Trump: ‘Part of the Problem with Republicans’ Is Opposition to Socialist National Health Care

donald_trumpDonald Trump attacked Republicans this morning for their opposition to government-provided health care. Appearing on Meet the Press, Trump told host Chuck Todd, “We’re not going to let people die in squalor because we are Republicans, okay?”

“That’s part of the problem with the Republicans, somehow they got fed into this horrible position,” Trump said. “We’re going to take care of people.”

Trump also said he didn’t mean to express support for Obamacare’s individual mandate during Thursday night’s CNN town hall when he told Anderson Cooper, “I like the mandate.”

“We had a situation where we were Anderson Cooper, who’s terrific by the way and did a terrific job, but we were talking over each other,” Trump said. “Look, I want — we’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare.”


  • There is turning back nothing is carved in stone anything wrong can be reversed

  • The problem with Republicans attacking Obamacare is that they offer no alternative and you can’t not offer an alternative to the horrible US healthcare even before Obama. One thing people need to be honest about is that US healthcare already was at least part government run even prior to Obama. The ONLY solution is to COMPLETELY deregulate healthcare, implement tort reforms and requiring all healthcare providers to carry insurance for consumer protection. Healthcare providers will flourish, innovations encouraged and cost will drop. It’s economics 101. There’s no magic here. Healthcare is no different from any other good or service–when you have scarcity cost increases; when you pay with other people’s money fees spiral out of control.

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