the most populous nations in the world, India, regularly, systematically, purposefully, discriminates and renders its 200 million! Muslim second class citizens. Violence against Muslims is a common occurrence. Rape, murder, reprisal attacks for “insults” against Hindus is a daily happening. There is even open talk from Hindu leaders about ridding India of Muslims through Genocide.
      India, of course, was PARTIONED after WWII which led to the creation of Pakistan. MILLIONS of MUSLIMS were displaced, forced to leave India and relocate to Muslim Pakistan.
      Now, the 200 million Muslims who remain in India are in a perilous position, subjected to hate, violence, discrimination and worse.

      Curiously, the “Muslim world” is silent. The UN too. College kids are seemingly oblivious as are their silly Professors.

      Where is the outrage? Ah, yes, those who are silent about atrocities perpetrated by Hindus against India’s Muslims are preoccupied with saving the world from Israel.

      Not so funny times we live in today.” a link is given to a article headlined
      “I’m an Indian Muslim, and I’m Scared to Say So”

    • Debbie Schlussel typed online earlier this May 2024
      “Actress Cate Blanchett who signed the anti-Israel pro-HAMAS Ceasefire celeb letter just told the world that she’s “Middle Class.” She earns $13 million per year. This woman is delusional all around: on Israel and HAMAS, on what “middle class” is, etc. . . . ”

      On May 17, 2027
      Debbie Schlussel typed about
      Sean Diddy Combs being seen on a Video Recording brutally assaulting Cassie Ventura in
      2016 that
      “The same people who condemn Sean Diddy Combs for kicking a woman on video refuse to condemn HAMAS for gangraping, torturing, and murdering women on video. Jewish women don’t matter. They didn’t matter to Nazis/HAMAS and don’t matter to the “progressive” celebs, elites, and other Jew-haters on the left AND the right. ”
      & also typed on
      May 17, 2024
      “Remember when overrated singer Billie Eilish wore the pro-HAMAS anti-Israel “Ceasefire Now” pin to the Oscars? I wonder how her new lesbian theme song (about “eating” a girl for lunch 🤮) is doing in Gaza? She should go there to test market it. “

    • On May 15, 2024
      Debbie Schlussel typed online
      “Nero “Fiddling” While Rome Burned – Mythical Legend; Stinkin’ Blinken Playing Guitar While The World Burns (In Part From His Useful Idiocy) – Sad Reality . . .”
      A picture is shown of Nero &

      Plus on April 19, 2024
      Debbie Schlussel typed
      “Ronald Reagan’s great failing was that he never bombed Iran or Hezbollah in Lebanon, after both attacked Americans. “

    • Barry Shaw typed online today
      “Breaking report from Gaza.
      Egyptian soldiers opened fire on IDF soldiers operating near the Egyptian border.
      Israeli soldiers returned fire and, according to one report, an Egyptian soldier was killed.
      No injuries on the Israeli side.
      Barry Shaw,
      The View from Israel.”

      & Also
      Are you listening?
      From the River to the Sea, Catalonia will be free!”

    • On Memorial Day , people talk about “freedom” and “freedoms” in America
      Yet Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies , WTF

      • A few days ago
        Donald Trump spoke before the
        Libertarian Party National Convention
        America Needs More Libertarian Freedom
        More Libertarian Freedom Goddamit , Personal Choices & Individual Rights

    • Fred Maroun typed online today
      “A story that repeats itself endlessly:

      1. A claim that Israeli soldiers targeted civilians.

      2. The world goes bonkers and demands answers.

      3. Meanwhile, Israel has already started investigating anyway.

      4. Evidence is found that Israeli soldiers didn’t target civilians.

      5. Rinse and repeat.”

    • A person typed online today
      Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Cori Bush (D-MO) mix up Memorial Day with Veterans Day in the posts they since deleted on X.

      And these are the kinds of folks who sit in Congress. People the nation’s at risk.’

