Michael Reagan: My Father Would Be ‘Absolutely Appalled’ By Trump as GOP Nominee

President_Reagan_speaking_in_Minneapolis_1982Donald Trump’s comparison of his “conversion” to conservative as similar to that of Ronald Reagan distorts the real estate billionaire’s long liberal history, the son of the late president tells Newsmax TV.

In an interview Friday with “Newsmax Now” host John Bachman, political commentator Michael Reagan said his father’s change from Democrat to Republican “wasn’t something that happened overnight.”

“Donald Trump is making his conversion because he’s running for the nomination of the Republican Party and trying to reach out to conservatives and have them believe that he is a conservative,” Reagan said.

Reagan discussed his recent column in the influential New Hampshire Union Leader headlined “Trump Is No Ronald Reagan.” See Column – Click Here

Reagan wrote that Trump’s sudden switch to conservativism could not be easily believed,
and that the billionaire still advocates a universal healthcare program far worse than Obamacare.

Reagan also criticized Trump for his recent praise of Hillary Clinton, financial donations to
Democrats like Rahm Emanuel, and for having backed both Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale over his Dad.

“This wasn’t something that happened overnight with Ronald Reagan,” Reagan told Newsmax, detailing his late father’s conversion. “This was something that was in place and in motion over many, many, many, many years before he came to his determination to be a conservative, to be a Republican.”

Reagan also argued his father would be “absolutely appalled” if Trump wins the GOP presidential nomination – calling attention to his Thursday tweet:

“I get so tired of people coming to me saying ‘he reminds me of your father’ and I just go, ‘how?'” Reagan said. “Donald Trump never supported Ronald Reagan. He supported [Walter] Mondale, he supported [Jimmy] Carter. Those are the people he supported against the nomination and election of Ronald Reagan.”

“And If you look at what he has said and you look at what he’s done over the years, it has nothing to do with conservatism and everything to do with liberalism,” Reagan added.


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  • Ronald Reagan had values and principles. He knew that tyrancial regimes must be stopped and that life must be upheld, he would be appalled at the fall of man in his morals and his leadership. “Government is the Problem.”

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