Anti-Semitic Biden sanctions on Israeli army; Will Trump also turn on Israel? (JTF.ORG video)


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  • Jewish student beaten unconscious at UCLA.

    • has an article headlined
      “Unity: Pro-Palestine and Pro-Israel Protestors Chant ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ in Unison”
      Charlie Nash on May 1st, 2024
      Many other articles online document this

      • has an article headlined
        “Israel-Gaza war: Don’t ignore what the Bible actually says”
        By Dr James Patrick 30 November 2023

    • A person typed online today

      What is it about the Gaza war that’s causing all these riots around the world?

      During the past 50 years the world has seen HUNDREDS of terrible wars. None of them caused the massive anti-Israel riots we’re seeing now in the universities.

      So what’s unique about this particular war?

      Are there more civilian losses in Gaza (10,000-14,000) than in other wars?

      Not at all.

      The war in Congo killed MILLIONS; the Syrian civil war almost a million; the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan killed hundreds of thousands each.

      Was it that Israel initiated this war Nope. This war started ONLY because of the savage October 7th massacre that Hamas executed against innocent babies, women and men.

      So why? What’s is it about this war that gets these intellectuals and students out there burning and breaking into buildings?

      Why is the ICC singling out Israel?

      You know the answer: Because it’s Israel, the only Jewish State on earth. It’s the Jews.

      It’s the same reason Jews were singled out for the past 2000 years.

      Jews were accused of being lazy or too ambitious; of behaving differently or trying to assimilate; of being weaklings or being too strong; of being an economic burden on society or succeeding too much in business.

      The true reason was none of these.

      It was because they were Jews.

      This wave of Israel-hate is simply a new incarnation of good old anti-semitism.

      — Naftali Bennett”

      • has an article headlined
        “What Does The Bible Say About Israel and Hamas?”
        by Claude Stauffer Oct 19, 2023

    • Bassem Eid typed online today
      “The so-called “pro-Palestinians” are causing a huge damage to the Palestinian reputation. From Columbia to Northwestern to USC, these “pro-Palestinian” thugs are really just using the Palestinian cause to advance their own antisemitic agendas.”

    • A person typed online today
      “People often tell me that Israel was created by ethnically cleansing the Land of Arabs. So why are there still 2,000,000+ Arab Israeli citizens of the same background as those of Gaza and the West Bank (who later called themselves “Palestinians” in the 1960s)? Why didn’t Israel “kick them out” too? Oh yeah, because Arabs who didn’t heed the call to voluntarily leave while the attacking, aggressing Arab states carried out ethnic cleansing AGAINST JEWS in the Land, were never prevented from staying… those who left were simply not permitted to come back, because they had sided with the genocidal attackers of the nation (i.e. treason). We can argue whether that is fair, or nice or what not, because clearly the claim that Arabs were “kicked out” is not reflected by either history or the demographics of the State of Israel.”

    • has an article headlined
      “NYPD gives chilling update after 56 arrested at NYU, New School: ‘There’s somebody behind this movement’ ”
      By Lawrence Richard Fox News
      Published May 3, 2024

    • Fred Maroun typed online
      On May 4, 2024
      “We will all pay the price of the cowardly policy of the Biden administration in Gaza. All of us, Jews, non-Jews, Israelis, non-Israelis, everyone, at least in countries where human life is respected. Terrorists everywhere are watching closely as Hamas gets to dictate the terms of any agreement despite the horrific acts they perpetrated on October 7. Terrorists everywhere are learning that if they kidnap people that their country cares about, they’ll have that country at their mercy and no one can do anything about it.”

    • A person typed online yesterday
      “The Jewish nation should have never negotiated with genocidal Arab terrorists, not in 1948 and not in 2024, because it encourages kidnapping and puts a bullseye on the back of every Israeli.”
      “The Arabs and their supporters chant slogans because all the facts are on the side of the Jew.”
      & he also typed
      “Never again will the Star of David be a mark of shame – instead, a symbol that proudly flies on the nation’s flag.