    • Fred Maroun typed online today
      “A story that repeats itself endlessly:

      1. A claim that Israeli soldiers targeted civilians.

      2. The world goes bonkers and demands answers.

      3. Meanwhile, Israel has already started investigating anyway.

      4. Evidence is found that Israeli soldiers didn’t target civilians.

      5. Rinse and repeat.”

      Mr. Maroun also typed
      “I can’t decide whom I respect less, the many Arabs who hate Jews or the few Jews who refuse to challenge that hatred. I think I’ll call it a draw.”

    • “comedian” Dave Chappelle was
      Never funny , he is a sad example of how most African-Americans backstabbed and betrayed the Jews who helped them during the Civil Rights Movement

  • Sadly many Europeans today greatly Love Hitler and the Nazis
    Hillel Fuld typed online today
    “The UN headquarters in NYC has just lowered its flag to half-mast in tribute after the death of mass-murderer Ebrahim Raisi and his Foreign Minister.

    “As a mark of respect for the passing of His Excellency Mr. Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi, President of the Islamic Republic of Iran”

    AKA The Butcher of Tehran.

    How much lower can they go?:”

  • While Fred Maroun typed online
    “Norway, Ireland, and Spain recognize the non-existent state of “Palestine”. They should recognize the unicorn and sasquatch at the same time!”

    & Another person typed
    “Ireland is planning to vote in favor of A Palestinian state.
    In the mid 1800’s, Ireland suffered the Great Potato Famine. In 2024, the country is suffering from a famine of morality.”

  • Debbie Schlussel typed online today
    “A few things you may not know or remember about the countries that have now endorsed a Palestinian terrorist state and how the world has rewarded Palestinian terrorism over the years. In 1972 Palestinian terrorists murdered 11 Israeli Olympians (athletes and coaches) at the Munich Olympics and were rewarded very soon with a Palestinian UN Mission. In October 2023, Palestinians gang raped, tortured, murdered and/or kidnapped 1400 Israelis, and as a reward, Ireland, Spain. and Norway reward them with Palestinian state recognition. By this logic, they’d reward Hitler with the world. Good thing they weren’t around in 1944. But don’t forget that Ireland trained the PLO, the HAMAS forerunner (HAMAS’ charter acknowledges this); that Spain just centuries ago tried and executed 30,000-300,000 Jews in the Inquisition beginning in 1478 and then exported the Inquisition to Latin America to try to get the Jews who escaped there (which was after the Al-Mohad Muslims dominated Spain and called parts of it Al-Andalus, forcibly converting many tens of thousands of Jews to Islam in the 1100s and beyond) ; that Norway was easily dominated by the Nazis and home to top Nazi Vidkun Quisling, and that’s from whom the word “quisling” comes. These 3 countries were always ensconced in Jew-hatred and the obliteration of the Jewish people. Now, they are coming full circle, rewarding HAMAS for its acts. Despicable . . . “

  • Hillel Fuld typed online about the Death of Iranian “President”
    Ebrahim Raisi
    “This is the remains of the helicopter that was carrying the president and the minister of foreign affairs of the evil regime of Iran. These two, along with the other terrorist passengers, are dead.

    You might have read what I wrote yesterday, just a few hours before this helicopter crash. I was burnt out. Big time! I had had enough. I literally needed some good news because everywhere I looked, all I saw was hatred, antisemitism, violence, and death.

    I could not have asked for better news.

    Now, I know I’m going to get pushback on this post, and that pushback, as usual, will be from Jews who want to lecture me about how we don’t celebrate when our enemies die. “

  • A person typed online today
    “I see a lot of posts mention ‘ancient Israelites’ and ‘modern Jews.’

    Israelites and Jews – same people, the different names come from the Kingdoms. When the Israelites were exiled (not all), the Kingdom of Judah took over the Kingdom of Israel’s land and because Judah (Judea) was the dominant force, renamed Judea & Samaria (Judea & Israel) to Judea.

