Netanyahu Expects to Reach “Deal” With Trump on “Restrained Settlement Construction”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expects to reach understandings with the United States within a few weeks on “curbing” construction in the settlements, according to an Israeli official.

Although the understandings with U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration are likely to include Israeli willingness to impose significant “restrictions” on construction in West Bank settlements, the Prime Minister’s Bureau believes that this will not weaken the coalition. [No, it would just lead to the mass murder of Jews.]

“There’s no blank check from Trump for construction in the settlements and that was known from the first minute he entered the White House,” said the official, who is involved in contacts between Israel and the United States on the subject. “We are looking for the common denominator with the Americans that will allow construction on the one hand, and on the other promote with the Trump administration diplomatic moves in many areas.”

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