      Never again will we be a scattered, homeless and persecuted people in exile – instead, a strong and independent people united in its land and homeland.

      Never again will we be a nation without a force to protect it – but instead, a nation whose ranks include heroes and heroines who stand tall and proud, fighting shoulder to shoulder as part of the Israel Defense Forces.”

    • A Proud Jewish , Pro-Israel man typed online this May 2024 that
      “The Jew is defined by those who love us, not those who hate us.”
      “Cornel West is a vile and filthy
      “Trump-Stefanik 2024.”

    • Tammy Bruce has a book coming out titled
      “Fear Itself: Exposing the Left’s Mind-Killing Agenda” this
      July 2024

    • A Christian Chaplain
      Michael Green typed online today
      “🚨Al Jazzera Shut Down in Israel 🇮🇱

      The Hamas supporting, Islamist terror supporting, Holocaust denying Fake News network, Al Jazzera has been closed down in Israel.

      The Israeli Security Cabinet today voted unanimously to terminate Al Jazzer’s offices in Israel.

      Prime Minister Netanyahu stated the following :

      “After discussion by the Security Cabinet and pursuant to my directive, today the Government discussed closing Al Jazeera broadcasts in Israel.

      “Al Jazeera correspondents have harmed the security of Israel and incited violence against IDF soldiers. The time has come to eject Hamas’s mouthpiece from our country.”

      This historic decision comes on Yom HaShoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day, the day that Israel recognizes the mass murder of 6 million Jewish men, women, the elderly and children and all the others that perished at the hands of the Nazi Monsters and their collaborators.


    • 1. has an article headlined
      “What Queen Rania doesn’t want anyone to know”
      Ezequeil Doiny
      March 14, 2024

      2 . From an article is headlined
      “A brief chronicle of Palestinian brutality and hatred” by Dr. Ronni Shaked
      On October 30, 2023

      • Also about “Queen” Rania of Jordan
        from an article is headlined
        “Rania of Jordan- queen of innocence and denial” by Smadar Perry on
        October 31, 2023

    • Barry Shaw typed online today
      “New Yorkers who want the brutal truth, and not the campus lies, must go visit the Nova Festival exhibit.

      Barry Shaw,
      The View from Israel.”

    • From Yahoo News an article is headlined
      “These ‘Little Gazas’ are disgusting cesspools of antisemitic hate”: Tom Cotton rails against pro-Palestinian protests.”
      The Recount on
      Wed, May 1, 2024 this article says

      “We’re here to discuss the little Gazas that have risen up on campuses across America and the liberal college administrators and politicians who refuse to restore law and order and to protect other students. These little Gazas are disgusting cesspools of anti-Semitic hate full of pro-Hamas sympathizers, fanatics, and freaks. Here’s just a sampling of what these lunatics were saying just days after Hamas’s atrocity against Israel. A Cornell professor called the October 7th attack exhilarating. A Columbia professor called it awesome. A Yale professor called it an extraordinary day. More than 30 Harvard students signed a letter claiming that Israel was, quote, entirely responsible for the attack. A pro-Hamas student group at University of Virginia called Hamas terrorists Palestinian resistance fighters. And remember, this was all before Israel had seriously retaliated. The terrorist sympathizers in these little Gazas aren’t peacefully protesting Israel’s conduct of the war. They’re violently and illegally demanding death for Israel just like their ideological twins, the Ayatollahs in Iran.”

    • A person typed online this
      May 2024
      “Rabbi Meir Kahane, where are you now?”

    • has an article headlined
      “Biblical Prophecy about the October 7 Massacre”
      Written by: Doron Schneider
      Created: 16 December 2023

    • A person typed online today
      “This all started with PLO Edward Said getting tenure at Columbia.”

  • Jewish student surrounded at Harvard. Unlawful imprisonment?

    • That only pertains to Schwartzes.