    Jews are also not Hebrews. Hebrew (Ivrit) is a language of the Jews.

    Many antisemites say that Israelites were the ‘real Jews’ and today’s ‘modern Jews’ are fake Jews. All genetic Jews today are direct descendents of both ancient Israelites and Jews— same people.

    The ‘lost tribes’ of Israel have also all been found. Those were the Jews taken by the Assyrians from the Kingdom of Israel (not all Jews were taken), and scattered across the Assyrian Empire — they were not killed. It is Jews who ended up in Kurdistan, parts of Persia, and Afghanistan.”

  • has an article headlined
    “A two-state solution for Germany and other migrant-filled European countries”
    by Howard Rotberg
    Nov 17, 2023
    & from Another version of this article headlined
    “A ‘Two-State’ Solution for Germany or other European Nations?” by Howard Rotberg

  • Naveed Anjum typed online earlier this May 2024
    “Asymmetric Warfare

    Naftali Bennett asked one of the news channels how many more Jews they want to see dead until the Gaza war was more proportional and symmetrical for them.

    But a just as interesting infographic has gone around comparing, in numbers, the Jewish vs. Muslim behavior during the progroms.

    Synagogues Torched by Arabs: 10

    Mosques Torched by Jews: 0

    Jewish Homes Burned by Arabs: 112

    Arab Homes Burned by Arabs: 1

    Arab Homes Burned by Jews: 0

    Jewish Homes Looted by Arabs:673

    Arab Homes Looted: 0

    Jewish Homes Vandalized by Arabs: 673

    Arab Homes Vandalized: 12

    Jewish Cars Burned by Arabs: 849

    Arab Cars Burned: 13

    Rock Throwing by Arab on Jews: 5000+

    Rock Throwing on Arabs: 41

    Source: The Muqata “

  • Colombia is opening an embassy in “Palestine” in Ramallah.

  • Susan Sarandon is
    Old Ugly Stupid and all washed up
    John Cusack is still a creep

  • On May 12, 2024
    Chaplain Michael Green typed online
    “Today is Yom HaZikaron, Memorial Day in the Nation of Israel 🇮🇱

    It is the day set aside to remember the Fallen Soldiers, the Fallen Warriors, the Fallen Heroes who fought, bled and died for the Jewish Nation.

    In the streets of Jerusalem and in the city of Tel Aviv, in the battlefields of the Sinai Peninsula, in Lebanon, in the Golan Heights and in West Bank, Judea and Samaria and in Gaza, these are some of places where courage, bravery and selfless sacrifice was common by the Jewish warriors, the mighty men and women of valor, the Lions and Lionesses of Zion.

    On this most reverent and solemn day also is remembered all the Israeli civilians who’s lives were cut short, snuffed out murdered by the plague, the cancer of Palestinian Arab-Islamist terrorism.

    This year has particular meaning, as over 600 IDF soldiers lost their lives since the October 7 Hamas Holocaust and over 800 men, women, the elderly and young children were massacred, raped, tortured, beaten, beheaded and burned alive, all because they were Jewish.

    All toll, 760 Soldiers and 834 civilian lives gone since last Memorial Day.

    To all the men and women of the Israeli Defense Forces, that answered the call to arms, at a time of war, that gave life and limb and shed their blood to protect, defend and preserve the Jewish Nation, an incalculable debt to them is owed.


    ~Chaplain Michael Green”

  • Countless Americans Hate America with a Passion
    Because of the Severe Lack of Libertarian Freedom
    Because of the
    Hideous Unjust Stupid
    Retarded F–Ked up , Cruel, Inhumane
    “Laws” that forbid Adults from being Able to do what they want with their own lives and bodies
    Incels for Example
    People with Chronic
    Incel – Involuntary Celibacy Problems are Suffering Unbearably

    • About the sadly Growing
      Incel Crisis
      Countless Americans said
      Legalized Prostitution would help people with Chronic Incel Problems
      Not a cure , but it will help somewhat

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