‘Democrats will not succeed in filibustering Judge Gorsuch’ – Ted Cruz vows confirmation

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) said that democrats would not be successful if they attempt to filibuster Judge Gorsuch, the pick by President Trump to fill the deceased Judge Scalia’s seat on the Supreme Court. He made the comments to Jim Acosta on CNN moments after the announcement Tuesday.

Acosta asked Senator Cruz if he thought that Gorsuch would face the same obstruction that other picks of President Trump by the Democrats in Congress.

There is no doubt that the Democrats are engaged in unprecedented partisan obstruction. But I hope on the Supreme Court they will not engage in that practice. Y’know a decade ago when Judge Gorsuch was named to the Court of Appeals, he was approved by voice vote, which means not a single Democrat spoke out in opposition to him. And I would suggest the Democrats should apply that same standard, should ask, ‘what’s changed from a decade ago when they were willing to confirm then to the court of appeals. It is possible that Democrats will choose to obstruct. There are some Senate Democrats who I think might be counted on, to try to filibuster any Supreme Court nominee.

“What happens at that point?” Acosta followed up. “Nuclear option comes into play?” referring to the congressional maneuver where Republicans would be able to push through a confirmation vote with just a majority vote, as Democrats had with Obama’s picks.

What I can tell you is that the Democrats will not succeed in filibustering Judge Gorsuch. They may try but they will not succeed. The Senate will confirm a strong constitutionalist to replace Justice Scalia.



  • That single action is why we supported Trump over Hillary. If Trump gets everything else wrong he will still be better than a Hillary presidency. Nothing he will do can be worse than what she would’ve done, only the same or better.

  • Are you serious. Obamacare passed with Scalia and this keeps the balance of what it was maybe as we really don’t know. Roberts turned out to be very moderate.

    And this really doesn’t stop Trump from continuing to consolidate his own power and with the next judge he has to replace he may not have to pander to conservatives if he consolidates enough power.


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