    • About the Ugly sand rat
      Arabs in Qatar
      The Jerusalem Post has an article headlined
      “Qatari official: Jews are murderers of prophets; October 7 is only a ‘prelude’ ”
      By OHAD MERLIN Published: APRIL 23, 2024

      Also about the Ugly Sinister
      Arab weasels in Qatar on April 18, 2024 has an article headlined
      “Qatar funds more terrorism than Iran, former Mossad official says”
      by Nir(Shoko) Cohen

  • Hillel Fuld typed online today “Ok, no one else will say it, so I will!

    Some truths that are 100% objective, and despite that, are completely politically incorrect to say:

    – An Arab Palestine never existed. It just didn’t, and nothing you’re going to chant will change that. No such place ever existed. Don’t believe me? Tell me what year it was established and what the national anthem was. Exactly. Never existed.

    Also? Spoiler: It never will.

    – The West Bank is Judea and Samaria, where Jews originated. Repeat after me… Jooooodeeeaaa. Does it sound like something? Perhaps the word “Jew”? That’s because Jews are from Judea. The West Bank is a made-up term meant to delegitimize Israel.

    – The Palestinian people, yes, the people, not only their leadership, support terror and want to annihilate the Jews and remove the Jewish state. How do I know? Well for starters, read the charter of the Palestinian Authority (the PA.) Also? Who do you think elected Hamas? That’s right. The Palestinians. As a people. Are there innocent people in Gaza? Sure. Were there innocent Germans in Nazi Germany? Sure. The people have chosen terror and are now paying for that decision.

    – Hamas cares less about the Palestinians than Israel does. Fact. Israel has gone way above and beyond to minimize civilian deaths in Gaza and has sent in thousands of tons of aid. Hamas has blocked that aid and tried to maximize civilian deaths, not only in Israel, but also in Gaza. Why would they do that? So that fools on X can say Israel is committing genocide when the reality is that Israel is doing no such thing. Hamas, on the other hand…

    – There are many, many kind-hearted Muslims in the world. But depending on which poll you believe, anywhere between 10%-20% of them are fundamentalist. That’s tens of millions of people dedicated to the destruction of western civilization. The rest of them are silent, which makes them irrelevant. So why is that? Well, here are some direct quotes from the Quran.

    “Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them.” Koran 3:28

    “Muslims must not take the infidels as friends.” Koran 3:85

    “Any religion other than Islam is not acceptable.” Koran 5:33

    “Maim and crucify the infidels if they criticize Islam. Koran 8:12

    “Terrorize and behead those who believe in scriptures other than the Koran.” Koran 8:60

    “Muslims must muster all weapons to terrorize the infidels.” Koran 8:65

    “When opportunity arises kill the infidels wherever you find them.” Koran 9:30

    “The Jews and Christians are perverts, fight them.” Koran 9:123

    Of course there are many more but you get the point. Islam has a problem with you and me. And they don’t even hide it.

    – There will never be a two-state solution. Want to know why? Because there is not one Palestinian leader who can even utter the words “Israel has a right to exist.” They won’t accept a state alongside Israel. So no two-state solution is even remotely relevant.

    – Based on historical events and the premise that history repeats itself, the fall of America has begun. When morality goes out the window, antisemitism spikes, and that’s the beginning of the end of the empire. It’s happened countless times and it seems to be happening now.

    – These campus warriors don’t care about Palestinians. Most of them never met a single Palestinian or even visited Israel. Most of them don’t know what river and what sea. These are not pro-Palestine marches. They are anti-Jewish marches. The Palestinians are only an excuse. And they are 100% being funded and if you think otherwise, well, you’re a fool.

    – Any person who says the words “Globalize the intifada” is openly inciting to terror and should be imprisoned immediately as they are a danger to society.

    – Not only do these campus morons not care about the Palestinians, no one does. That’s right. No one really cares about the Palestinians. How do I know? Well, tell me, how many political leaders have called on Egypt to open their borders? How many Muslim countries offered to take in Palestinians? No one cares. In every generation, Jew haters find an excuse to showcase their antisemitism. This generation, it’s the Palestinians.

    – Israel stole zero land. The UN gave Israel a state and the Arabs a state. Israel accepted. The Arabs rejected and attacked. And lost. And attacked again. And lost again. And again and again and again. Israel stole nothing. All it did was defend itself from psychotic neighbors. And it continues to do so today.

    – What Israel has done in Gaza is the farthest thing from genocide that we’ve seen in any modern war. The ratio between terrorist and civilian is the lowest we’ve ever seen. Hamas’ numbers are a total fabrication and anyone who quotes them is being played.

    – All the countries that are attacking Israel militarily and diplomatically are funded by Iran. Qatar is right there alongside Iran.

    – Blaming Netanyahu for October 7th, and I don’t care if you’re Jewish, Israeli, or not, is ludicrous. Quite frankly, the Bibi obsession is a sickness. And no, I didn’t vote for him but I’ve yet to hear anyone recommend someone who can replace him and run this country.

    – Anyone who does not stand with Israel now is actively supporting pedophiles and rapists. This isn’t just another war and not taking sides is taking sides. This is East vs West and there will be only one winner. Choose wisely.

    – Liberal progressive politics and Palestinian values have ZERO overlap.

    – Anyone who says Israel is an apartheid state is either an ignoramus, an antisemite, or most likely, both.

    – There is no such thing as settler violence or Jewish terrorists. Are there lone wolves who behave in a way that is condemned by Israeli society in its entirety? Sure. But “Settler violence” is no more a thing that “Secular rapists” or “Religious murderers.” They exist but they are statistically insignificant and repeating this lie is both dangerous and dishonest.

    – Obama was/is an antisemite and sure, he did some nice things for Israel, but many of his actions illustrate that he had a deep hatred for the only Jewish state and its leadership. Biden is not far behind.

    – Trump is a lunatic. But he also did good things for America and for Israel. I wouldn’t hire him to babysit my kids though.

    – There are individuals in Israeli politics, past and present, who are so obsessed with bringing down Netanyahu, that they’ve betrayed their own people and country. I won’t share more now but you will 100% be hearing more about this in the future. Hint: Pay attention to the name Ehud.

    – I don’t know to what extent and this has nothing to do with the previous point, but Hamas could not do what it did without inside help of some kind.

    – Hamas murdered, raped, beheaded, and burned families alive. I really try so hard not to see or share atrocities, but Israeli women were found with nails in their genitalia. You don’t stand with Israel? You stand with that. There is no option C.

    – Israel left Gaza in 2005 and handed it to the Palestinians to create a state. That was naive, dumb, and dangerous. Israel should never have done that. If they didn’t, October 7th would never have happened. Is it ideal to rule over Gaza? No. But it’s better than October 7th.

    – There will never be peace between Israel and the people who call themselves Palestinians. At least not in our lifetime. Why? Because they don’t want peace. Their entire existence from day one is to remove Israel. How do I know? Because Israel offered them a state in 1947, 67, 91, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2014, 2019, and 2020. They rejected them all.

    – While Israel and the Jewish people have contributed endlessly to the betterment of the world across all areas of life, the Palestinians invented nothing besides suicide bombers. They’ve enhanced our world in no way whatsoever.

    – And finally, the greatest truth of all, Israel will definitively win this war and as long as Hamas puts the Palestinians in danger, more Palestinians will die, some of them innocents. That’s unfortunate but does not detract in any way from the legitimacy of this war. If you didn’t have a problem with the allies dropping bombs on Germany and killing millions, then you shouldn’t have anything to say about this war. If you do, it’s not because you love the Palestinians. It’s because you hate Jews.

    I’ll stop here.

    If I offended you with any of the above truths, well, you know what they say? Sometimes the truth hurts.

    The faster we internalize all of this, the sooner we can address the conflict effectively. We need to stop the PC game. It’s a dangerous game that directly breeds terror and causes loss of life on both sides.

    We need to call a spade a spade.

    If you consider the Palestinians a people worthy of a state, then they are a people that elected Hamas and need to be held accountable. If they are not to be held accountable, then they are not worthy of a state. Are they a people or a random group of people throwing a 75 year tantrum?

    You simply can’t have it both ways.

    One thing is certain, Am Yisrael Chai, the Jewish people live, now and forever!


  • Fred Maroun typed online today
    “The following cycle has been going on for months:

    1. Israel offers a deal to release a whole bunch of Palestinian criminals and to stop fighting for a few weeks in exchange for the release of a few hostages that Hamas kidnapped.

    2. Hamas pretends for a few days to consider the deal then responds that they’ll only accept Israel’s surrender.

    3. The world pressures Israel to offer a better deal.

    4. Israel issues threats, increases the number of criminals it’s willing to release, reduces the number of hostages that must be released, and starts at 1 again.

    For how long is Hamas going to be allowed to play this game while the hostages are slowly dying off?”
    Fred Maroun is a decent human being, not because he is an Arab , but despite the fact he is an Arab

  • Barry Shaw typed online today

    And it should be treated as such.



    2, THOSE THAT PARTICIPATED ARE EITHER TERRORISTS OR CRIMINALS. If they are students, they should be expelled. If they are not students, they should be arrested. If they are foreign students, they should be immediately deported as they have violated their visa provisions.

    3. Those who have financed this, need to be identified and prosecuted – and yes, current law applies.

    It is that simple.


  • A person typed online today
    Every time a politician or university administrator says that the issues surrounding the Hamas-Israel war are complicated, they are drawing moral equivalency between the two warring parties, where there is none.

    So those representatives responsible with making our nation’s laws and those campus administrators who make and enforce their university’s policies need to grow a spine and let us know where they stand. You either side with the genocidal terrorists of Hamas, whose charter calls for the elimination of Israel, or with Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East.”

    The Jewish War Veterans of the USA denounces the antisemitic protests on the campuses of universities across the United States in the strongest way. “Protests are unlawful when they threaten and target the lives of others. We demand the respective University leadership prevent or shut down the encampments, discipline harassers, protect the safety of not only Jewish students but all students. All universities are obligated to restore the campus to a safe environment for all students and faculty,” said JWV National Commander Colonel Barry Lischinsky.”
    Let’s take pause for a moment and be honest, all the supposed abuses attributed to Israel, real or made up, apply to many other countries as well, and in many cases their abuses are real and much worse. So why have you singled out only Israel for condemnation.

    For example, you have not demonstrated or encamped in protest against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, or today’s slave trade in Africa, India, and China.

    You have not demonstrated or encamped calling for the release of hostages held by the terrorist of Hamas, some of which are women, children and infants.

    I wonder with what kind of values you’ve been indoctrinated, that even the accusation of double standards does not apply, for your anti-Semitism lacks any standards at all, except for the singling out of the Jews to display your pseudo righteous indignation as a cover for you obvious hatred of Jews.”
    Joe Biden, as silent as a lamb, has looked the other way along with too many Democrats, as students hijack American universities while demonstrating support of the terrorist thugs of Hamas and Hezbollah.

    Biden’s misplaced and immoral quietude is about winning votes in states with large Muslim populations, rather than condemning those who cheer for intifada, which is terror-speak for the call for the elimination of Israel.”

  • Once Again
    Rabbi Meir Kahane
    The one & only
    The man, the myth, the legend
    He Shall Return !!
    Meir Kahane is Coming Back
    It will be Marvelous !
    The Return of Meir Kahane to
    Earth along with Countless Other great people in Human History

  • Barry Shaw typed online today
    “Campus hypocrisy.
    They hate “Occupation” so much, but they illegally occupy college buildings.
    They want a ceasefire so much, yet they call for an “Intifada.”
    They hate genocide so much, but they chant for a world without Jews and Israel.
    They claim to represent “minority rights, but they hate Jews.
    Add your examples of their hypocrisy here…

    Barry Shaw,
    The View from Israel.”

    • Also a woman typed online today
      “What’s with this ‘lost’ saying?

      We ‘lost’ 1200 on Oct. 7th

      the hostages are ’lost’ in Gaza

      Bullshit. 1200 mostly Jews were murdered in a Jewish genocide on Oct. 7th

      The hostages are not ‘lost.’ – The hostages are being held captive.

      We also did not lose more than 600 soldiers in Gaza. Over 600 brave soldiers fell in battle.

      Jews are not sheep. Sheep get lost.”

  • Jews are getting what they asked for in following every nigger:spic cause and having all these subhumans stab them in the back.

    • We don’t want or like to be hated, Persecuted, disrespected, etc
      We Must Never help anyone who would backstab or betray us
      That’s Insanity, we cannot be

      • We Must Learn from our past mistakes and terrible Decisions

        • Then why do we produce Madoff, Epstein, Ghilaine Maxwell ….

          • According to the Wikipedia entry for
            Ghislaine Maxwell it says
            “Her father was from a Jewish family, and her mother was of Huguenot (French Protestant) descent.”

  • Trump absolutely will turn on Israel and Jews in a very extreme way if he is elected a 2nd term. He doesn’t have to pander to evangelists as he did in the 1st term and someone of his fascist nature (wanting to overturn an election) his idea of more tarrif’s as a general policy which goes to the government not the people that will be destructive for the economy and sometimes had lead to wars when there is limited amount of trade or resentment on trade policy.

    He already is. He literally took the side of poor Hamas, claiming that Hamas would someone like to make a deal but can’t because there aren’t enough hostages still alive. I’m sure if that was the case Israel would know and yet Trump pretends Israel wouldn’t know and somehow Hamas is the victim. He also praised Hezballah calling them smart. Trump’s first reaction is always to attack Israel and support Israel’s enemies and if he is in situation he doesn’t have to pretend he cares about Israel or Jews he won’t.

    History shows people of Trumps nature will always turn on Jews. Hugo Chavez did, and Mohammad himself did as he pretending to be friends for a while until he violently turned against them when he had enough power and no need to make alliances with them. Martin Luther another example. All had a totalitarian mindset which in Trumps case he has said over and over again his beliefs and in punishing any perceived enemy and he will become paranoid that Jews and Israel are especially a thron on his side and even if not they will make the perfect scapegoat for him to pander to all the anti-Semites around Trump from David Duke to Louise Farakhan who has praised Trump, to Nicholas Fuentes, to Ye and Candance Owens. They all get it that Trump will trun on the Jews.

    • has an article headlined
      “Trump Is Not Really Pro-Israel—He’s Pro-Trump”

      By Andrew Miller
      On December 11, 2019

      • People have pointed out how
        Trump abandoned our
        Kurdish allies in Syria
        Esau always hates Jacob
        Sadly any Non-Jew , any Gentile might possibly betray the Jews and Israel

  • A person typed online today
    “In the 60-ies, S*viets had a brilliant idea how to ruin the West from inside.

    They created a simple but very genius trick:

    1. Took the name of the land “Pal*stine” (Judea renamed by Romans).

    2. Created the identity “Pal*stinians” (that before the 60-ies mostly meant Jews).

    3. Spread misinformation that Pal*stine was a country, and that Indigenous Pal*stinians existed and were “colonized by white European Zion*sts”.

    That’s how the West now, 60 years later, is still ruining itself from inside, by parroting this old S*viet propaganda.

    That’s what you see in all the universities riots now, and all over social media.

    More information in the article in the comment.

    #education #History”

  • Leo Terrell the cool black guy civil Rights lawyer is on
    “Life, Liberty & Levin” today talking with Mark Levin,
    Leo Terrell says Jewish Students and Staff on Campus Deserve the same Exact Title VI Civil Rights Act of 1964 Protections as Anyone and Everyone Else
    Mark Levin and Leo Terrell are boldly Speaking Out against
    “Free Speech” Double Standards and Blatant Hypocrisy

  • Also today on
    “Life, Liberty & Levin”
    They are Speaking with
    Victor Davis Hanson about his new book
    “The End of Everything: How Wars Descend Into Annihilation”
    due out May 7, 2024
    by Victor Davis Hanson

  • See also the 1998 book by
    Christopher R. Browning titled
    “Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland”
    See also the Description of the book on

  • Ghislane Maxwell was extremely close to. Her father and Epstein. She was at least a Noahide. She’s one of our tribe but ok skip her how’s about that Epstein and Madoff

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  • A Proud Jewish woman typed online today
    “There are no ‘white’ ‘brown’ or ‘black’ Jews. Jews are a race. The ancient Jews are the very same people that today’s Jews are genetically descendant from.

    Skin color is not race. Race means same haplogroups. Thousands of years ago, Jews broke off from Arabs as we were the same Semitic race. Over time, Jews married only one another, until the 20th century, bc for most of our history it was illegal and/or looked down upon to marry Jews. Only exceptions: briefly with the Druze and some Berber tribes pre-Islam married Jews.

    Caucasoid, Negroid, and Mongoloid were racist names for human skull shapes. Nothing to do with race.

    There are light skinned Arabs and dark skinned Arabs. Same with Jews. The Diapora environments also had an effect being so far away from our indigenous home. But all Judeans for the most part were olive toned.

    Which is why even in Ashkenaz families, there are usually a mix of skin tones.

    All Ashkenaz Jews came from Sephardic Jews as it was 20,000 Italian Sephardic Jews who first immigrated to the Ashkenaz region and then were joined by other Sephardim.

    Most African Jews are not genetically Jews. So let’s not conflate who we are to accomodate some ‘converts.’

    When we lie that we are White (White is a race meaning Anglo-Saxon), we erase Jewish history and heritage. When we lie that there are ‘Jews of color’ we sound ignorant to imply that there are thus ‘White’ Jews.

    Jews are Jews. We are genetically cohesive, always have been since we emerged over 4,000 years ago from the Semitic tribes IN Israel and then married within except for those few exceptions. We are one of the most genetically homogenous groups in the world which is why geneticists study us more than most other races.”

  • A person typed online today
    When President Biden condemns acts of Islamophobia in the same sentence as he does acts of anti-Semitism, he is drawing a deceptive, deceitful, and dangerous moral equivalency.

    I have not heard university administrators telling Muslim students to stay home. I have not heard of Muslims being denied entrance to campuses. I have not heard pro-Israel groups calling for the divestment of funds from Muslim countries. And I have not seen demonstrations with posters declaring “Death to Muslims” and “Death to America” from Jewish demonstrators.

    Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia do not belong in the same sentence, Biden knows it, you know it, and all but the Jew haters know it.”

  • A person typed online today
    “Turkey ends all trade with Israel due to ‘humanitarian’ ‘crisis’ aka Erdogan loves when Jews are murdered

    – and the Saudis are on a clusterfuck of a normalization policy wheel with Israel.. the U.S is pressuring the Saudis to normalize ties with Israel but only if Israel enacts the antisemitic ‘2 state solution’ — there has been an Arab occupier state on our land since 1922 when Churchill as Foreign Secretary stole 78% of our homeland to create Jordan.

    Yet, the ‘2 state’ joke was not on the table before the U.S barged in on talks between Israel and the Saudis a year ago and when it did, Jihad Joe and Kappo Blinken insisted that normalization only go through if Israel further endangers its safety by the asanine terrorist ’state’ solution.”

    & Another person typed online today
    Jewish history is littered with examples of those among us who bore witness against their tribe. Korah, Dathan, Abiram, and 250 of their allies come to mind as they rose up and opposed Moses

    Like that illicit triumvirate of scoundrels and their 250 tagalongs, modern-day Jewish extreme-leftist groups, such as Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), are just the latest example in a long line of such turncoats. They align themselves with pro-Palestinian individuals and groups who express open support for genocidal terrorist regimes such as Hamas and Hezbollah. They even recite Kaddish for those who have committed heinous crimes against their fellow-Jews.

    They truly are a pathetic bunch of traitors who vainly try to ingratiate themselves with the very brutes who despise them. For such rebellious scoundrels, it never ends well, as described in Numbers 16:32 “The earth beneath them opened its mouth and swallowed them and their houses, and all the men who were with Korah and all the property.”

  • A person typed online today
    “The strength of the Jewish people is an undefinable and immortal force of nature.”

  • A person typed online today
    May 6, 2024
    Yes, you know that refugee camp filled with innocent civilians?
    Yes, that place that Israel is being called ”the aggressor” and “war mongerers” for its plan to attack it?
    Yes, that place which Israel is being pressured by the international community not to enter?
    Well Hamas just fired ten rockets from that place – Rafah.
    And they seriously injured ten Israelis.
    Now, get this.
    What were those Israelis doing? They were charged with securing the humanitarian aid for the civilian population in Gaza.
    Yes, you got that right – Hamas fired rockets from the Rafah “refugee camp” at Israelis who are securing the humanitarian aid for Palestinian refugees in Gaza. “

  • has an article by
    Moshe-Mordechai van Zuiden
    “How to recognize fake friends of Palestinian Arabs as just Jew-haters?” on
    OCT 24, 2019

  • The Jerusalem Post has an article headlined
    “‘The Godfather’ in Gaza: What a mafia movie tells us about Hamas war – analysis”
    By SETH J. FRANTZMAN Published: MAY 7, 2024

  • Barry Shaw typed online today
    Hamas claim 34,000 lost their lives in Gaza.
    No figures are given as to how many died of natural causes in the last 7 months, or who died of illness (cancer, etc,) at home or in hospital,
    Given the total Gazan population figures these two factors should account for approx 7,000 people.
    What about Gazans killed by Hamas or Islamic Jihad rockets?
    IDF estimates that at least 200 Hamas-PIJ rockets fell short and exploded inside urban Gaza. One such rocket fell in the car park of the al-Ahli Hospital in which Hamas killed 500 people. Hamas has yet to downgrade that figure. So add another 500 killed by the 199 other Palestinian rockets exploding among their population.
    You are down to between 25,000 – 26,000 and IDF records prove at least 15,000 terrorists killed.
    You are left with likely statistics that 15,000+ terrorists dead and 10,000 non-combatants. That is not to say that these civilians were not assisting and supporting the terrorists,
    However, the numbers of 10,000 civilians to 15,000 terrorists (i.e. 1- 1.5) is the lowest ever recorded in the history of urban warfare.
    The ratio of civilian-enemy urban warfare deaths in Ukraine, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Congo, Sudan, are far far higher than in Gaza.
    Israel has taken, and is currently taking in Rafah, steps that no other army in warfare have ever undertook.

    Barry Shaw,
    Israel Institute for Strategic Studies.
    8 May 2024.”

  • Barry Shaw typed online today
    “In a new low, in Poland, anti-Israel activists, stood outside the gates of Auschwitz wearing yellow stars on their clothing jeering at Jews leaving the concentration camp on Holocaust Remembrance Day to set out along the route of the March of the Living from Auschwitz to Birkenau taken by the bare survivors of the Nazi death camp,
    They should have worn swastikas on their clothing, not yellow stars.
    How insulting. How degrading. Has humanity reached such depths again?
    Apparently so.
    Look at what is going on in US campauses. Look at what is going on in the centers of most democratic countries. Look what is about to happen in Malmo, Sweden, this week.
    The Jew haters have gotten over their shame. They found a cause to wrap themselves around. The Hamas cause. The Palestine cause calling for the total eannihilation of Jews and of Israel.
    This is their new morality.
    And they are finding support in the most unlikely places.
    The Australian and South African governments. The British Foreign Minister. The Biden Administration and Senate Leader Chuck Schumer. The anti-Semitic heads of the UN and the EU.
    The modern day nazis and kappos.
    All protectors of Hamas. All attackers of the Jewish State of Israel.
    This as Israel and Jews head from Holocaust Remembrance Day to Israel’s independence Day which, this year, will have greater significance than at any time since its establishment as we fight to defend ourselves from enemies near and far,
    In Israel, this Independence Day will be spent with a feeling that we are strong, determined, but alone.
    But right is on our side.
    We will prevail.
    Never Again!
    Am Israel Chai!
    Barry Shaw,
    The View from Israel.”

  • US blocks arms sales to Israel. Baruch HaShem

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